Bergamo Orio al Serio Caravaggio Airport is 3 km from the center of Bergamo and 45 km from Milan. This is a major hub of the Ryanair airline, and also WizzAir, BlueAir and Pobeda planes land at this airport.

In this article I’ll tell you a little about the airport and how to get to Bergamo, Milan and some other Italian cities.

You can find cheap tickets to Bergamo on the skyscanner website through the search form (you can select the Bergamo airport on the skyscanner, but it searches airplanes at all Milan airports)


Official airport website:

Taxi-free office at Milan Bergamo Airport is open from 6:00 to 22:00

There is a luggage room at the airport, but, according to reviews, it is located on the street, behind the bus stop (it works until 0:00, one bag – 4 €)

How to get from Bergamo Airport to the city of Bergamo

  • Taxi or transfer is the fastest, most convenient and expensive option. 20 minutes on the way. Transfer fee from 40 € (you can order in advance on this site , then you don’t have to explain to the taxi driver “on fingers” where to go, and the cost will be fixed and you will not have to pay extra, even if you get stuck in traffic, or your flight is delayed, and You can order a transfer in the opposite direction – to quickly get to the airport by the time of departure)
  • On foot – the most budgetary (free) and longest way – about 50 minutes.
  • ATV bus number 1 – every 20 minutes from 5:00 to 00:00. This bus is passing, you need to wait at the bus stop. The bus schedule can be downloaded at Here is the route map:

Ticket price 2,30 €, valid for 90 minutes on all types of public transport, including the funicular. If necessary, you will have time to get to your hotel.

By the way, a 24-hour ticket costs 5 €, for 72 hours – 7 €.

You can buy tickets at the machine at the exit of the airport or at the sales desk (in the city – at the box office and tobacco kiosks)


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From Milan Bergamo Airport to Milan


If you use the Bergamo airport only as a way to get to Milan, then here’s how to get to the center of the Fashion Capital

Taxi / transfer from Bergamo airport.

An individual transfer will cost from 87 €, on the way – from 50 min (depending on traffic congestion). You can order a transfer on this site . The best option if you have a lot of luggage, small children and / or late arrival.

Buses from Bergamo Airport to Milan

  • Terravision (every 20 minutes) – to Milan train station. Tickets cost from 8 €. You can find the right flight (or alternative) through . Enter Orio Al Serio Italy in the departure field:

You can also buy a ticket from the driver and at the box office, but according to some information it costs more – 10 € (who knows for sure, please write in the comments!)

  • Autostradale ( – from 8 €, round-trip – from 12 €. The schedule can be viewed both on the company website and on the above omio.
  • Orioshuttle ( – from 6 € (line 1)

Train Bergamo – Milan

A train to Milan leaves from Bergamo Station. Tickets cost from 5.50 €, about an hour on the way. Check schedule and price on

I don’t see a reason to buy a ticket for a regional train – you can do this at the ticket office of the station or at the self-service kiosk at the station before departure. Do not forget to punch before boarding the train; controllers in Italy are not uncommon.

Car rental at Bergamo Airport

In Bergamo itself, you are unlikely to need a car – the Old Town is very small and everything is within walking distance. But if you plan to continue your trip to Italy and other countries, then I recommend renting a car at the airport.


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I usually rent a car in advance and through major internet sites such as . For the price it turns out cheaper, I compare all the options in advance, choose the most profitable one. So, in September 2017 we rented a car through rentalcars in Prague . Skoda Fabia on the machine, with a mileage of just over 10,000 km, with various bells and whistles cost 230 € for 12 days (with insurance 400 €).

Here’s an example of how much a car rental costs at Bergamo Airport:

Gasoline in Italy is expensive, it even goes up to 1.8 € per liter. Refuel better in cities, rather than on autobahns – it’s cheaper there.

Autobahns in Italy are paid, on average 7 € per 100km. Usually duplicated by free roads that run through settlements. It is worth saying that free roads are not always longer, and the road surface is equally good. Therefore, if you have to move a lot, alternate movements for paid and free. The fare for toll roads and other useful information, see

How to get from Bergamo to Malpensa Airport

If you need to get to another airport in Milan ( Milan Malpensa ), you can either use a shuttle service (from 129 euros) or take a shuttle. Again, look at the site This time you need line 3. Route Bergamo center – Airport – Monza – Malpensa from 10 €, when buying on the site from 8 €. The journey takes 2 hours (take this into account when planning flights).

How to get from Bergamo Airport to Verona

If you plan to visit the city of Romeo and Juliet, then you can get to it from Bergamo.


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Unfortunately, there are few options for direct communication between Bergamo Airport and Verona, these are just:

From the center of Bergamo to Verona can be reached in the following ways:

  • Direct train (2 flights per day, from 19.90 €, timetables and prices at
  • Flixbus bus ( my review ) – from 7.90 €. You can find the right flight or an alternative on . Buying tickets is better in advance – in most cases it will be cheaper.
  • SAJ bus from the Bergamo bus station (a couple of times a day, 7-10 €, the schedule is better to check at the box office)

How to get from Bergamo Airport to Venice

Venice is a popular tourist city and many dream of visiting it. Distance of Bergamo-Venice is about 230 km, on a direct route you can get:

  • Transfer from 266 €
  • Rent a Car
  • Flixbass bus (Orio-al-Serio – Venice), 3-4 hours on the way, tickets from 15.19 €, easy to search on

From the center of Bergamo can also be reached by public transport:

  • Train (with one or two transfers) from 30 €
  • Flixbass bus (with a stop at the airport of Bergamo or Venice) – from € 17.80

Flixbass arrives at the Tronchetto stop. Piazza San Marco is easier to reach by water (line 2). Schedule and ticket prices on the website  Ticket for 75 minutes – 1.50 € (Rete Unica), for 100 minutes – 2 €.

Overnight at Bergamo Airport

According to reviews, the airport does not close at night, and you can spend the night here, but not very comfortable – the seats are iron, with armrests. Many are located on the floor. Option – for very economical travelers. If finances allow, it is better to book a home.

Bergamo Airport Hotels

Opposite the hotel is a good 4 * hotel NH Orio Al Serio (from 115 €)

From budget options – the Airport Rooms Orio guesthouse (from 56 € with breakfast), apartments from 30 €, a large selection on (pick up a 22 € coupon will save a little).

See all hotels near the airport on >>>


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