Miyajima (or Itsukushima, or Temple Island) is one of Japan’s unusual attractions. Located near the center of Hiroshima. To visit Miyajima, you can stay in Hiroshima for 1-2 nights. How to get to the island and what to see – I tell in this article.


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How to get to Miyajima Island

Miyajima how to get

It takes about 1 hour to get from Hiroshima Station to Miyajima Island. To do this, take the train to the Miyajimaguchi station (the passage is covered by the JR Pass ), and then transfer to the ferry that will take you to the island. Ferries run quite often, once every half an hour for sure. The JR ferry service is also covered by a pass (180 yen without it) and takes 15-20 minutes. See the schedule at http://jr-miyajimaferry.co.jp/en/.

Miyajima Attractions

It is interesting that until the middle of the 20th century the island was considered sacred, because here, “unclean” deeds, including childbirth and burial, were to be performed. However, the second interesting fact is that there are no cemeteries on the island; the dead are taken away from the island.

So, what is Miyajima famous for.

miyajima torii
View of torii from the ocean
  • Red torii, standing in the ocean 200 meters from the coast. The gate was built in 1875, the height of the columns is more than 16 meters. At high tide, Torii are in the water, and after low tide they are completely “exposed”. It is believed that if you manage to pass under the gate, you will find happiness. Therefore, if you believe in signs, you should wait for the ebb, it comes after 5 in the evening. 
  • Itsukushima Shrine – a temple complex on the island, is considered one of the oldest Shinto temples in Japan, which is more than 14 centuries old. The main structure of the temple stands on stilts and at low tide, as it were, “hovers” on the ground.
Itsukushima Miyajima
Itsukushima at the beginning of low tide
  • A “postcard” view of the torii opens from one of the points of the Temple, so do not be surprised at the long lines in order to take a photo.
Itsukushima Japan
In the background you can see the line – everyone wants to photograph a postcard view.

Entrance to Itsukushima costs 300 yen.

  • Mount Misen is the highest point of the island, its height is 500 meters. You can get there by cable car or by bus. The mountain offers beautiful views of the island and the ocean.
  • Daise Temple – in. The gates of Niomon with very terrible sculptures on the sides lead to the temple (these are the guards).
daisha in miyajima temple
Gate of Nyomon to the Temple
shrine on miyajima island
Scary guards. Although they must be scary 🙂

Entering the Temple, you will see a staircase leading to the gates of Onarimon.

miyajima temple

Pay attention to the bronze cylinders – touching them promises good luck.

Touching the cylinders promises good luck

There is also a small sanctuary with a huge number of statues in children’s hats.

miyajima buddha in hats

These are the Buddhist deities of Jizo. According to local faith, this creature should protect dead children in hell. Clothed sculpture means that parents made an offering to protect dead children or cure sick children. In general, if you know the story, then this is a rather sad place.

There is a bell in the temple, which every Japanese wants to ring. I hope this is for luck, because we also tried.

miyajima japan

For good luck, you can leave the balls. Make a wish and throw balls. If you get there, the wish will come true. Such entertainment costs 300 yen.

  • Deers – they can also be called an attraction of the island. Here they are more hungry than in Nara (I wrote about Nara in an article about the sights of Kyoto ).
miyajima island
A photo with a deer is a mandatory part of the program 🙂

On the island, I did not see that deer food was being sold, so these animals eat everything that comes in, he tore a tag from a bag from a man and simply gobbled up before everyone’s eyes.

deer miyajima
Insolent face
  • Five-level pagoda – built on a hill in 1407.

Miyajima Pagoda

Walking around the island, you can see many shops, food shops, stroll along a very traditional Japanese street.

Miyajima Attractions
Traditional streets
what to look at miyajima
And such landscapes

You can try baked oysters along the way. Here they are sold at a ridiculous price – 500 yen for 2 pcs (about 300 rubles).

what to try on miyajima

The symbol of the island is maple leaf. You can buy cookies (muffins?) In the form of a maple leaf. They are produced here. Inside – bean sweet pasta, taste for an amateur. From souvenirs – a whale with the taste of the above cookies and beer from its own brewery. You can buy beer for yourself or as a gift, the jar looks very cute.

Miyajima beer

For a visit to the island of Miyajima, lay at least 6-7 hours. To have time to get there, look at the main attractions and go back to Hiroshima. If you plan to wait for the ebb and flow, then it will take more time. You might even want to stay here overnight. Check out our selection of hotels:

Hotels on Miyajima Island

A few more photos from the island:

Miyajima Japan what to see
Another deity
Itsukushima how to get
Here are more deities in hats
Itsukushima Shrine
View of their Temple on the ocean
Miyajima Hiroshima
Brazen asses
japan miyajima island
And in Japan they love dogs very much – that’s right to such an extent!

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This is where I end. Any questions and additions leave in the comments. 

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