If you are arriving or departing from Memmingen Airport , I recommend that you devote at least a couple of hours to this town. Memmingen is a small, cozy town, with colorful houses, clean streets, separate roads for cyclists and unhurried life.


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When you find yourself there, it begins to seem that the locals live in some kind of their ideal little world, someone is busy with work, someone, on the contrary, is relaxing in a street cafe for a cup of coffee. The town is completely compact – the central square with the Town Hall, a beautifully painted administrative building (the former customs building, built in 1495), shops, a cafe, a canal that creates the “Little Venice” in Memmingen … You can walk around the whole center in a couple of hours, you still have to time to sit in a cafe …

travel to memmingen
Memmingen – a classic Bavarian town
memmingen sights
In the 15th century – customs, and now – the administrative building
what to do in memmingen
Canal in the center of Memmingen

As for the airport itself, it is located not even in Memmingen, but in the town of Memmingerberg with a population of less than 3,000 people. If Memmingen is a traditional European town, then Memmingerberg is more like a village.

Memmingen-Memmingerberg Border

We stayed there overnight awaiting a return flight at the Airport Hotel Berger’s Park . It can be reached from the airport in some 10 minutes, and to the center of Memmingen in about 40 minutes. It is interesting to walk around Memmingerberg: along the main street there are private houses, but if you go deeper, it looks more like agricultural sector, cows graze, the smell of the village/



what to see in memmingen
Memmingerberg houses
Inside Memmingerberg
Restaurant gasthaus sclosse Memmingerberg
If you are in Memmingerberg, find this beer restaurant


But right here, in the outback of Germany, there is a beer hall, in which, it seems, not only Russians, but, in principle, have not seen tourists! But then the locals drink, eat and have fun …. at home. (About Munich beer houses read here) Everyone was surprised at our parish, and when we said that we were from Russia, there was a second silence, and then “Ok, no problem” followed. What this meant, we still did not understand, but served us well – brought beer, and homemade food. We ordered a goulash soup (here it looked like a soup, very fatty, but very tasty), schnitzel with potatoes. Schnitzel, although pork, was incomparable – soft, tender, homely. The place is called Gasthaus Schlössle. The hosts speak a little English, so that they can clarify the information on the menu, accept and bring the order 🙂 Dinner with beer cost 20 euros. So, if you are there, you can go in and feel like a local burgher)))

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