The city of Kobe is not very famous, although it is located very close to such tourist cities as Osaka and Kyoto. In this article I’ll tell you about our trip to this city, show a photo and tell you how to get there.


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Initially, I planned to spend 2 nights in Hiroshima and go to Rabbit Island. But getting there is long and tiring, therefore, about a month before the trip, I began to think what to change in the route. At that time, there was almost no choice of hotels, but for those that were, the price was just going through the roof (Osaka or Kyoto watched). Then I saw a 5 * hotel for $ 100 per night – Kobe Portopia Hotel . So we ended up in the city of Kobe, which, it turns out, is famous for its beef and steaks, which are in the TOP 10 most expensive steaks in the world!


Kobe city

How to get to Kobe

  1. From Tokyo you can get to Tokaido-Sanyo-Shinkansen. The ride is covered by the JR Pass (buy online), a little less than 3 hours on the road. Without a pass, the price is about 15,000 ¥
  2. From Osaka Station, you can get to Kobe by train in 25 minutes and 410 ¥ (or free of charge for the pass).
  3. The journey from Kyoto station will take about an hour and costs 1080 ¥ (free by JR Pass)
  4. From Kansai Osaka Airport to Kobe city center, Kansai-Airport Limouisine bus can be reached in 1.5 hours and ¥ 1950. The ferry route Osaka Airport – Kobe Airport takes 36 minutes.
  5. From Kobe Airport (yes, the city has its own airport) you can get to the center on a monorail (Portline) – go to the station. Sannomya.

Transfer from Osaka airport to the center of Kobe – from $ 300.

Transfer from Kobe airport to the hotel in the center – from $ 45 per car. Book in advance on this site .


kobe ​​how to get
Irish pub in the center of Kobe

Attractions Kobe


Kobe’s most popular attractions are as follows.

Kobe Port and Kobe Port Tower

In the evening, everything is very beautifully highlighted, everyone is walking, sitting in a cafe, the atmosphere of the resort is created. There is an observation deck on the Kobe tower, see all the details on the official website .


port of kobe

Kobe Chinatown

Located near the port. The name speaks for itself. In the center there is an area with 12 sculptures of zodiac signs, streets with numerous cafes, shops and fast food shops diverge from the area in two directions.


Chinatown Kobe Japan
Chinese street food

Kobe ChinatownChinatown in Kobe

Sanctuary of Ikut (Ikuta-Jinja)

Located near the station of Sannomia and Chinatown. This is one of the oldest temples in the country (the possible construction time is the 3rd century AD). Ikut Temple is a symbol of hope for local residents: it survived the wars, floods and the terrible earthquake of 1995.


ikuta kobeikuta kobe japan


Young people can buy amulets of love here: white – for boys, red – for girls. There are red torii here, very similar to those in the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto.


ikuta kobe

European quarter

Kobe European Quarter


In addition to Chinese, Kobe also has a European quarter. There are many European mansions built in the 20th century in this area. Some can be reached with a guided tour.

Asians are interested, we don’t really. But, nevertheless, it’s fun to see a corner of Europe in Japan. There are many shops and cafes in the quarter. See the list of mansions and shops at


what to see in kobe Kobe Attractions

Botanical Garden

Not far from the European quarter and Shin-Kobe station there is a lift that will take you to the observation deck and the city’s botanical garden. I can not show the photo, because During our walk, heavy rain began and we were forced to return to the hotel. Pictures and a map of the park, as well as a flowering schedule, can be viewed on their website

Hotels in Kobe

As I said, we stayed at the Kobe Portopia Hotel – a hotel with a large room, great views and a great breakfast. The only “BUT” of the hotel is that it is not in the center, again, every 20 minutes free transfers run between the hotel and Sannomya and Shin-Kobe stations.

Here are some more popular hotels in Kobe:

It took us a day to visit all of the above places in Kobe. The city is quite cozy, interesting, therefore, if possible, include it in your route ( our route is here ).

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This is where I end. All questions and additions leave in the comments. 

Have a good rest in Kobe!

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