Innsbruck is a pretty Austrian city, a major ski resort. But you can come to Innsbruck not only in winter. The town itself is very nice, and the nature around is worth dropping in here for at least a couple of hours. 

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City of Innsbruck – the capital of Tyrol

After visiting Hallstatt and the observation deck 5 fingers , as well as two beautiful towns in Austria , we went to Innsbruck.

Innsbruck is considered a major tourist, industrial and sports center of Austria, and it is also the administrative center of the land of Tyrol. The population is about 120 thousand people and for Austria it is a fairly large city 🙂

On all sides, Innsbruck is surrounded by the Alps, therefore, it is logical that in winter it is a popular ski resort. The city itself has many attractions, and 15 km is the second most visited museum in Austria – the Swarowski Museum. And, of course, where, if not here, to get acquainted with the Tyrolean traditions? Tyrolean national costumes are sold in every souvenir shop, and the smell of Tyrolean sausages is constantly heard from numerous cafes and restaurants.


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Sights of Innsbruck that you can visit in Innsbruck on your own

Innsbruck online

Now I will list the most popular attractions of Innsbruck.

  • The house with the Golden Roof is the visiting card of Innsbruck. In fact, the golden one is not even a roof, but one single balcony covered with copper petals (which, in turn, are covered with gold). The history of this balcony has more than 600 years – the building was built at the beginning of the 15th century and for some time served as the residence of the rulers. The then ruler Maximilian I was very fond of watching jousting tournaments from his balcony and even during this entertainment did not want to deprive himself of luxury – this was how the golden roof of this balcony appeared.

house with golden roof innsbruck

    • The Golden Roof Museum is located in the same building and tells not only about the history of this attraction, but also about the history of Tyrol. Entrance to the museum is paid – adult 4 euros, children – 2 euros. With Innsbruck Card – for free. Museum page on the website of Innsbruck.
    • The Hofburg Imperial Palace, built in the 15th century and used to be the residence of the ruling Habsburg dynasty for several centuries. In addition to the facade and luxurious interiors, the botanical garden deserves attention. The cost of visiting is about 29 euros (adult), 17 euros (children), free of charge with the Innsbruck Card. Internet site
    • Innsbruck city tower with green dome. Built in 1450, this landmark served as a watchtower – it announced the exact time, or notified of incidents. Today, watches can also be verified using the tower, or rather, using the clock located on its facade. By the way, at an altitude of 31 meters there is an observation deck where you can climb. Admission is 3 euros, children -1.5 euros, with Innsbruck card free of charge.
    • The Nordkettenbahnen cable car in Innsbruck will be of interest to you if you are a lover of climbing higher and at the same time are not afraid of the funiculars. This funicular delivers tourists to a height of more than 2000 meters (the top of Hafelekar Mountain). There are 3 stations on the cable car: Hungerburg (870 meters, you can take beautiful photos of the city from this site), Seegrube (1905 meters, from here you can see the Stubai Glacier and even see Italy), Hafelekar (2256 meters, the highest point, you can see the top of the glacier Grossglockner). Official website The site has live cameras from all three sites, therefore, I recommend that you look at the weather before the trip. Cable car price: 8 euros / 28.80 euros / 32 euros to the first, second and third platforms, respectively (round-trip)

  • Hofkirche Church, built in 1563. Albrecht Durer, among others, worked on the design of the church, and the main sights today are the sarcophagus of the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, Maximilian I, and the church organ, which are among the five most famous bodies in the world. Entrance to the church is paid: 11 euros adult, 8 euros children. With Innsbruck Card free. Website:
  • Innsbruck Cathedral (St. James Cathedral) – the main temple of the city. The most important value of the Cathedral is the Icon of the Madonna and Child by the work of Lucas Cranach Art. Entrance to the Cathedral is free, but for the duration of the Mass is closed to tourists.
  • Ambras Castle, built in the 16th century, can surprise not only with its appearance, but also with unique collections – weapons, art, Gothic sculptures. The castle also has a Gallery of Miracles and a portrait gallery of the Habsburgs. Admission is 10 euros in summer and 7 euros in winter, children under 18 are free. Website:
  • The column of St. Anne is perhaps the most noticeable monument of the city, which is impossible not to notice. The column is made of dark pink marble and crowned with a statue of the Virgin Mary. The monument was unveiled in 1703, on the day of St. Anne, and therefore received this name. Today St. Anne’s Column is a popular meeting place in Innsbruck.
sights of innsbruck
The column of St. Anna is made of pink marble, it is simply impossible to pass by and not notice
  • Maria Theresa Street is the main street for walks, shopping, and gatherings in cafes. There is a street between the old buildings of the Baroque era. In the 18th century, the Column of St. Anna was built here, and walking along the street, you can go to the House with the Golden Roof.
what to see in innsbruck
Maria Theresa Street – Innsbruck’s main pedestrian street
one day in innsbruck
On the same street is Hard Rock Cafe Innsbruck

Innsbruck Museums

  • Ferdinandeum, or the Tyrolean State Museum (among the exhibits and works of famous painters, and historical finds, Dutch musical instruments, the history of Tyrol and more). Entrance: 11 euros for adults, 8 euros for children. Museum website
  • Alpine Museum (located on the first floor of the Hofburg Palace). The name of the museum speaks for itself – the exposition is dedicated to the conquest of the mountains. Admission is 5 euros.
  • The Anatomical Museum with a four-century history of the development of the human body. Skulls, skeletons, internal organs and other anatomical details. If you like this, then sign up for this museum (it works only on Thursdays). The entrance is free.
  • Swarovski Museum. It is located not in Innsbruck itself, but 15 km from it – in Wattens. This museum is not a brand story or a production story, it is an exhibition of crystals in their various manifestations. Reviews about the museum vary dramatically – from complete enthusiasm to complete disappointment. I wrote my review in  the article .
museums innsbruck
The Swarovski Museum near Innsbruck is very unusual.


