We traveled to Rovaniemi in January 2015, but last year people often got to my blog for inquiries about Rovaniemi. I decided what to write about some key points of an independent trip to this city.

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In this article I’m telling you how to get to Rovaniemi – by plane, train, bus and car (yours or rented). I bring the prices that are most relevant for 2017 – you can choose which way you can afford.

Rovaniemi by plane

As far as I know, there are no direct scheduled flights from Russia to Rovaniemi. Most likely, charter flights are launched in winter (at least from Yekaterinburg there used to be tours with a direct flight to Rovaniemi). Therefore, if you are an independent tourist, then you will have to get with a transfer. The most popular flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg – with a change at Helsinki Airport (operated by Finnair). 

Find the flight to Finland

If this cost seems to you high, but you want to go to Rovaniemi, then you should consider other options. For example, you can buy cheap low cost flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, and get to Helsinki with one of the budget options. We flew from Helsinki to Rovaniemi with a lowcost norwegian.com. At the moment, the cheapest price for December – January is 35 euros one way. On holiday dates, you can still buy tickets for 75-80 euros round-trip per person.

in Rovaniemi by plane

The price includes only hand luggage, but on board there is free wifi 🙂

To Rovaniemi by train

One option to get to Rovaniemi is by train. You can see the schedule and cost of tickets on the website https://www.vr.fi/cs/vr/

Helsinki-Rovaniemi ticket prices start at 39 euros one way. There are flights with transfers, but there are direct flights. I take prices for August, as tickets are still not for sale in December

Helsinki train Rovaniemi

Bus to Helsinki and Rovaniemi

Sufficiently budget option are buses.

To get from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, you can refer to the site https://www.matkahuolto.fi/en/ This is an aggregator of bus carriers in Finland, for example, on December 28 we see such a schedule and even the price is indicated for one flight. But you cannot buy these tickets on the site.

Rovaniemi bus

I also recommend watching the website of the low-cost bus company omnibus http://www.onnibus.com/en/index.htm

There are currently no direct routes to Helsinki – Rovaniemi, only with a change in Oulu.

In Rovaniemi by car (own or rented)

If you decide to go by car, you can use both personal transport and rent a car. If you are driving your own car, do not forget about the need to draw up a green card – you can buy it at some insurance companies in Russia, or right at the border with Finland. That in Russia, that in Finland there are many stalls where they sell insurance.


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You can rent a car, for example, in Helsinki. You can rent both on the sites of the rental companies themselves (the leading ones are hertz, europcar, avis), and book through a broker (in my experience, it always turns out to be cheaper by 10-15%). I use the Rentalcars.com website .

Rent for 7 days will cost from 160 euros. Renting a Ford Focus with a Hertz machine will cost 172 euros.

car rental in Helsinki

If you compare the cost with the official Hertz website, then there Focus on the mechanics (for some reason there is no price on the machine) costs 331 euros in the same place, on the same dates, but with a machine it means even more.

Also do not forget that you will have to pay extra for the second driver (if necessary), for the child seat, ski bindings. Also check information on winter tires if you are traveling in winter.

Insurance (incomplete), unlimited mileage and local fees, as a rule, are already included in the rental price.

It is better to pay extra for full insurance (you can apply for it at the rental office or through rentals, if you arrange through a broker)

Pay attention to the deductible and deposit (for example, for the above Ford deductible will be 980 euros – the amount that is not covered by insurance if you did not buy a full insurance policy). The deposit for this car is 200 euros. It is better to charge it on a credit rather than a debit card. 

As for the driver’s license, in Finland, our Russian license is also suitable if it is printed in LATIN letters. But if you have international, then just in case it is worth taking it.

By the way, here is an interesting site that shows the current situation on the roads of Finland. If you use the Internet while traveling, you can check this site to avoid traffic jams.

The cost of gasoline in Finland is higher than the European average – from 1.4 to 2 euros per 95th.

In small towns, parking is mostly free, while in Helsinki (in the city center) parking costs are up to 3 euros per hour. Additional information on the roads of Finland can be found at http://autotraveler.ru/finland/#.WVXpvITyjIU

I wrote about all the main ways to get to Rovaniemi. How to choose – you decide. 

If my articles do not have enough information about Rovaniemi, then visit their official website http://www.visitrovaniemi.fi/en

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