Lake Como was for me one of the goals of the September trip, I wanted to get to this fabulous lake for a long time. As usual, I will show a photo of all this beauty so that you also want to go here on your next vacation and tell you how to do it.

The content of the article:

How to get to Lake Como 
How to get to Lake Como from Milan
Excursions to Lake Como
Sights of Lake Como. What to see in 1-2 days
Transport on Lake Como
Prices on Lake Como
F.AQ about Lake Como

To begin with, I note that the most popular cities on Lake Como are:

  • Como
  • Lecco
  • Varenna Varenna
  • Bellagio

I visited just the last two, therefore, there will be a little more details about them.

So how to get to Como.

How to get to Lake Como from Europe, Italy

It is most convenient to get to Lake Como from Milan. You can also buy tickets to Bergamo (often this is often much cheaper) and get to Como either by car or transfer to Milan and plan your route from there. About how to get to Como from Bergamo I wrote in this article.

You can find a suitable ticket to Milan through the calendar of low prices from air sales (do not forget to substitute your city and the required number of days):


Read also the article “How to buy cheap tickets to Italy.


From Europe to get to Milan or Bergamo is not difficult, because Many airlines fly to these cities, including a low-cost airline. For example, from Budapest to Milan you can fly just for 20 euros.

Search for such flights at

From other cities in Italy you can get either by plane (if the distances are long), or by land transport – by train or by bus (you can start searching for tickets at ), and, of course, by car – this solves all problems in general 🙂 


See also “Car rental in Italy”


How to get to Lake Como from Milan

So, we got to Milan, now I’ll tell you how you can get to Como.

How to get to Como

  1. By car in about 1 hour
  2. By train to Como S. Jiovanni station in about 45 minutes, from 4.60 €, schedule at
  3. By taxi in about 1 hour from 86 €
  4. You can also get on the bus, but it is so unpopular that there is no information on the Internet on this matter – you need to check it at the ticket office’s ticket office.
  5. Find fellow travelers on blablacar

How to get to the city of Lecco

  1. By car in about 1 hour (free track)
  2. By train to Lecco station in about 40 minutes, from 4.60 €,
  3. By taxi from 110 €
  4. Find fellow travelers

How to get to Varenna

  1. From Lecco by ferry for 10.40 € (
  2. By car from Milan in about 1 hour 20 minutes
  3. By train to Varenna-Esino station, in about 1 hour, from € 6.70
  4. By taxi from 147 €
  5. Find fellow travelers

How to get to Bellagio

  1. From Varenna by ferry to Bellagio in about 15 minutes and € 4.60 (
  2. By car from Milan in 1 hour 40 minutes
  3. From Milano Cadorna station by train to Canzo-asso station (1 hour 20 minutes, 5.50 €), then change to bus number C36 at Asso Stanzione bus station (30 minutes on the way)
  4. By taxi from 122 €
  5. Find fellow travelers

Excursions to Lake Como

excursions to lake como

I reviewed all kinds of excursion sites, and found only one – the most interesting and affordable – an excursion from Milan to Lake Como with a Russian speaking Italian (!), Who will not only show you all the beauties of the lake, but also take photos for you on your own or yours the camera. And the option of excursions on a motorcycle is also possible!  

Sights of Lake Como. What to see in 1-2 days.

If you come to Lake Como for 1 day, then I recommend that you choose only 1 city. If for 2 days, then you can choose 2 cities. To embrace the immensity in this case will be quite problematic.

Let’s first talk about what I managed to see myself and show a photo, and at the end of the section I will write the main attractions of the four cities.

lake como how to get
Scenic Road to Lake Como
how to get to lake como
Lake and mountains – what could be more beautiful?

Having reached Varenna from Bergamo on a picturesque road, we settled in our room in the house of an Italian family. I chose this option (and not a hotel) for two reasons: firstly, there are no budget hotels in Varenna, and secondly, I have long dreamed of living in a real Italian house, just like the real locals live. By the way, 2 nights in a room with all amenities and a homemade breakfast from Donna Tosca cost about 135 €. You can book this accommodation at the booking ( here is the link ), and on airbnb ( link ). I had several coupons on airbnb, so it turned out to be cheaper (if you have not used airbnb yet, register using my link and immediately get a 22 € coupon, you can apply it to your first booking).

Here is a photo of our housing:

where to live on lake como
Small room with a bed, wardrobe, TV
house on lake como
A lot of pictures
rent a room on lake como
Even the house-style chair is probably antique 🙂
Como view house
View from the shared balcony
breakfast room on como
Homemade breakfast from the hostess

There is  the article about hotels on Lake Como , I once again reviewed all the hotels and made a selection for you with the coolest options.

