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In recent years, Munich has become a very popular city. However, many are still afraid to plan a trip to Munich on their own. This guide will help in organizing an independent trip to the capital of Bavaria.

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General information
Organizational matters: visa and insurance
Mobile communications in Germany
How to get to Munich  
From Munich airport to the city center
Prices in Munich
Excursions in Munich
How to book accommodation in Munich Munich
transport (+ City Card + Bavarian ticket)
Car rental in Munich.
Attractions of Munich.
Beer and national dishes in Munich.

General information

Munich is the capital of the federal state of Bavaria. It is located in southern Germany, 900 km from Berlin , 145 km from Salzburg, 300 km from Zurich .

The currency of Germany is the euro. Both cash and bank cards are accepted for payment.

The language in Munich is German. But English is ubiquitous (problems can arise only in the “outback” if you decide to go where tourists will be surprised, but they will try to help there).

Visa and insurance

When traveling to Munich, just like in any other city in Europe, you need to take care of your visa and insurance.

Germany is included in the Schengen zone, so any Schengen visa is suitable . If you do not have an open multi-visa, then you need to apply for a German Schengen. 

Since February 1, 2019, the Visa Processing Center VISAMETRIC has been issuing visas to Germany. Contacts and detailed information (including instructions for obtaining a visa) on the website

To apply for a visa, as well as to enter the country (rarely, but may be asked at the border), you need a medical insurance policy for the dates of the trip. If you are traveling to Germany with an already open Schengen visa, then you also need a policy. Medicine in Europe is expensive and for a simple visit to a doctor with a cold, you can easily give 50, or even 100 euros, not to mention something more serious. Therefore, do not save on health, do not forget to apply for a policy.


Mobile Communications in Germany

Currently in Germany 3 operators provide cellular services:

  1. Deutsche telekom (formerly known as T-mobile)
  2. Vodafone (Vodafone)
  3. O2

All the mentioned operators provide not only good mobile communications, but also high-speed Internet. Also, tourists can choose the most suitable package: a package for a day (from 500 MB to 1 GB per day) or a package for a month (from 100 MB to 20 GB for 28-30 days). Accordingly, prices vary by type of package. The price for a daily package starts from 3 euros, the price for a package for a month – from 9 euros.

The Germans themselves mainly use the services of Deutsche telekom, but they say: “If you do not set the goal to purchase a package with the most favorable conditions, then you can use the services of any operator.”

Sims can be purchased at operator’s cabins directly in Germany itself (you must have a passport with you). I remind you that roaming is canceled in Europe, so you can use one SIM card, being anywhere in the EU.

If you do not want to suffer from buying a SIM card abroad (look for an office, get into working hours, explain in a foreign language), then order a SIM card even before you leave for vacation. 

How to get to Munich

Find the best flight to Munich from your city:

Munich’s second airport, Memmingen Airport, is about 100 km from the capital of Bavaria. You can get to Memmingen Airport by flights of European low-cost carriers from European cities.

To the center of Munich from the airport

Airport Franz Josef Strauss – Munich’s main airport, is located 28 kilometers from the city. The easiest way is to get on a city train or order an individual transfer (from 74 euros per car).

Book transfer Munich Airport – Munich >>>

HERE I talked in details about all the ways to get to the city from the main airport of Munich.

The second airport is Allgäu Airport, München-West, located in Memmingerberg, 4 km from Memmingen. It is to this airport that flights of Pobeda and other European low-cost airlines, including Ryanair and Wizzair, fly. The easiest way to get to Munich is by shuttle A ticket from 15 euros, it is better to buy in advance through the specified site.

If you flew in a large company, it is advantageous to order a transfer for 7 seats (from 205 euros), you can order by the link .

HERE I told you in details how to get to Munich from Memmingen Airport.

Prices in Munich.

Germany (and especially Bavaria) is not the cheapest EU country, but at the same time, prices here are lower than in Scandinavia or Switzerland. 

food prices in munich
Prices for products in supermarkets are almost the same as ours.

Meals: for example, lunch or dinner in Munich for two will cost 20-40 euros with beer, a snack: 8-10 euros, beer costs an average of 4-4.5 euros for a glass of 0.5 liter (with the exception of Oktoberfest , a liter of beer almost 12 euros in 2019).


Details about the prices of housing, transport, food, entertainment and souvenirs wrote in the article “Prices in Munich”


The most expensive budget item will be housing. A hotel in the city center (3-4 *) will cost from 150 euros per night for a double room (in low season). From 80 euros there are hotels within walking distance from the center, for example, Hôtel du Train (3 stars, from 82 euros) or Hotel GIO – ehemals Hotel Herzog München (3 stars, from 78 euros).

You can save a little when booking an apartment. I search on airbnb, there is a lot of choice. By registering for the service using this link , you will receive a bonus for the first reservation.

