In this article I talk about how to get to the capital of Tyrol – the city of Innsbruck. How much is a ticket and how to get there by bus, train, car from Munich, Salzburg and Vienna. I will also tell you about Innsbruck Airport and how to get to the city by taxi and public transport.

How to get to Innsbruck from Munich

By car

Between Munich and Innsbruck about 150 km. You can overcome this distance by car in about 2 hours.

By bus

Several flights a day on the Munich – Innsbruck route are operated by flixbus. Prices from 8 €. You can find the right flight or an alternative through

By train

The train will be a little more expensive. From 25 € (average 35-39 €). On the way from 1:45 to 2:50. View schedule and ticket prices on

Transfer Munich – Innsbruck

If you arrive at Munich Airport, or prefer transport to public transport, it is better to book a transfer (the transfer is ordered through the website, where you specify the destination address, necessary accessories, for example, a child seat or the need for ski equipment, you will also know the price in advance ) Cost per car from 260 €.

How to get from Salzburg to Innsbruck

By car

The distance between Salzburg and Innsbruck is about 190 km, by car you can overcome this distance in 2 hours 10 minutes if you go by autobahn (on local roads it will be a little longer than 3 hours, but you can admire the Austrian scenery). Do not forget that you need a vignette to travel on Autrian roads (it costs about 8 euros for 10 days), but if you rent a car in Austria, then the vignette should already be in the car. I usually book a car in advance through this site – it turns out to be good to save + Russian-speaking support (they respond to letters very quickly).

By bus

With the help of green buses, Flixbas can also be reached along the Salzburg-Innsbruck route, however, only with a change in Munich. These inconveniences are compensated by the ticket price – from 15 €. See tickets and timetables on the official website of or through the aggregator (it does not always show flights with transfers)

By train

More convenient in the sense that there are direct flights. On the way – 1 hour 48 minutes. The average ticket price is 24-30 €. But I see a promotional ticket for 23 €. Such need to buy in advance. omio from this page threw for purchase on the offsite of the Austrian railway –

Transfer Salzburg-Innsbruck

You can always order a transfer. It will be convenient if you arrive at the airport of Salzburg, and the rest is planned in the resort of Innsbruck. The cost of transfer  of 313 € per car.

With a guided tour

How to get from Vienna to Innsbruck

The distance from Vienna to Innsbruck is almost 500 km, therefore, in this case, even a plane can be considered as an option for movement.

By plane

You can get from Vienna to Innsbruck by plane in just 1 hour, but tickets are not cheap. Direct flight of Austrian airport – about 200 euros per person one way. You can view the price of your dates through skyscanner ( instructions )

By car

Travel time – more than 5 hours. The roads are good, I wrote about the vignette and the service for booking a car above.

By bus

You can get from Vienna to Innsbruck on average in 10 hours on the aforementioned Fliksbas, you need to make 1 transfer, the ticket price will be from 27 €. Suitable flights can be found at omio. Service link above.

By train

There is direct communication between the cities, the journey takes about 4 hours, but the cost of tickets is more than 50 euros one way per person. Perhaps there are discounts, check for your dates through omio or the official website of railway Austria

innsbruck airport how to get
Colored houses – one of the most recognizable symbols of the city

Car rental at Innsbruck Airport

I recommend my article “Car rental on the trip: documents, price, insurance”

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