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Karlovy Vary is a well-known Czech resort, visited by everyone who comes to the Czech Republic. Someone chooses a vacation or treatment in Karlovy Vary, others come on an excursion to see the city, take a walk along its streets, try mineral water. We are no exception. On the way to Prague, we decided to drop into Karlovy Vary for a few hours and already during that time I managed to add up my impression of the city.

Content of the article:
Karlovy Vary – the famous Czech health resort
How to get to Karlovy Vary from Prague
Karlovy Vary Airport: how to get to the center
Car hire in Karlovy Vary
Transport Karlovy Vary
Sights of Karlovy Vary
Where to go from Karlovy Vary
Tours from Karlovy Vary
Hotels and pensions Karlovy Vary
What to try in Karlovy Vary
Prices in restaurants of Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary – famous Czech health resort

I want to start with the fact that Karlovy Vary seemed to me, indeed, a Spa: clean streets, beautiful flower beds, many tourist groups. Do not compare with the resort visited on the eve of Frantiskovy Lazne .

Karlovy Vary on its own

And the history of the city began in the 14th century (the former name – Carlsbad – remained in the name of the Karlovy Vary hotels). Even then, King of Maps IV knew about the healing properties of local thermal waters. The history of the Karlovy Vary resort dates back to the 18th century – at that time high-ranking people from all over Europe came to the sources.

Today Karlovy Vary is a resort for every budget. The city has both luxury expensive hotels and places of residence simpler and cheaper. Thermal springs for both are free.

If you like active travel and accommodation in Karlovy Vary is not included in your plans, then you can come here for one day – on your own or with a guided tour.

Karlovy Vary travel guide

How to get to Karlovy Vary 

To get to Karlovy Vary, you can buy a ticket to Karlovy Vary (5 km from the city has its own airport), or to Prague (the distance between cities is about 130 km).

I recommend searching for flights through metasearch engines. I use jetradar.com and skyscanner.ru .

Find the flight to Karlovy Vary

To get from European cities to Karlovy Vary is not a budget at all, it is better to get from nearby cities by land transport, and from more distant cities – to Prague.

How to get to Karlovy Vary from Prague

You can get from Prague to Karlovy Vary in about 2 hours by car or bus.

If you plan to rent a car in Prague, I recommend you my article , where I share my experience and tell you what documents are needed for renting, and also – which rental office is more profitable to rent a car.

If the car is not included in your plans, then you can:

  • get to Karlovy Vary from Prague by bus

Buses to Karlovy Vary leave every half hour from the Florenc bus station. Ticket prices from 115 czk. You can find tickets through the omio.com service . In high season, tickets are best bought in advance.

From Prague airport you can also get to Karlovy Vary without a trip to the center of Prague – such transport is carried out by RegioJet and Student Agency

  • to get to Karlovy Vary from Prague by train

Going by train, you will spend more time – from 3 to 3.5 hours – and money for a ticket. The fare on the train is from 323 kroons (for 2018).

  • order a taxi from Prague to Karlovy Vary

Taxis are best booked in advance to fix the price and book a car. This is especially true when you order a taxi to the airport. The cost of a taxi from Prague airport is from 90 €, from the city – from 100 € per car.


Book a transfer from Prague Airport to Karlovy Vary >>>

  • book a day trip

excursions to Karlovy Vary
You can see Karlovy Vary as part of an excursion from Prague

Karlovy Vary Airport: how to get to the center

If you still arrive at the airport in Karlovy Vary , then the quickest way to get to the city is by taxi. The cost of a taxi to the city center is from 25 € ( order in advance >>> )

You can also use the group shuttle (minivan for 8 passengers). The cost for 1 passenger is about 11 euros. You can order through the intui.travel service no later than 48 hours in advance . It is more profitable than a shuttle if you fly alone. If you are two or more, it is better to order an individual transfer for 25 euros (see paragraph 1)

From public transport – bus number 8, which runs several times a day and stops in the city center. Travel by bus will cost about 25 CZK (about 1 euro)

Car rental in Karlovy Vary and parking

Renting a car in Karlovy Vary is not more complicated than in Prague or any other city in the world (if you didn’t have enough articles on renting in Prague, you can also read a general article on car rental on a trip ).

You can rent at an international company, or at a local rental office. In order not to be left without a car, especially in the high season, it is better to book in advance (I myself book at least a month in advance, when there is still a choice of inexpensive cars). Typically, the cost of a deposit for a car in Europe starts from 1000 euros, if leaving this amount as a deposit is problematic for you, book in local rentals. There is a completely unique service rentacarfor.me (it works in the Czech Republic), through which you can book a car with a small deposit (in Karlovy Vary about 200 euros).

Prices for cars when booking through the above site – from 20 euros per day on the mechanics, from 30 euros per day on the machine. Car delivery to the hotel will cost another 70 € (optional, but useful service).

Please note that the center of Karlovy Vary is a pedestrian zone and cars are not allowed in the center (an exception is when you need to drive to your hotel and unload your belongings; after that, drive the car to the parking lot).

Parking in Karlovy Vary is represented by paid parking on the outskirts of the tourist area or in garages (parking lots). We left the car near the tour area with a payment of 30 CZK per hour.

Transportation in Karlovy Vary.

The public transport system of Karlovy Vary is represented by the following types: buses, funiculars, and, of course, taxis.

