In this article, dear readers, I want to share all my knowledge regarding savings on the purchase of airline tickets . I hope that some of them will really help you significantly reduce the cost of air travel and make the trip of your dreams. So let’s go!

1. The first secret, which, in general, is not a secret for many, is to plan a vacation and buy tickets in advance. There is no unanimous opinion when it is better to buy plane tickets, but many experts agree that the lowest prices for air travel when buying tickets for the year, for three months, and on the eve of departure (the latter option is very controversial, because only some airlines “throw out” last-minute flights the day before). Yes, by the way, by time of day – it’s more profitable to buy air tickets on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. It was noticed that it was at this time that the price was the lowest! In addition, when planning a trip in advance, you have time to track the change in ticket prices and wait for the most profitable option. For example, you can sign up for price tracking through the Aviasales search engine directly from this page:

I also recommend downloading the Jetradar mobile application  ( instructions ) on your smartphone so that you can monitor tickets at any place convenient for you.

2. Be sure to compare prices on different sites! Often the price is different. This is especially true for the official websites of airlines and meta-search engines: more often through search engines the price is much lower than that of the airline itself (you shouldn’t be afraid of this, the lower price is due to the fact that agencies and ticket offices buy tickets from the airline at a “wholesale” price , and accordingly, they can afford to “share this discount” with us). Before buying a ticket, be sure to check the price for:

The last three sites are meta-search engine sites, which compare airfare prices on airline sites, various online ticket offices, and agencies. This price comparison will help you to save a considerable amount on airfare .

3. Be mobile, that is, choose “flexible” departure dates. Date shift sometimes gives a noticeable difference in price. Keep in mind that weekend departures are usually more expensive, and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, on the contrary, cheaper (does not apply to business destinations). It is very good to track these price fluctuations using the Aviasales low price calendar (do not forget to customize the calendar for yourself! All blocks are adjustable)

Also a great tool is the Skyscanner search engine , where in the date you can choose not only a whole month, but also the cheapest month!

how to buy cheap skyscanner tickets

4. Seasonality: do not forget that rest “in season” will always be more expensive. For Europe and the South, the “high season” is in the summer, for Asia, and vice versa, autumn and winter. And for the New Year and holidays, the price will always be higher.

5. When buying tickets, remember that round-trip tickets are often more profitable than separately round-trip tickets.

6. Check flights with departure from a neighboring city. The cheapest tickets, of course, often come across with a departure from Moscow. Peter, do not forget about the Baltics and Helsinki, where you can fly for a penny to anywhere in Europe, but the Urals (Perm, Chelyabinsk) – see flights from Yekaterinburg (we have no, no, and there’ll be a good offer).

7. Also, tickets with transfers, especially for long distances, will be cheaper than direct flights (most often, but not necessarily – check all options!). For example, a Moscow-Madrid ticket with a transfer costs 51 € cheaper than a direct flight!

saving on air tickets with skyscanner

8. The eighth secret is “Fake transplant.” Immediately for example: Let’s say you need to go to Riga . Air Baltic airline ticket costs 97 €. But, knowing which airlines fly to other countries with a transfer in Riga, you can save a lot. We enter into the search a flight, for example, Moscow-Vilnius . An Air Baltic flight with a transfer in Riga will cost 84 € already, that is, almost 13 € cheaper, although in essence we are flying the same flight! IMPORTANT! In this case, you need to buy a one-way ticket (OW), because if you skip one of the segments, all subsequent ones will be canceled!

ways to save on tickets

9. Be sure to try compound routes, for example, the route Moscow – Madrid; Madrid-Barcelona; Barcelona – Moscow may turn out to be more profitable than the Moscow-Madrid-Moscow route, and then see another wonderful city as a bonus.

