Before travel to Paris, I was looking for something interesting, looking at different sites of excursions. There are a lot of excursions in Paris, but it was not that. Then, flipping through the portal , which I often recommend to readers, I came across a master class on cooking macaroon from a French pastry chef.

Now I’ll talk about the master class itself and show how to book this or any other tour on getyourguide.

Macarons cooking workshop at Lafayette Gallery

The master class was held in English, conducted by a pastry girl, the owner of her own small pastry shop in a residential area of ​​Paris. The master class was held in the very center of the city – in the Galeries Lafayette.

I arrived early, about an hour before the start (at the same time I received an SMS reminder with an address), I found a studio where a master class would be held and went for a walk around the shopping center. At the appointed time, I returned to the studio, vouchers were scanned from all participants (I had it printed, someone showed it just from a smartphone) and sent us to wash hands.

The studio is quite comfortable, as I understand it, various culinary master classes are often held here.

excursions in paris

The group of participants was selected very interesting and international (because of this I just love excursions in English!): I am from Russia, a family with kids from Brazil, a guy from New York and an adult married couple from New Zealand.

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First, our pastry teacher (Lily) showed us how to knead dough for macaroons, then we learned to plant them. She told the main processes, showed in what condition the cakes should be before being sent to the oven, and in what state after baking.

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Then we prepared 2 fillings (chocolate and pistachio)  and stuffed the already prepared halves of macaroon (apparently, to save time, because “ours” were still baked in the oven).

master class in paris Macaroons master class in Paris

Later we tried “ours,” and packed 2 pairs of macaroons in boxes. We were also given recipes for cooking macaroons at home.

how to get to the master class parismaster class on macaroons paris

At home, of course, nothing succeeded with these recipes))) I have a feeling that the recipes were generally given incorrect so you would not accidentally become the best pastry chefs in your city))) Oh well!

book a tour of Paris at getyourguide

Everything took place in a very relaxed atmosphere. It was a little complicated due to the fact that it is in English, but here everything is individual, especially intuitively everything is clear. In general, I liked the master class, and it cost quite inexpensively (49 € per person).


Excursions at

Now I’ll talk a little about the service itself. The service is English-speaking, but machine translation is supports many languages. Searching is easy: just enter the city you are interested in in the search bar. Dates can not even be entered.

On the right side there is a list of all excursions, events, tickets; in the left – you can sort the dropdown events.

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For example, I will choose gastronomic excursions.

gastronomic tours paris

The macarons class drops out on the first page.

pasta master class paris

You can read the details in a new window.

how to book a tour in Paris

And check the date you are interested in for availability.

Where to buy a tour in Paris

Add to Cart. Within an hour you have to pay. Enter your billing information and payment method.

A confirmation comes in the mail. The voucher can be printed or downloaded to your smartphone.

That’s it, the tour is booked. About an hour before the event, an SMS reminder arrived.

On there is a huge selection of tours, activities: transfers can be arranged, or you can buy a ticket to museums as well. The main advantage : you can always find an inexpensive group tour. In general, I recommend adding the service to your bookmarks and viewing it before the trip, if there is something interesting!

If you want to share your experience using this service, or have questions, leave comments under the article! Add the page to bookmarks, share on social networks, and do not forget to like it if you really do!

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