Liechtenstein is one of the European dwarf states (microstate), which is located between Austria and Switzerland. When traveling in these countries, it’s a sin not to drop into at least the capital of the Principality of Liechtenstein Vaduz – to see what kind of “dwarf” this is and at the same time fill up the list of countries visited.

Helpful information.

The capital of the Principality of Liechtenstein is located 110 km from Zurich, 400 km from Geneva, 250 km from Munich.

switzerland liechtenstein
We ride along the border of Switzerland and Liechtenstein

The main language of the state is German

Liechtenstein is not a member of the European Union, but at the same time is part of the Schengen zone, therefore, to visit Liechtenstein Schengen visa is needed. If you are traveling purposefully to Liechtenstein, it is better to get a visa at the Swiss Consulate. In other cases, any other Schengen visa, for example, Italian, will do . Travel insurance is also required to visit Liechtenstein. 

The currency of Liechtenstein is Swiss Franc (CHF). It is approximately equal to the US dollar. You can exchange money at banks, large stores, airports, hotels. If you check in for a few hours, you can not change money, but pay with a card . Also, many stores accept euros (but, as a rule, at the rate of 1: 1)

The area of ​​the state is 160 sq. Km (24.6 km * 12.4 km), therefore, theoretically, the country can be traveled not only by car, but also by bicycle.

The main transport of the state is the Liechtenstein bus Liechtenstein Bus.

How to get to Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

There is no airport in Liechtenstein, the closest is Zurich Airport (Switzerland).

Zurich-Vaduz by train

You can get from Zurich to Vaduz by public transport, but you must understand that there is no direct connection between the cities. From Zurich you need to get to the city of Sargans (Sargans). From Zurich central train station, trains leave in this direction. It takes about 1 hour to get there, a standard ticket is about 33 CHF, with a stock you can purchase from 12 CHF. In the city of Zargans, you need to transfer to the Liechtenstein bus number 11, runs from the train station. Tickets to buy from the driver. The cost of a single ticket is 4CHF, 7CHF day pass.

Zurich-Vaduz on transfer

If you fly to Zurich airport, and your vacation will take place in Liechtenstein, for example, at the popular ski resort Malbün, consider the option of ordering a transfer, especially if you are with ski equipment and you are several people. Transfer from Zurich to Liechtenstein will cost from 220 €.

vaduz how to get
The easiest way to get to Vaduz is by car.

Zurich-Vaduz on the way

If you accept this mode of transportation as a ride, you can find a driver on blablacar . Found a place on the route Zurich-Vaduz for only 5 €.

From Zurich to Liechtenstein by car

Of course, the most convenient way to visit Liechtenstein is by car. Car rental in Switzerland is not difficult. The cost of renting a car from 22 € ( more about prices in Switzerland ). It’s cheaper to rent through intermediaries (sometimes 2 times cheaper!), For example, I rent through . In Liechtenstein, roads are free, but in Switzerland you need a vignette for 40CHF to travel on the autobahns. If you rent a car in Switzerland, a vignette should already be included in the rental price.

Driving in Liechtenstein, as well as in Switzerland, on the right, seat belts are required. Mandatory and dipped at the entrance to the tunnels and in conditions of poor visibility – rain, snow, fog.

Parking in Liechtenstein

Parking in Liechtenstein is paid. On average from 1.5CHF in the first hour. But in the parking lot where we parked, the first hour was free.

parking spaces in liechtenstein vaduz

Honestly, we did not figure out the payment for parking. When you receive a ticket at the parking meter, the seat number, time and amount to be paid are printed on it. At first, we took a ticket as soon as we left the car (the amount, of course, was 0) and when we returned we took another ticket, and still the amount was 0 and the time lasted another hour. Perhaps we did something wrong, but many did go out and did not take any tickets. Now, looking at the photo, I begin to suspect that it was necessary first to pay the necessary time and then the amount paid and the time until which it was paid would be on the ticket …


Attractions of Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

The main attractions of Vaduz are concentrated in the center – on one street, you can see them in about 20 minutes. Marked the sights on the map:


She also scanned a map of Vaduz, which she took in a tourist center. Click on the image to open in full size.


Vaduz map download


Liechtenstein landmarks

  • The visiting card of the city, and of the principality as a whole, is the Vaduz princely castle on the hill. It was built in the 12th century, and today it is the official residence of the prince, so you can’t get inside. The only day you can get to the castle is August 15 (National Day of the State). The castle is located on a hill and is visible from all points of the city.

vaduz castle

  • Old city
  • St. Florin’s Cathedral

Vaduz Cathedral

  • City Hall (City Hall)
  • Government House
what to see vaduz
Government House
  • Parliament building in a very interesting shape
vaduz attractions
The parliament building has an interesting shape
  • National Museum (Landesmuseum),

Vaduz city

  • Liechtenstein Museum of Art (Kunstmeseum Liechtenstein),
  • Vaduz Postal Museum with a unique collection of stamps
  • Vaduz winery – the main purpose of the arrival of many tourists
  • Sculptures of modern art, for example, this lady (I called it  the sister of Yerevan woman )

photo of VaduzLiechtenstein photo

On the streets of the city there are many sculptures and various decorations

Hotels in Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

For those who come to Liechtenstein for more than one day, it is worth booking a hotel. In Vaduz itself, the choice of hotels is small, and the price is quite high, from 250 € per night

There are also few hotels in the Malbün ski resort, but prices start from 120 € with a very high rating (more than 9.0), for example, Familien & Sporthotel TURNA Malbun Superior from 109 € for a double room, Vögeli Alpenhotel Malbun from 120 € with breakfast.

Prices in Liechtenstein

Prices in Liechtenstein are “Swiss,” which is an order of magnitude higher than the European average. We went to the Coop grocery store. Our sandwich and milk lunch cost 5CHF, another 3.45CHF cost Red Bull and beer.


Vaduz lunch
For such a “lunch” prepare to give 5 euros


In the photo you can see the prices in this supermarket


Liechtenstein beer
Husband bought a Liechtenstein beer as a souvenir

Liechtenstein pricesfruit prices liechtensteinLiechtenstein cheesedairy products Liechtensteinbeer LiechtensteinLiechtenstein currency

About Liechtenstein, in fact, that’s all. If you have something to add, leave comments! 

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