In this article I want to talk about the most popular museums in Turin. I’ll tell you about the Egyptian Museum, the Cinema Museum, the Car Museum, the Juventus Museum and the Royal Palace. I will give brief information about what to see in the museum, how much costs the entrance ticket and what is the schedule.

Egyptian Museum (Museo Egizio)

The Egyptian Museum in Turin presents the second in the world (after the Cairo Museum) and the largest collection of Egyptian-themed exhibits in Europe.

The history of the Egyptian museum dates back to the 18th century, when King Karl Emanuel became interested in Egypt and began to collect objects related to this topic. For decades, the museum has developed, expanded, and in 2012 moved to a new building owned by the Royal Palace.

egyptian museum in turin
“Royal” papyrus in the Museum of Turin (photo from the Internet)

To date, the museum has more than 30 thousand exhibits. The most popular of them are items from the tomb of Nifertiti, the “Royal Papyrus”, which lists all the rulers of Egypt (historical and mythological), as well as the Turin erotic papyrus.

Official website of the museum :

Tickets : 15 euros for adults, 11 euros for teens (15-18 years old), 1 euro for children (6-14 years old), children under 6 years old are free. When purchasing tickets online, a fee of 2 euros will also be charged per ticket.

Schedule : Monday from 9 to 14, Tuesday-Sunday from 9 to 18:30

Address : Via Accademia delle Scienze, 6


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National Museum of Cinema in Turin

cinema museum in turin
The symbol tower houses the cinema museum

The Cinema Museum is located in the tower of the Mole Antonelliana (symbol of Turin). It has been located here since 2000, and was previously located in the Palazzo Chiablise.

The museum’s collection contains various documents, magazines, books, films, posters and scenery – everything that is somehow connected with the cinema. You can also take the panoramic elevator (with or without the museum).

Official website of the Turin Film Museum :

Schedule : Tuesday – day off, Saturday from 9 to 23, the rest of the days from 9 to 20.

Ticket price : 10 euros – museum, 7 euros – elevator, 14 euros – complex. Actual prices are best clarified on the official website, as for some categories there are benefits, there are also various complex tickets. As of May 2017, the cost of tickets:

Address : Via Montebello, 20 / A


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Car Museum in Turin

car museum in turin
Auto Museum presents car models from the end of the 19th century

The auto museum has a collection of cars from the end of the 19th century – Italian, as well as German, British, and even our Soviet Victory. Entrance to the museum costs 12 euros. With the Torino & Piemont card, admission is free. In detail about the museum with my photos there is a separate article.


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Juventus Museum in Turin

The Juventus Museum will be interesting to fans of this team and football in general. It is located in the new Juventus Stadium. The museum was opened only in 2012, but has already become one of the 50 most visited museums in Italy! The museum is multimedia, the exposition contains many things that tell the story of Juventus, as well as photos, clothes, objects belonging to the players, in general, everything that is somehow connected with this team.

Official website :

Prices : 15 euros adult (museum only), 22 euros (with a tour of the stadium). The schedule of stadium tours, as well as prices for other categories, can be found on the website.

Address : Strada Altessano, 141

Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale)

Royal Palace
Royal Palace deserves a visit

Another popular museum is the Royal Palace. To be precise, this is not quite a museum, but the former residence of the kings of the Savoy dynasty. In the palace you can see the rooms where the kings lived, various halls, including the throne room, the armory, etc.

Ticket price 12 euros ( buy online ), on the first Sunday of the month – free admission. Details about the museum with my photos can be found in the article.

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These are the main museums of Turin, which are most popular among tourists. Choose the one that suits your taste and have fun!

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