Buses in Karlovy Vary run strictly on schedule, and the most central stop – Tržnice- is located on the Market Square. All bus routes diverge “rays” from this stop. For clarity, see the map (clickable)

Karlovy Vary transport

You can view information about the transport of Karlovy Vary, as well as build a route on the official website http://www.dpkv.cz/ The site is in Czech, but the Google Chrome browser with a built-in translator can help you)

The main routes:

  • No. 2: Theater Square – Lazne 1 – Hotel Richmond – Bypass Trznice – KV Arena – Hypermarket OC Varyada
  • No. 6. … -market Trznice – KV Arena – district Oaks (Doubí) – Svatošské Skály – Loket castle
  • No. 8: Tržnice – Pod Hůrkami (400 meters to the observation deck) – Olšová Vrata střed (3-4 km from the Angel and Vitková Hora) – Karlovy Vary Airport
  • No. 22: Trznice market – Tesco supermarket
  • No. 91: sightseeing bus to the main attractions of Karlovy Vary. It runs from 1.04 to 30.10 twice a day. Departing from the Trznice market at 13:45 and 16:30
  • No. 52, night bus: City Theater (Divadelní náměstí) – Tržnice – Oaks (Doubí)

The price of tickets depends on the duration of the ticket – the shortest (for 20 minutes, non-stop) ticket costs 20 krons (10 krons for children). For 2018, ticket prices are as follows:

transportation karlovy vary

The first block is the tariffs for buses and the Imperial cable car (adult – blue, children’s – green), the second block – tickets for the Diana cable car, the third block – tariffs for the Karlovy Vary card.

You can buy tickets at vending machines and from the driver.

Be sure to also validate your ticket.

The average taxi cost in Karlovy Vary is as follows: landing 50 CZK + 30 CZK per 1 km.

Karlovy Vary Best Attractions

The main attractions of Karlovy Vary, of course, are the thermal springs and colonnades built for them. It is impossible to come to Karlovy Vary (at least for a few hours) and not visit the colonnades, not try some water from at least one source.

sights of Karlovy Vary

In addition to the colonnades, pay attention to houses and buildings along the Tepla River (although it is impossible not to pay attention to them!). Among them are the house of Peter the Great, and the legendary hotels, and the Baroque theater!

If you have a little more time than a few hours, check out the museums! The most popular, of course, is the museum of the national Karlovy Vary drink – Becherovka!


Read more about the sights of Karlovy Vary in a this article !


Where to go from Karlovy Vary.

where to go from Karlovy Vary
You can visit the Hluboká nad Vltavou castle even from Karlovy Vary – on your own or with a guided tour.

If all the sights of Karlovy Vary and the surrounding area are examined, you can go on an acquaintance with other cities.

  1. If your vacation takes place in Karlovy Vary, then be sure to visit the capital of the country – Prague .
  2. You can also visit two other cities of the spa triangle – Marianske Lazne with the famous singing fountains and Frantiskovy Lazne .
  3. Beer lovers can go to cities such as Plzen or Krušovice and visit famous breweries.
  4. Popular cities of the Czech Republic – Ceske Budejovice and Cesky Krumlov can be visited from Karlovy Vary. Most convenient for cars, but it is possible with a guided tour. If you are with a car, then drop in at the Hluboká nad Vltavou castle .
  5. You can go to Germany. The most popular city to travel from Karlovy Vary is Dresden. You can get there on your own by public transport.
  6. In the opposite direction – two other German (already Bavarian) cities – Nuremberg and Regensburg, which are also worth a visit. I definitely can’t say anything about Nuremberg, and Regensburg is a very nice, cozy, historic city.
  7. The capital of Bavaria is Munich . It is located a bit further than the above cities, but you can go there too. Better by car or with a guided tour.

Excursions from Karlovy Vary

I will list the most popular excursions from Karlovy Vary:

  • Sightseeing tour of Karlovy Vary and the surrounding area (with a visit to the Moser Museum) – from 250 CZK.
  • Excursion to Loket Castle with dinner and entertainment – from 900 CZK.
  • Excursion to Nuremberg or Regensburg – from 1100 CZK.
  • Excursion to Dresden – from 1000 CZK.
  • Excursion to Prague – from 600 CZK
  • Excursion to Munich – from 1300 CZK.
  • A two-day excursion to Munich and the castles of Bavaria – from 4200 CZK.
  • Two-day excursion to Vienna – from 3000 CZK.

You can book tours through your tour operator or at any travel agency in Karlovy Vary. The above prices were taken from one of the brochures of the tour desk.

Hotels and pensions Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary hotels
Grand Hotel “Pupp” – the hotel in which Peter I, Tolstoy and Kafka stayed.

The choice of hotels, pensions and resorts Karlovy Vary is great. I made a large selection of good hotels (from 3 * to 5 * stars) in a separate article.

Prices for good 3 * hotels start from 40 euros per night with breakfast. Five-star hotels in Karlovy Vary compared to hotels in other countries (Italy, Austria, Germany) are very low – from 150 euros per night you can stay in a luxury spa hotel. And this price will include a chic breakfast. A selection of hotels and resorts see here .

What to taste in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary payments
Warm waffles are especially delicious 🙂

The two main “products” of Karlovy Vary are the Karlovy Vary wafers (oplatki) and the Becherovka drink.

Waffles can be bought hot outside – 10 crowns apiece.

Or as a gift to friends and family – from 40 CZK per pack.

The secret ingredient in waffles is mineral water from Karlovy Vary springs.

In Karlovy Vary you can taste all Czech national dishes and, of course, beer. I gave a list of Czech dishes in this article .

And here is another unusual list of dishes that you can try in the Karlovy Vary region. I did not find details about these dishes, but the names are intriguing:

  • Geyser soup
  • Karlovy Vary Saddle
  • Karlovy Vary Tatichivki with apples
  • Karlovy Vary fruit tart
  • Blueberry soup
  • Goethe’s Chocolate Soup
  • Karlovy Vary dumplings

This concludes the Karlovy Vary guide! If you have additions, leave comments! If you liked the guide, make a repost in social networks – I will be pleased! 

Have a good rest in Karlovy Vary!

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