How to book accommodation in Munich

You can book your accommodation in several ways:

  • On the website of the hotel itself (if you know which hotel you want to stay in)
  • Using one of the reservation systems, for example, , the system offers many options according to your criteria.
  • Compare options on  (the system compares prices on different reservation systems and gives the lowest price).
  • I recommend booking an apartment on the website,  by the link take the bonus for the first reservation. Through airbendby, I already stopped in Munich, Prague, Tallinn, Bari, on Lake Como. I wrote more about the service here .


See my selection of hotels in central Munich  and my review of the LetoMotel Munchen hotel


Excursions in Munich

I recommend booking excursions in Munich, at least in two cases: if you are the first time in the city or if you have already seen a lot, but want something special.

Munich Transport

There are no problems with public transport in Munich. The transport network is European-developed and is represented by buses, trams, metro, city electric trains and, of course, taxis. Public transport stops in Munich are equipped with displays showing the time to the next bus / tram or train. Buses cover all areas of the city, it is also convenient to travel by metro or city train.

The fare for all types of public transport is the same and depends only on the distance that you need to travel. The ticket price starts from 1.40 euros: with this ticket you can travel two stops by train (metro or train), or 4 stops by ground transport (bus / tram). To move longer distances, you must use a different ticket. Actual prices and types of tickets I indicated in the article about Munich transport .

City Tour Card in Munich

In addition to the usual public transport pass, you can purchase the City Tour Card in Munich . This is such a tourist card, on which you can not only use public transport unlimitedly, but also visit museums and other attractions of the city with significant discounts. The price of the card starts from 12.90 euros (for one person in the inner zone for one day). For a group of people (up to 5 people), a card for 6 days will cost about 110 euros, travel in all areas is included (including travel from and to the airport).

Bavarian ticket

Another type of travel card in Munich is the Bavarian ticket. You can ride on it throughout Bavaria (for example, in Regensburg) and even go to Salzburg (Austria). It operates only on regional Bavarian trains – this is important! If you use another train to travel to Austria, the ticket will be invalid and you may be fined. The price of a Bavarian ticket is 25 euros per person, and for each next one you need to pay 7 euros (current price for October 2019). The maximum number of people entered on a Bavarian ticket is five. A ticket is valid from 9 am of the current day to 3 nights (on weekdays). On weekends, the Bavarian ticket is extended – it is valid from 0.00 hours to 3.00 the next day. See the current price and order online on the German railway website


See also How to travel from Munich to Salzburg: on your own with a Bavarian ticket and with a guided tour


Car rental in Munich

If you prefer not to depend on public transport, or are planning a car trip in Germany or several countries, then it is more convenient to rent a car. You can rent both at the airport (Munich or Memmingen), and in the city. Renting in the city is usually more expensive, because at the airport there is a lot of competition and distributors lower prices.

You can rent a car immediately upon arrival, but there is a risk that the car will not get, or you will have to choose from what is left. I usually book in advance through reliable online services. Already booked through several times ( rental review in France ). To rent, you international driving license and a bank card in the name of the main driver.


More information about car rental abroad can be found here .


 Munich Attractions

Munich is an amazing city in which everyone will find something to their liking, whether an adult or a child, a lover of history, or an adherent of modern technologies, an admirer of culture and art, or a lover of holidays and festivals.

visit to the BMW museum
BMW Museum in Munich

There are many museums in Munich: these are classical art galleries (Old Pinakothek, New Pinakothek, Pinakoteka Sovremennosti), a technical museum, a toy museum, a hunting and fishing museum, as well as a BMW Museum and a Beer Museum. Almost all museums operate daily, and the price of visiting some of them starts from 1 euro (on Sundays).

The blog has several articles about museums:

In addition to visiting museums in Munich, there is more to do. For example, wander around the Viktualienmarkt market, take a walk in the parks, see how they live in the Bavarian outback, or have a beer in one of the city’s best pubs. Related Articles:

independent travel to Munich
Arriving in Munich in the warm time of the city – take a walk in local parks, for example, Olympic

Beer and national dishes in Munich

Beer in Munich flows like a river, where and whenever you come (even in the morning) everyone drinks beer. You don’t even have to go to Oktoberfest to see Bavarian beer traditions. The price of beer in Munich starts from 3.30 euros for 0.5 liters (beer in the Beer Museum bar), in the famous Hofbräuhaus beer prices for beer from 4.40 euros for 0.5l. (Münchner Weiße); 8.40 euros for 1 liter (Hofbräu Dunkel and Hofbräu Original). Also try national dishes in Munich – shank, numerous sausages (Munich white sausages can be tasted only here) with Bavarian sweet mustard, goulash soup, schnitzel, strudel and much, much more.

independent trip to munich
Empty beer establishments in the afternoon are filled with locals and city guests

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