Additionally, only tourist tax was paid at 1 € per day per person and 5 € per day for a garage right in the house. I’ll tell you, it was soooooo handy! We arrived on Sunday, and the city was just crowded with people and cars. All parking lots were occupied. In addition, after the same Bergamo, where we paid 4 euros for 2 hours of parking, 5 euros per day are real pennies 🙂

parking on lake como
On Sunday, both the city and the parking lots are full

Having a little rest, we went for a walk around Varenna. We found the most beautiful view of Varenna, it opens from the terrace by Bar il Molo (it is not necessary to visit the restaurant, the terrace is open to everyone)

Lake Como

Walked around the city

safe coma
Center of Varenna

sights of varenna what to see in the Varna what to see on lake como

Then we went for lunch and dinner to the already mentioned Bar il Molo (prices are not higher than other establishments in the city, and the view opens up beautiful, and I liked the food). Lunch with alcohol 28 €

Then they just sat on the beach and admired the views

photo of lake como

And I really wanted to take a picture of the evening city, here is what came of it:

lago di comovarenna italyvarenna comowhat to do in varenna

The day after Donna Tosca’s home breakfast, we set off for the Bellagio by ferry. Ticket price: 9.20 € round-trip per person (schedule and price can be viewed in advance at

Postcards were made from the boat:

varenna belladžio on steam

And here he is, Bellagio

belladžio komo bellagio city

Went to look for the same place with all the murals)))) Found:

And many more beautiful views

sights of the bellagio what to see in bellagiobellagio italy

Small park Parco Martiri Della Libertà

park in bellagio what to do in bellagio

They bought shawls from Como silk as a gift for mothers (it turns out that Como has been popular for its silk for several hundred years). The cost of a neck scarf scarf from 30 €

Ate on gelato (3 euros)

Walked along the lake

Lake Como Bellagio beautiful places on lake como

We got to Villa Melze. Below are ticket prices and timetables (for 2017)

villa in bellagio prices

They did not go inside, since they had already planned a visit to Villa Monastero in Varenna.

We reached the northern point of the Bellagio, saw Varenna

varenna belladžio

Here, by the way, there is a fish restaurant, here is the menu:

belladžio restaurant

And we went on the nearest ferry back to Varenna, where we had planned a visit to the Villa Monastero park, this is such a beauty there:

villa monastero Villa Monastero Varennamonastery villa

Entrance to the garden 5 €, garden and villa rooms 8 €.

Villa Monestero @villamonastero with a luxurious botanical garden is one of Lake Como’s many villas. It is located in the town of Varenna, on the site of a monastery built in the 1200s, hence the name! We didn’t go to the villa, but we walked around the garden with pleasure! 🌳🌾🌿 Entrance to the garden is 5 euros, to the garden and rooms of the villa 8 euros. We saw 2 weddings here, one of them is Russian, so who can’t decide on the wedding venue, consider this option👰 I’ll mark the location, bookmark it 😉 # 2btraveler_italy

After a walk, they decided on another gelato in the very popular gelateria (Gelateria Riva Varenna). By the way, feel free to buy here, sooo tasty, sooooo much and very beautiful – 3 euros for such a huge horn

Having walked around Varenna and having a rest, we went again to Bar il Molo. This time for dinner (40 €)

good restaurants on como where to eat in the varenna

And the next day, Switzerland was waiting for us . In order not to circle around the lake, we took the ferry to Mennaggio – 15.50 euros per car (Skoda Fabia) with a driver and one passenger. It takes about 20 minutes.

And now I will list the popular attractions of the towns located on Lake Como.

If you have chosen the city of Como, then see:

  • Main Square (Piazza Cavour) with Cathedral (Duomo di Como)
  • Basilica Sant Abbondio
  • Baradello Castle (
  • Toy Museum (
  • Becoming a Villa (

Lecco is a popular attraction for sightseeing:

  • Central square (Piazza XX Settembre) with city market, Palace of Fear (Palazzo delle Paure)
  • Basilica of St. Nicholas
  • 1228 Ponte Azzone Visconti Bridge
  • The peak of Piani d’Erna at an altitude of 1300 meters (can be reached by funicular)

Sights of Varenna:

  • Castello di Vecio – 11th century castle (
  • Central square of St. George with the church of San Giorgio.
  • Villa Monastero (
  • Villa Chipressi (now this is a hotel and it did not work to get into its territory, but you can book accommodation there). According to some information, for 4 euros you can get into the garden of the villa (check at the reception).
  • Motorcycle Museum in the area

Bellagio Attractions:

