Milan Malpensa Airport is one of Italy’s largest air terminals. Every year it serves about 20 million tourists. How to get from the airport to the center of Milan and other airports, I tell in this article.

There are several terminals at Malpensa Airport. The first (T1) has three zones, and the second (T2) serves only the passengers of the EasyJet low-cost airline.

The official website of the airport –

The interactive scheme of the airport on the link on the site

What to do at the airport

On the territory of the largest air terminal in Milan, you will not be bored waiting for your flight. You can visit more than thirty different shops, as well as have a bite to eat in cozy cafes. As for the choice of cuisine, in this regard, the airport meets the needs of all passengers, offering food for a variety of tastes.

Wi-Fi is available at Malpensa Airport (free service).

Tax Free at Milan Malpensa Airport

You can return tax-free in a few points. In the departure area B (T1) there is a point that operates from 7 am to midnight.

Milan malpensa taxi
Milan is popular in both summer and winter

How to get from Malpensa to Milan

Every day, a lot of tourists arrive at the airport who want to visit a popular city in Italy, each of them has the question “how to get from Malpensa to the center of Milan?” Below I talk about the main methods. The distance to the city is about 50 km.

Taxi (transfer) from Malpensa Airport to Milan.

Taxis are always the easiest way to get to the city, because You don’t need to worry about the transport schedule or build a route in the navigator, worry about how to get at night or with a lot of luggage. Taxi stands are located near each terminal, so there will be no problems finding a car.

The official price of a taxi to the center of Milan should not exceed 95 €, this is the price indicated on the airport website. To avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, you should use legal taxi services, or order an individual transfer.

By the way, in Milan, ordering a transfer from the airport can be even more profitable than a taxi. For example, the service, which I recently used in Spain , offers a price of 83 €, and for 99 € you can order a minibus for 7 people. Book a car online >>>

Train from the airport to the city (Malpensa Express)

Milan malpensa how to get

There is access to the railway station near both terminals of the Milan airport, which means that you can get to the city directly from the airport by a comfortable train. The only thing you need to decide which station in the city is more suitable for you: Cadorna, Milano Centrale and Milano Porta Garibaldi. A train ticket can be bought at the box office on the platform, or (which is more convenient) in the self-service terminal, which can be switched to English. Please note that there are terminals that accept only cash, or only pay with a card! Do not forget to validate the ticket before boarding in a special machine, otherwise the fare will be considered unpaid.

The fare is 13 €, the duration of the trip is 35-50 minutes (from T1) and 45-60 minutes (from T2).

If you have mobile Internet or managed to connect to Wi-Fi, you can buy a ticket online on the omio website with a service charge of 1 €. In this case, ticket printing and composting will not be needed, and if necessary, the controller will need to show a QR code on the mobile phone screen.

See train schedules at

train from malpensa
Trains in Italy are comfortable

How to get by bus from the airport of Milan

Having chosen this type of transport, you will spend about an hour on the road, but, of course, it all depends on the traffic situation. The route runs several buses:

  1. Terravision. It takes a little less than an hour to travel, according to the schedule, departure once every 20 minutes. Stops at both terminals, the final – Milano Centrale. Tickets can be bought online at, from the driver, or at terravision racks in the arrivals halls. Ticket price: 8 €, round-trip purchase: 14 €.
  2. The Autostradale bus leaves from T1 (scheduled, 1 time in 20 minutes), the final one is Milan Central Station. Buy tickets at, from the driver and at the racks in the arrival halls of T1 and T2. The price is similar: 8 € and 14 € for a round-trip ticket.
  3. Shuttle Malpensa Milan by Air Pullman. Tickets are sold on the bus. The price is 10 € (only “there”) and 16 € (“round-trip”). See the schedule and current price at

Information on how to get by bus to other popular cities in Italy and France is graphically presented on the airport page

Car hire at Milan Malpensa Airport

For convenience, you can rent a car at the airport. There are many options available. Among the most popular international distributors in Milan, the following can be distinguished – Europcar, Hertz, Avis, Budget, there are also small local rental offices. It is impossible to say unequivocally where to rent better. On the one hand, international distributors are more reliable, have international support, including in Russian. But prices, as well as deposits with them, are significantly higher than at local offices. Local companies are cheaper, lower and deposits that they require to leave. But such companies often do not have international support. I recommend that you read reviews about the company before renting, so as not to run into any small crooks. This does not mean that small companies are worse – no, they can’t bring luck to Europcar (in 2014 in the Canary Islands they gave us such a terrible car)

An ideal option for many travelers is to pre-rent a car via the Internet. Read my rental review with Hertz and . Renting in this way, having arrived in Milan, you will already be sure that you have a car. You do not have to run around all the distributors, finding out if the cars are left at an adequate price.