10. Use low-cost airlines and discard baggage. Prices for low-cost airlines, especially in Europe, are very low, even for us, with our exchange rates. A flight in Europe can be bought for 4-6 €, but the number of offers for 20-30 € is just off scale. The largest low-cost airlines in Europe:,,,,,, The disadvantage of all low-cost airlines is very expensive baggage (but usually 10kg of hand luggage is always on, so learn how to do without a lot of things, stock up on 100ml bottles for cosmetics, and get a Cabin-size suitcase that no airline has any questions about I bought such a plastic suitcase in Rome at a Hindu stall, and it cost less than 20 €, yes, by the way, I bought a full 30-40 kg suitcase in Rome also for only 28 €!). Fly with low cost airlines is another way how to save on airfare.

saving on tickets with low-cost airlines

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11. Erroneous tariffs: this also happens. This is due to the error of airlines with the unloading of tariffs, mainly for connecting flights. To Beijing from St. Petersburg for 120 €, to Rio de Janeiro from Moscow for 190 €, Asia from Yekaterinburg for 190 € – these are all examples of erroneous tariffs. You need to buy tickets very quickly, and you can track such offers on one of the sites or in the Vkontakte group (there are a lot of groups, look!)

12. In order to see the maximum in one trip, you can choose flights with connections in such cities where airlines provide a hotel for an overnight stay or a guided tour as a gift, as well as where you can be in transit without a visa (for example, Turkish Airlines provides a hotel for an overnight stay in Istanbul under certain conditions, in Dubai you can get a free tour, and in Singapore – up to 96 hours of transit without a visa).

13. Mystical 13th advice – Cashback from Aviasales. If you use the Aviasales search engine when buying a ticket, you can recover a part of the money spent, and thereby save on air tickets. You can do this with the Travelpayouts affiliate program.. What is the point – this program is intended both for owners of travel-themed sites and for travelers, since it does not prohibit the use of their referral links (a referral link is a link to a resource, in our case, Aviazails with your affiliate marker, that is, passing using this link to the site and buying a ticket, this sale will be credited for you, and you will receive a reward). It is important that Aviales is sharing its own commission, without increasing the cost of the ticket for the buyer! Therefore, you can not only use your link, but also share your friends with it – for them the price will remain the same, and you will receive a bonus, which you can then sit with a friend in a cafe and see photos from travels! The amount of the commission will be credited to your account in your account, and then you can withdraw it. For instance, Withdrawal to Yandex money is possible from just 7 €. Sign up for Travelpayouts right now at this link .

14. Flights for miles. Also a good way to save on airfare . Miles of airlines accumulate for flights with this airline or a partner airline, payment for goods and services with a bank card (several banks have co-branded cards, for example, I participate in the Aeroflot bonus program – I save miles with Sberbank and Alfa Bank cards), as well as for using the services of partner companies. For Moscow, the list is larger, for the regions it is much sadder, however, you can get the same Aeroflot miles when writing reviews on Tripadvisor, or, for example, when checking in to a hotel in a network.

15. Use charters. Often not sold seats on flights go to public sale, and they are very cheap (for example, a charter from Moscow to Bulgaria cost about 13 € one way, and from Yekaterinburg about 33 €, which is very cheap!). By the way, it perfectly follows Skyscanner charters!

16. Track airline special offers. You can subscribe to the newsletter of the airlines you are interested in, or watch the information on Aviasales – they do everything for us 🙂

17. Check the complex offers “ticket + hotel”, often you can save a lot. Such a “chip” is, for example, the European low-cost airline Wizzair

18. “Fictional baby.” On one of the sites I saw such a way to save on air tickets. When searching for a ticket, you must add a baby up to 2 years old to the order, and then the ticket price will decrease! If you have not had time to acquire a baby yet, then just say that he could not fly – he has things to do)))

19. Use the incognito mode in your browser, it is also recommended to clean cookies and the log so that the system does not remember that you were looking for a particular ticket. Then the search engine will not overestimate the price of the flight that interests you. There is still an opinion that it is better to book tickets from simple computers or laptops, as Mac owners search engines like to overcharge. Guess why?;)

20. Well, and finally, the secret number 20! Spend your vacation in a completely different country than you originally planned! Explore the low price map and get inspired on travel!

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