  • Gardens of Villa Melzi D’Eril (
  • Villa Balbianello (
  • Postcard views

Transport on Lake Como

As for transport, the main transport on the lake are ferries. They connect all the largest cities on the lake, including the “triangle” Varenna-Bellagio-Mennaggio. The schedule of ferries, the possibility of transporting cars, as well as all prices are available on the website By the way, there is information not only on Lake Como, but also on the lakes of Garda and Maggiore.

ferries como
Such large ferries carry not only passengers, but also cars
ferry varenna mennaggio
Our car on the ferry – sail to Mennaggio

Prices on Lake Como

Prices on Lake Como, I would not call budget. This I understood when booking a hotel. The price of a double room is on average from 100 € per night. As I wrote above, you can find cheaper alternatives on airbnb.

Prices in cafe-restaurants the same as in Rome, maybe even a little higher. And it is definitely higher than the Sicilian  (after all, it is not for nothing that they say that the North is more expensive than the South). We had lunch and dinner in a cafe that I already wrote about (Bar il Molo), the cost is 30-40 € for two, but I would not say that we ordered something expensive or supernatural.

  • Bruschetta 4,80-5,50 €
  • Glass of beer 5,20 €
  • Aperol Spritz 6,00€
  • Seafood pizza 9.30 €
  • Pasta 9.80-12.00 €

Average prices in the restaurants of Varenna and Bellagio:

Snacks 12-15 euros

First courses (this is usually pasta or soup) – 13 euros

Second courses 17 euros

Salads 8-13 euros

Desserts 6 Euro

Here is an example of one of the menus (you can “open in a new window” to look better):

restaurant prices lake como

  • If you are “poor”, now I’ll show you where you can have a cheap meal .

This is something like a bar selling newspapers, lottery tickets and more. And they also sell sandwiches and such a good pizza. A huge piece (enough for two) Margarita costs only 3.50 €, you can heat it. You can take with you or eat on the spot, there are a couple of tables. You can just drink coffee, like real Italians 🙂 On Google maps it is marked as Bar Al Barilott

  • Gelatto costs 3 €, I liked Varenna more than in Bellagio.
  • Entrance to the gardens of Villa Monastero – 5 euros, to the garden and rooms – 8 euros
  • Varenna – Bellagio Ferry 9.20 € round trip per person

Food Prices on Lake Como

There are no normal supermarkets in Varenna, and it’s difficult to find a store, in Bellagio there is something similar to a store. The prices that I will write below are from the Carrefour supermarket on the border of Italy and Switzerland (the prices are Italian and, of course, many Swiss are bought here). If you drive a car and do not have time to buy Italian “souvenirs” (like us), then here you can do it.

  • Sandwiches 2.25-3 €
  • Sewed 100g – 6 €
  • Bananas 1kg – 1.88 €
  • Tomatoes 1kg – 2.50 €
  • Cookies, cakes 2-4 €
  • Jam 2,55 €
  • Milk (including soybean, rice) 0.75-1.5 €
  • Wine from 2.30 €
  • Wheel 0.6-1 €
  • Water 0,5l – 0.3 €
  • Mineral water San Pelegrino pack of 6 bottles – 3.25 €
  • Cheese for 1 kg – 9.90 €

Answers to frequently asked questions

In this section I will give answers to some frequently asked questions. If additional questions arise, this section will be updated.

The most beautiful city on Lake Como?

For me personally, this is Bellagio – the city of dreams from the picture (or rather, from the photo wallpaper :)), in which it seems that you yourself found yourself in this picture. And for you what?

Is it possible to swim in Lake Como?

True, there are not many opportunities for this. In Varenna there is a paid beach, I show on the map its location.

Here are the prices for entry and use of equipment.

beaches on lake como

There are also free, non-equipped places; those who seek will find. The water in early September is cool, probably about 19. In summer, Google says, it reaches 23 degrees.

How much is parking on Lake Como?

We put a car in the garage in the house where we stayed, here are the rates of one of the park in Varenna (1.5 euros per hour). By the way, I saw and free parking.

parking prices varenna

What is the nearest airport to Lake Como?

The nearest airports are Milan Airport and Bergamo Airport , if you wish, you can also get from Turin Airport (200 km), Genoa (217 km), Verona (184 km).

When to relax on Lake Como?

Of course, July and August will be the hottest months and there is a high probability that the water in the lake will warm up. We traveled in early September, for the weather the weather was very hot. Look at such a plate on temperatures and the number of sunny days on the lake.

If you have questions about the rest on Como, or, conversely, answers to questions, write in the comments! If you liked the article, be sure to repost on social networks!

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