Hotels in Innsbruck

The cost of housing in Innsbruck starts at 60 euros per day (for a double room). If you arrived in Innsbruck with a tourist, not a ski goal, then I recommend settling in the historical center – so all the sights will be within walking distance.


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Nice three star hotel overlooking the Cityhotel Schwarzer Bär Innsbruck River . The booking rating is more than 8 points, and the price is from 85 euros per night.

hotels in innsbruck
Colored houses – one of the symbols of Innsbruck

Hilton Innsbruck is a 4 * hotel of the international chain for only 100 euros per night. The reviews are not bad.

By the way, in terms of housing prices, Innsbruck is happy, compared with the prices of Switzerland, or even Northern Italy, there is something to choose for relatively little money. Even the five-star Grand Hotel Europa , where the Queen of Great Britain, the Prince of Monaco stayed, Sting costs only 150 euros per night with breakfast!

As a ski hotel, check out Aldranser Hof (rating 8.7) with a free slope bus and free parking. The price for a room is 90 euros with breakfast.

Gasthof Walzl 4 * Guesthouse is another ideal place for a winter holiday. From 112 euros with breakfast. The hotel has a spa!

Look at more offers on booking, here is what they offer with discounts:

innsbruck guide
Walking the streets of Innsbruck is a pleasure in itself

Car and parking rental in Innsbruck

If you spend your vacation only in this city or at a ski resort, you are unlikely to need a car – everything is within walking distance in the historical center, and you can get to the ski by special buses.

Those who plan to travel a lot in the region or visit neighboring countries, for example, Italy or Switzerland, it is better to rent a car. So you will not be attached to public transport (which, incidentally, is not so cheap in Austria) and will be completely mobile.

I recommend not renting a car directly through the sites of rental offices, but through services such as (I rent through it) or . Why – you can read in this article . You will also find out what documents are needed to rent a car abroad.

Autobahns in Austria are paid and you need a vignette to travel on them (for 10 days it costs about 8 euros). If you rent a car in Austria, then the vignette should be included in the price of the car and be glued to the windshield.

Gasoline in Austria, relative to neighboring countries, is inexpensive. The approximate price is 1,179-1,419 € per liter 95. Therefore, if you plan to travel to neighboring countries, refuel in Austria.

Parking in Austria in general, and in Innsbruck in particular, is paid. The parking where we left the car cost 0.70 € for 30 minutes.

They also write that there is Park & ​​Ride parking outside the historic center. 8 hours in this parking lot costs 8 euros. This price includes bus tickets to the center for 5 people.

transport innsbruck

Transport in Innsbruck

Transport in Innsbruck is well developed – 2 tram lines and buses. Traveling by public transport will be relatively expensive – 2.5-3 euros. You can buy tickets for travel from the driver (or in special vending machines).

If you stopped in Innsbruck for a few hours, then you are unlikely to need public transport – you can walk on foot in the historical center. It is there that all the main attractions are concentrated.

Special skibuses go to skiing places (travel time from 5 am to 7 pm)

Lifts in Innsbruck cost from 8 to 32 euros.

Bicycle rental from 1 euro (per half hour) to 9 euro per day.

By the way, if you bought Innsbruck Card ( Details ), then public transport is free for you.

innsbruck austria

Prices in Innsbruck (Austria)

Prices for Ski Pass OlympiaWorld SkiPass (single for all tracks) – from 136 euros for 3 days.

Food prices in Innsbruck, I would call average, perhaps a little higher than prices in Germany.

  • Lunch with beer will cost an average of 20-25 euros per person

prices in innsbruckinnsbruck prices

  • Coffee and dessert in a coffee shop – 8-10 euros per person

how much is a vacation in innsbruck

  • Fast food 3-6 euros
  • Beer 2-4 euros
what to eat in innsbruck
Such innsbruck fast food cost 5.80 euros

Souvenirs an average of 8-12 euros

  • Tyrolean hat from 10 euros
  • T-shirts with Olympic symbols 12 euros
  • Tyrolean socks 8 euros
  • Scarves 10 euros

souvenirs in innsbruck

About products in Austria and other prices there is a separate article:


Prices in Austria for food, meals, tours


Parking in Austria from 0.7 euros per half hour.

What to try in Innsbruck

If you decide to have lunch or dinner in Innsbruck, pay attention to local (Tyrolean) dishes:

  • Vienna schnitzel (it is on the menu of all restaurants, but we did not find the Tyrol schnitzel in any city)
  • Dumplings with different fillings (sweet or salty)
  • Rack of pork ribs
  • Apple strudel – a traditional Austrian dessert
  • Austrian cake “Sacher”
  • Various sausages
  • Fresh cheeses and greens
  • Coffee, mulled wine, Austrian beer and radler (mix of beer and lemonade)

Excursions in Innsbruck

This concludes the story about Innsbruck, if you have questions or additions, leave comments. We are going to Italy – we will visit Lake Braies , the town of Bressanone and the Abbey of Novachella, as well as Bolzano – the capital of the province of the same name.



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