The cost of renting a car on broker’s sites is usually lower than on the sites of official companies. Discounts are often offered, there is the possibility of canceling a car rental if you have changed plans. If you have any questions, then for this purpose brokers’ websites provide for the possibility of multilanguage customer support.

Choose a car for rental >>>


Read also my article about car rental in Italy , where I spoke in details about the documents, the nuances of rental and toll roads in Italy.

How to get from Malpensa airport to Milan Linate airport?

Taxi (transfer) Malpensa-Linate

A trip between airports will cost from 105 €, a transfer from can be ordered a little cheaper – from 93 €, the journey takes about 1 hour. When ordering an online transfer, the price will already be fixed, and baggage is included in the price. Even if you suddenly get stuck in a traffic jam, you will not be charged extra.

From Malpensa to Linate by bus

The transportation on this route is carried out by the aforementioned company Air Pullman. The fare is 13 €. See the schedule for December 2018 below, if necessary, check out or on the official website of Malpensa Airport.

Other options include a transplant in the center of Milan.

How to get from Malpensa to Bergamo

malpensa bergamo how to get
If you have free time, take a walk along Bergamo itself – a very beautiful town

Bergamo is approximately 90 km from Malpensa Airport.

Travel time by taxi will be a little over an hour, the price of the trip is from 130 € when ordering a car in advance ( book a transfer >>> )

If you are interested in public transport, then at your disposal:

  1. Shuttle Air Pullman, ticket price 18 €, tickets for, with the driver or at the airport counter.
  2. Bergamo Airport Shuttle OrioShuttle, 18 €, when buying online at com / – 16 €.

You watch the current schedule on the specified Internet sites.


Read also my article about the airport of Bergamo .


How to get to Madonna di Campiglio

The Madonna di Campiglio ski resort is located 220 km from Milan. You can get from Malpensa airport without transfers only by taxi or transfer. The price of the trip will be from 370 €. Since the distance is not short, not every taxi driver at the airport agrees to go along this route, therefore, it is better not to risk it and order a taxi in advance. Book a transfer >>>

If you need to save, then you need to go through Milan. And already in Milan, take a bus or train and go towards the resort. Travel time – from 4 hours.

  1. The flixbus bus is one of the budget options. They run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the ticket price is from 12 € (during the sales period it may be cheaper), see the stop of the departure on the website before purchase.
  2. Autostradale bus – leaves on Fridays and Sundays, ticket price is 30 €.
  3. By Flixbus via Trento. In this case, you can get on weekdays, but you must clearly compare the bus schedules.
  4. By train from Milan to Trento (with transfers), the ticket price for purchases in advance is from 10 €, and then on the bus number 201 of Trentino Trasporti Esercizio ( Ticket 6 €, travel time about 2 hours. You can buy tickets online on the specified site, in the bus or in the terminal.
  5. Direct route from Bergamo airport to, price from 36 €.

Get a little closer to Madonna di Campiglio from Verona Airport. Therefore, if you have not bought tickets yet, then consider flying to Verona.

How to get to Bray – Cervinia from Milan

A direct route to the resort from Malpensa Airport is possible only by taxi (transfer). The cost when booking via the Internet will be from 270 €. Booking a transfer in this direction is better in advance. Book a transfer >>>

By bus

You can get to Cervinia from the Milan bus station. The station is located near the metro. Traveling by bus also implies a change at Chatillon Bus Station.

The duration of the trip is 3 hours. Tickets can be purchased at or at the box office. The cost of one trip is 15.50 € to Chatillon and about 3 € to Cervinia.

Hotels near Malpensa Airport

Holiday Inn Express Milan-Malpensa Airport . The airport is three kilometers away. A shuttle service is available for guests. Buffet breakfast is served. You can relax and unwind in the bar, which serves famous Italian wines. There is internet and parking. Double room – 66 €. Breakfast included.

Idea Hotel Milano Malpensa Airport  . You can reach the hotel in five minutes. A regular shuttle service is available. You can drive to the city center in 40 minutes. There is also a restaurant with national Italian cuisine. Breakfast is buffet style. Room with a large bed – 90 € per night.

Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel & Conference CenterThe hotel in question is located at Malpensa Airport, in the first terminal. Here you can book a room with all amenities. The complex has a spa, as well as a sports center with a swimming pool. Free parking is available for guests and pets can be accommodated here. Double room with one large bed – 173 €.

That’s all! If you have questions or additions, leave comments.

Have a great trip to Milan!

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