This article will focus on the logistic issue: how to get to Florence. I will write options, prices and services through which you can buy tickets.

To Florence from  Pisa | Bologna | Rome | Venice | Milan | Rimini

Flights to Florence (Italy)

See how much a ticket to Florence airport costs from your city (the form is interactive, you can change the departure and arrival cities, dates, see prices by day)

How to get to Florence

To Florence by car

You can rent a car at any airport in Italy. Cost – from 20 € per day. When renting, pay attention to the fuel policy, restrictions on mileage,damage excess and deposit. I wrote in details about all the nuances of car rent on the page “Car rental in Italy” .

To rent you need a driver’s license and a credit card.

You can rent directly from a distributor, or through a broker. I use Rentalcars ( review ) and Autoeurope ( review ) services .

The cost of gasoline in Italy from 1,60 €. Autobahn fare is charged, on average 7 € per 100km. To calculate the fare in advance, use the official website of Italian highways (there is an English version)

Transfers in Italy

If renting a car is not included in your plans, and you don’t want to go by public transport, it is better to book a car with a driver who will deliver you to the address you specify. In case you are traveling as a family or a large company, ordering a transfer can also be profitable.

The most reliable transfer booking service is kiwitaxi . On the website you can pre-book a car of a certain class. In this case, the cost will be known to you in advance. You can generally pay everything online and do not have to pay extra on the spot. I booked a transfer through this company in Valencia, I checked everything myself, I liked the service.

To Florence by bus

bus to florence
Flixbus buses are popular in Italy

There is a good bus service between Florence and many cities in Italy. You can use both the local carrier and the bus of an international company. I have repeatedly used the flixbus service (my review ) in Italy , the ticket price is from 5 €, it’s better to buy in advance, at least for a few days – it will be cheaper.

Another service that can help you find the best bus tickets is . Tickets can be bought directly on the website (most often without commission).

To Florence by train

In Italy, a developed railway network, you can get between cities by train quickly and relatively inexpensively. The two main carriers in Italy are (tickets for regional and high-speed trains) and (high-speed trains). You can also compare all options and buy a ticket online without problems with the Italian address and codice fiscale, on the above website .

On conventional regional trains, buying tickets in advance, I think, makes no sense. Just come to the station with a margin of time and buy at the box office or machine. Take care of buying tickets for high-speed trains (this applies to training, and italotreno), is in advance. And the sooner the better.

To Florence with travel companions

Also, this option may suit you. Everything is simple here: on the special service ( download the application ) you are looking for a person who is traveling on the right day in your direction, pay and at the appointed time the driver will pick you up (and, possibly, other passengers) at the appointed place.

How to get to Florence from Italian cities

How to get from Pisa to Florence.

pisa florence how to get


You can easily move between cities, because the distance from Pisa to Florence is only 100 km, and the transport connection is well established.

  1. By car. The fastest way to get there is by car. It takes less than two hours.
  2. Taxi Pisa – Florence. Transfer from Pisa airport will cost from 130 € per car. Choose a car and book >>>
  3. Bus Pisa Florence. The fare is from 7.90 €. This price is offered by the low-cost carrier flixbass. Autostradale buses cost from 10 € (prices and timetables at A Caronnatour bus will take you to the capital of Tuscany for 20 €.
  4. Train Pisa Florence. The cost of a train ticket on a route from 8.4 €. You can buy tickets at the station before departure. Do not forget to validate tickets. View schedule >>>

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Pisa Centrale Station is 1 km from the terminal. You can get a) on foot; b) on a city bus for 1,20 €; c) on people mover (open metro) for 2.70 €


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Bologna – Florence: how to get there

Bologna Florence how to get


Another city located 100 km from Florence is Bologna. You can get along the route in the same ways:

  • Auto, about 2 hours on the road.
  • Taxi / transfer Bologna-Florence from 180 €.
  • Bus Bologna – Florence. The most popular on this route is the flixbass bus. Ticket price from 7.90 €. Buying in about 5 days, I bought a ticket for 10 € and this option was cheaper than a train ticket.

Be careful : the stop at the Florence train station is called Piazzale Montelungo. Most flixbus flights have an arrival stop at Villa Costanza. You can get to the city from this stop by tram in about 25-30 minutes, the fare is 1.20 €. You can buy a ticket in the machine at the station. Carry coins with you, preferably without change; the machine may not give change.

Another bus is Gruppo Baltour, next from Bologna bus station to via S. Caterina da Siena, 17 (this is in the center of Florence). Tickets from 12 €.

The MarinoBus bus leaves at 4:10 in the morning, tickets from 9 €.

The Federico bus also has one flight per day, departing at 18:30. Ticket price from 10 €. The journey time of both buses is about 1.5 hours.


