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This article is a photo report on visiting the tulip festival in Istanbul. There will also be useful information about the main places of tulip bloom: I’ll tell you how to get to the largest parks in Istanbul, about the dates of the festival and where to stay in Istanbul during the tulip festival.

Istanbul Tulip Festival: Dates 2020

The Tulip Festival in Istanbul has been held since 2006: every year in April in the city parks, and just in the streets there is a tulip “madness”! Tulips are everywhere and there are a lot of them! On Sultanahmet Square, near Hagia Sophia, in Topkapi Palace. And just tulips also bloom along the roads

tulip festival in istanbul
Tulips in the central square of sultanahmet

date tulip festival istanbul
Tulips at Dolmabahçe Palace

parks istanbul tulip festival
In the topkapi palace

Istanbul in April Tulip Festival
Fountain in dolmabahce palace


Dates of the festival in 2020: from April 9 to April 30 .

Every year dates shift, but not significantly. The first tulips bloom in late March, and flowering continues until the beginning of May (it depends, of course, on the weather). Even at the end of April, you will find the city blooming, but keep in mind that by the middle of the month, flowerbeds will trample and flower lovers will take photos NOT NEAR to tulips, but in tulips.

Where is the tulip festival in Istanbul: top 5 best parks

  1. Emirgan Park is the main location of the Istanbul festival. The number of tulips is off scale. When it seems to you that there are already a lot of tulips and, probably, there are no more flower beds, you take a closer look and see that there, just below, one more (not one) tulip carpet awaits you. For lovers of numbers: 3 million tulips and 90 varieties. The park is not in the city center, but in April it is a must visit if you are in Istanbul for at least 3 days.
  2. Gülhane Park – a park in the center of the historical part of the city. If in Istanbul, travel, or less than 3 days, run at least here. Here, of course, it is no longer as wide as in Emirgan, but there is something to admire! In numbers: about 1 million flowers and 50 varieties.
  3. Göztepe Park on the Asian side. If you have time, you can take a look. For 5 days I did not have time.
  4. Beykoz Korusu is another park on the Asian side near the promenade.
  5. Yıldız Park next to Yıldız Palace. During April, open to all comers

Emirgan Korusu Park in Istanbul : Tulip Festival Headquarters

emirgan park

Emirgan Park is the main “tulip” location in April Istanbul. Located about 15 km from Taksim Square, 23 km from Hagia Sophia, 43 km from New Istanbul Airport .

Park hours: from 6:00 to 22:00.

How to get to Emirgan Park

Since the park is located far enough from the center, the question “how to get there” arises first of all. The park is located on a hill, therefore, it is better to go to the upper entrance to the park: İstinye Bayırı or Tokmak Burnu stops.

We took a taxi: from our hotel Rixos Pera Istanbul – 18 km and 48 lire (7.5 euros). Taxis were called to us at the reception and prices were lower than ordinary taxi from the street. The price of a taxi from the lower entrance (the one at the Bosphorus) was about 200 lire (30 euros), I looked at Uber. It seemed a little expensive for us and we took a bus for 2.5 lira (0.40 euros) per person. We traveled, however, to Taksim an hour and a half, because there was simply no movement, the whole road was in traffic.

How can I get to Emirgan Park except for a taxi:

  • From Taksim: 40T, 42T buses
  • From Besiktas: 40B buses
  • From Kabatash: buses 25E, 22, 22RE.
  • From Sultanahmet: on the T1 tram from Sultanahmet to Kabatash (final) + by bus from Kabatash to the lower entrance to Emirgan.

The good news: to travel by bus, you can buy a ticket from the driver for 2.5 lira! On the way back, we ran for a long time in search of a ticket machine, we did not find it, it turned out that it was just possible to pay when boarding the bus. The machine was still there: on the ferry pier Emirgan.

How to get to Emirgan Park by ferry

If you want to combine business with pleasure, you can get to the park by ferry. Destination: Marina Emirgan (600 meters to the LOWER entrance to the park) or İstinye (about 1 km to the TOP). You can get from the berths Eminönü, Beşıktaş, Arnavutköy. Ferries are included in the public transport network, one trip is 2.5-5 lire (0.40-0.8 euros).

Tulips in Emirgan Park: my photos

Finally, here are my photos from Emirgan Park in Istanbul. The brightness is over the top!

Emirgan park how to get

Emirgan park in istanbul

Emirgan park in Istanbul how to get Emirgan park how to get there by ferry how to get to emirgan park Emirgan park Istanbul how to get there by ferry emirgan park how to get from sultanahmet emirgan park how to get from taksim how to get to emirgan park in istanbul Emirgan park in istanbul tulips

tulips in istanbul photo

tulip festival in istanbul photo

Gülhane Park in Istanbul

Another large park where you can enjoy the flowering of tulips. Yes, everything here is not as large as in Emirgan, but it is located right in the center: next to Topkapi Palace and the Archaeological Museum. Nearby is the T1 tram stop, where you can get to the park if you are far away on foot. A taxi from Taksim Square will cost about 30 lire (5 euros).

Park hours: from 6:00 to 22:30.

Here are my photos from the park (amateur and from a photo shoot).

Gulhane park in Istanbul tulips Gulhane park in istanbul gulhane park gulhan istanbul


Where to stay in Istanbul during the Tulip Festival

It is always a good idea to stay in the historical center. So all the sights will be at hand. However, it will take a little longer to get to Emirgan Park than from Taksim. We stayed a 10-minute walk from Taksim Square, about the same – to the Galata Tower. Hotel Rixos Pera Istanbul : an excellent five-star deluxe hotel, read a review of it here . About areas and hotels – here . Below are a selection of hotels in different areas of Istanbul.

Hotels near Gulhane Park

Hotels near Taksim Square

Hotels near Emirgan Park

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Bright Istanbul to you!


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