We went to Lucerne the day after visiting the monument to Suvorov and Reichenbach Falls . Mostly, I wanted to visit Lucerne for a long time because of the symbol of the city – the Kapellbrücke bridge. In this article I will show my photos of Lucerne and, of course, the bridge, and also tell you how to get to Lucerne, where to spend the night and what to see in 1 day in the city.

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How to get to Lucerne 
Lucern Attractions: what to see in 1 day.
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Hotels Lucerne
Transport and parking in Lucerne
Excursions in Lucerne with a guide

How to get to Lucerne

Switzerland’s nearest airport to Lucerne is Zurich Airport . Direct flights are operated by a / c Swiss, Aeroflot, Lufthansa. You can choose a connection in Rome (Alitalia), in Riga (AirBaltic), in Munich (Lufthansa) or other European cities. You can find and buy tickets through the popular search engine skyscanner ( in details ) or using jetradar low price calendar:

You can get from Zurich to Lucerne in the following ways:

  1. By car. The distance between cities is about 50 km (about half an hour’s journey). You can rent a car in any country of the world on this site . We already rented a car in Armenia and the Czech Republic , everything went perfectly, therefore, I can safely recommend this service! The route runs on a toll road, therefore, it is necessary to buy a vignette (we bought at customs at the border with Italy – the cost of a vignette is 40 francs)
  2. By train (the official ebsite of the Swiss railway https://www.sbb.ch/en/, you can see the schedule and price of tickets there). I found tickets from 6.60 CHF (about 6.60 $)
  3. On an individual transfer (a car of the class of your choice will be assigned to you, the driver will wait for you even if the flight is delayed and will be taken to the address indicated in advance) from 177 €, you can only book in advance ( here )
  4. By bus number 103 Singen – Pistichchi of the carrier http://www.marinobus.eu (Mondays and Saturdays at 16:55, travel time 1 hour) or the bus of the carrier http://www.agat.eu (Warsaw – Milan) on Sundays at 9:00.
  5. Find fellow travelers on blablacar


Sights of Lucerne: what to see in 1 day.

The main attractions of Lucerne are concentrated in the Old Town.

  • The Kapellbrücke Bridge (Chapel Bridge) is a symbol of Lucerne. It is the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe. There is a bridge since 1365! Under the roof ceilings are 111 paintings that tell the story of Switzerland.
lucerne wooden bridge
The wooden arches of the bridge tell the story of Switzerland
  • The water tower located in the center of the Kapelbrücke bridge is the second symbol of Lucerne and the second most popular place for photographing in Lucerne.
water tower lucerne
Another symbol of the city
  • The Old Town Hall of Lucerne. Built in the 14th century and used at first as a commercial building. And only later the City Council began to sit here. At the beginning of the 17th century, a clock tower was attached to the Town Hall.
old town hall lucerne
The Clock Tower of the Town Hall stands out from the rest of the buildings
    • Monument “The Dying Lion”, about which Mark Twain said “This is the most tragic and touching stone in the world.” The monument is carved in a mountain rock in memory of the Swiss guards who died during the French Revolution of 1792. The monument was ordered in the 19th century to the Danish sculptor Bertel Torvaldsen

  • Knight’s Palace. Built in 1557. Today is the seat of the canton government.
  • Swiss Museum of Transport, which contains collections of not only cars, but also water and rail transport. Entrance – 30 francs, museum website https://www.verkehrshaus.ch/en
  • Mount Pilatus is more than 2000 meters high – a piece of the Alps near Lucerne. You can get to the top a) on a train running at an angle of 38 ° -48 ° and at a speed of up to 12 km / h (the train leaves from Alpnakhstadt station, on the way for about half an hour, the cost of tickets is 60 francs round-trip, only in the summer season ); b) the cable car from Kriens (from Lucerne you need to get to the Linde stop), the journey time is also about half an hour .; c) on foot – an option for the physically prepared, about 4 hours on the road.


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Just look at the views from the mountain.

By the way, in the guest house Landgasthof Schlüssel Alpnach , where we spent the night, many stop for the purpose of visiting Mount Pilatus.

Lucerne Photos

old town of lucerne
Bright houses in the old part of the city look amazing even in rainy weather
sights of alfalfa
Amazingly beautiful facade of one of the houses where the hotel is now located
what to see in alfalfa
Cozy streets of the Old Town
lucerne switzerland
Another street – everywhere the Swiss flags
lucerne attractions with photos
View of the Royce River and the Jesuit Church

lucerne switzerland city photos

Lucerne Hotels


You may be interested in the article “5 reliable housing booking services: how to book accommodation”


Prices for apartments in Lucerne starting from 30 € per person for a bed in a hostel.

If we look at hotels, then “cheap and cheerful” you can stay in the budget ibis budget Hotel Luzern City about 1 km from the center – from 76 €.

From good hotels in the Old Town: Hotel Schlüssel (from 79 € per night for a double room), Hotel Alpina Luzern 3 * (from 128 € with breakfast)

Hotel Des Alpes 3 * – hotel in the center, by the Chapel Bridge (from 131 € with breakfast)

Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern 5 * – a chic five-star hotel near the lake. Booking Rating 9.1. Price from 339 € with breakfast for a double room.

Or check out other Bucking deals:



Transport and parking in Lucerne

You will not need transport in the Old Town. If you plan to travel outside, then the fare is from 2.40 francs (for a short trip). A daily pass is 9.50 francs, and if you have a Swiss Pass (you can read more on this site ), you can use public transport for free.

Parkings in Lucerne are above ground and underground. We parked in an underground parking in one of the shopping centers, paid 3 francs for 1 hour.

Guided Tours in Lucerne 

Our tour of the city of Lucerne ends here, the next point on our route is Zurich .


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