Find a bus at >>>


  • Train Bologna – Florence. To get to Florence in just 40 minutes, take the fast train Frecciarossa / Frecciargento (trenitalia) or italotrano. Tickets for high-speed trains are always more expensive than regional ones. Average price in the direction of 20 €. The price of a regional train is from 11 €, on the way from 1 hour 40 minutes to 2 hours 5 minutes.
  • Shuttle Bologna – Florence. It will come in handy if you decide to go to Florence immediately from Bologna Airport. Such shuttles depart every 1-2 hours, approximately 1 hour 20 minutes on the way. The fare for buying a ticket online is 20 € (the site has a Russian version), the driver has 25 €.

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How to get from Rome to Florence.

Rome florence how to get


In detail about this route I wrote in this post , there are all the details. Here, I will briefly list the options indicating prices and travel time. Distance Rome – Florence about 300 km.

  1. Airplane, 1 hour, from 80 €.
  2. Auto, 3-4 hours, auto for a day from 20 €.
  3. Regional train 4 hours, high-speed – 1.5 hours. From 18 €.
  4. Bus, 3-4 hours, from 10 €.
  5. Taxi / transfer, from 430 €.
  6. With fellow travelers, from 12 €

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How to get from Venice to Florence

Venice florence how to get


The distance from Venice to Florence is about 270 km, i.e. about the same as from Rome.

  1. I will not surprise anyone by saying that it is most convenient to get by car in about 3-3.5 hours. In addition, along the way you can see other cities, for example, Bologna, Padova, or even make a detour and call in Verona .
  2. Venice – Florence by train. The price of such a trip (one way) starts from 18 €. To buy a ticket at the lowest price, it is better to redeem it in advance online. Buy a ticket at >>>
  3. Bus from Venice to Florence. Such a trip will cost from 11 € (one way) and, perhaps, this is the most budget option on the route. On the way, 3.5-4 hours in each direction, therefore, count your strength and, if necessary, book a hotel in Florence.

All buses go to the Villa Costanza stop, from where you can get to Florence train station by tram for 1.20 € and about half an hour. Tickets to buy in the machine at the station. It is better to have coins without change.

Transfer Venice Florence

Due to the long distance, as in the case of Rome, the transfer price is quite high – from 414 € per car.

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How to get from Milan to Florence

Milan florence how to get


Milan is another popular tourist city worth visiting in Italy. As well as from other popular cities in Italy, from Milan you can get to Florence in a few hours.

Distance Milan – Florence about 320 km.

  1. Train Milan – Florence. When buying tickets “for tomorrow”, the price of tickets Milan – Florence is quite high – 45 €. However, if you buy tickets in advance, the cost of tickets for a high-speed train is significantly reduced: from 25 € for a purchase for a week, from 18 € for a purchase for a month, from 10 € for a purchase for 1.5 months! Please note that there are practically no cheap tickets with departure on Friday. Travel time is 1.5 hours on a high-speed train and 3: 40-5: 30 on a regional one. Pay attention to this when selecting tickets.
  2. Buses Milan – Florence. If you are looking for cheap flights from Milan to Florence, then you should use the bus. A flixbus ticket costs from € 7 (buy in advance), about 4 hours on the way. Also on this route are buses (about 12 €), baltour (from 21 €, travel from 5 hours), Federico (from 14 €, travel from 4.5 hours).
  3. Milan – Florence by car. You can overcome the route in 3: 40-4: 30 minutes.
  4. Transfer Milan – Florence – the most expensive in this review. From 522 €.

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From Rimini to Florence on your own and with a guided tour.

from rimini to florence how to get


Details about how to get from Rimini to Florence, I wrote in the article, read it . Here I will give a short list of options indicating the travel time and price.

  1. By car, en route 2: 40-3: 10, rental from 20 € per day
  2. Train Rimini – Florence. There are no direct trains, you can get with a change in Faenzo or Bologna. On the way 2: 20-3: 50, from 14 €.
  3. Bus Rimini – Florence. Baltour with transfers, from 23 €, several flights per day. Flixbus – only one flight (17: 10-20: 00), from 14 €, direct flight.
  4. With fellow travelers with blablacar from 10 €, few options.

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In the case of a trip from Rimini for 1 day, the ideal option I see is either a car rental or an organized tour. On vacation, I do not want to bother with schedules and connections, the car gives you freedom of action, and the tour removes all organizational issues. But in the end, of course, the choice is yours.

These were the main routes in Italy in the direction of Florence. Florence is an amazing city that is worth it to devote at least one day to your trip!

If you have additions, leave comments. Save to bookmarks, share on social networks!

I wish you fast trains and free roads in Italy and other countries!

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