In this information article I will tell you how to get to Tallinn from Russian cities by plane, train and bus. Estonia borders on Russia, therefore, getting on land transport is not difficult – it will be quick and relatively inexpensive.

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How to get to Tallinn from St. Petersburg
How to get to Tallinn from Moscow
How to get to Tallinn from other cities

How to get to Tallinn from St. Petersburg

The distance between St. Petersburg and Tallinn is only 370 km. You can overcome it by car or bus in 6-8 hours. I will not consider the option of traveling by car in this article, but I will focus on public transport.

Bus Saint Petersburg-Tallinn

A bus to Tallinn from St. Petersburg is perhaps the most popular way to get to the capital of Estonia. Many companies offer trips to Tallinn: these are the large bus companies Lux Express (from 9 €), Ecolines (from 7 €), Temptrans (from 11 €), and smaller private carriers.

Each company has several flights a day, and you can choose the most convenient for you in time, or focus on the price.

We traveled by Temptrans company bus St. Petersburg – Tallinn, I found tickets through . This bus came up, firstly, according to the time of departure and arrival, and secondly, I read that regular buses are given the advantage of crossing the border (since we connected the bus from the plane from Yekaterinburg, it was important to cross the border on time, especially on the return ways).


I also recommend “Tallinn Guide: How to Travel on Your Own”


Train St. Petersburg-Tallinn

Also from St. Petersburg to Tallinn can be reached by train “Baltic Express”. The train leaves from the Moscow station of St. Petersburg at 06:25, the travel time is about 7 hours. A train to Tallinn from St. Petersburg at a price will be slightly more expensive than a bus: a sedentary one – from 22,3 €, a coupe – from 41 €, a luxury – from 84 €.

St. Petersburg – Tallinn by plane

Despite the small distance, air traffic between cities is very well developed. Air travel on the route is popular, first of all, among those who save their time. The flight lasts only 1 hour, and the price of a ticket for a direct flight is from 71 € round-trip (which is cheaper than traveling in a train compartment).

How much a ticket to Tallinn costs by plane can be viewed through skyscanner or jetradar .

Thus, from St. Petersburg you can get to Tallinn in one to eight hours, paying for a one-way ticket from 7 € to 84 €.

How to get to Tallinn from Moscow

The distance between Moscow and Tallinn is about 1000 km, however, Tallinn is a popular destination for Moscow travelers.

Buses here fade into the background, giving way to trains and planes.

Airplane Moscow – Tallinn

Airplane is the fastest way to get from Moscow to Tallinn. Travel time less than 2 hours. The standard ticket price is from 133 €, a direct aeroflot flight will cost from 240 € (round-trip prices). You can find out the exact price and buy a ticket through the jetradar low price calendar  

Moscow-Tallinn train

The Baltic Express runs between Moscow and Tallinn (it goes through St. Petersburg, therefore, I already mentioned it in the first part of the article). A very convenient schedule – the train leaves at 22:15 from the Leningrad station and arrives in Tallinn at 12:35 the next day. The train leaves from Tallinn at 16:05.

The price of tickets for the Moscow-Tallinn train is from 50 € (sedentary). A place in a compartment will cost from 80 €.

Bus Moscow-Tallinn

As far as I know, there is no direct bus from Moscow to Tallinn (there may be private minibuses). You can get with a change in St. Petersburg. The ticket price will be similar to the price of a train (from 48 €). On the road, 16-18 hours, therefore, seated cars and buses do not seem to me the most comfortable means of transportation.

How to get to Tallinn from other cities.

It will be a little longer and more difficult to get to Tallinn from the regions, however, if you are puzzled in advance by buying a ticket and drawing up a route, you can go to Tallinn on a budget.

To Tallinn by plane

Of course, the fastest and most convenient way is always a plane. See the price of a flight from your city via the calendar (enter the city of departure).

The average price of tickets Yekaterinburg-Tallinn-Yekaterinburg is 200 €. On holidays, the price usually rises to 267 € and above.

How to get to Tallinn cheaply

The cheapest way to get to Tallinn from the regions I see a bunch of air “Your city-St. Petersburg” and the bus “St. Petersburg – Tallinn”.

That is how in December 2017 we went to the Christmas markets . About 2 months before departure, I bought tickets for the “Victory” Yekaterinburg-St. Petersburg-Yekaterinburg (85 € per person) and tickets for the bus St. Petersburg-Tallinn-St. Petersburg (23 € per person). Total cost of one ticket came out 108 €, and this is 2 times cheaper than airline tickets on the route.

If you live in St. Petersburg, then most likely you haven’t learned anything new from my article 🙂 I want to advise budget travelers from the regions to plan their trips in advance (at least for a couple of months) and spend a little time on making routes and connections . Only in this case you can save and increase the number of your trips at least 2 times 🙂

Have a nice trip to Tallinn!

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