Rome and Florence are the two most popular tourist Italian cities located about 300 km from each other. If you relax in one city, but want to move to another, or visit another city one day, then this article will be useful to you: I will tell you what options exist to get from the capital of Italy to the capital of Tuscany, and how much it will cost.

Flights from Rome to Florence

One way to get from one city to another is by plane. The journey takes about 1 hour, and the ticket price starts at 80 €. This option is most suitable if you fly to Rome airport and you immediately need to go to Florence. If you are in the city center, then the road to the airport, registration and pre-flight inspection will take you a lot of time, plus this is an additional cost. In this case, pay attention to other options.

You can view the current ticket price through the calendar:


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Rome – Florence by car

For those who prefer freedom of movement, it is recommended to rent a car for a trip to Florence. The rental price starts from 20 € per day. You can rent both at the airport and in the center of Rome. Check out the article on car rental in Italy , where you can find answers to your questions. It will take 3-4 hours, depending on the traffic situation.

Train Rome – Florence

The fastest way to get along this route is a high-speed train, which will take you from one city to another in just 1.5 hours. In this case, you need the Freccirossa Trenitalia high-speed train (timetable and prices at or the Italotreno train (timetable and tickets for The ticket costs an average of 30 €, but if you buy in advance, you can buy a ticket on the Rome – Florence route for only 18 €. Purchasing on official sites is quite confused, when issuing a ticket you must enter the Italian address and codice fiscale (something like an Italian TIN), so it’s easier to buy through There you can find an alternative in the form of a regional train, bus, or travel.


Choose and buy a ticket at >>>


A typical regional train takes about 4 hours. These trains run much less frequently, and the price is about the same.

Pay attention to the departure station: you can choose Roma Termini or Roma Tiburtina, there is also the option to leave for Florence directly from Fiumicino Airport.


Bus Rome – Florence

Another option, perhaps the most budget one, is a bus. There are buses from the following bus companies on the route.

  1. ( review ). Ticket price from 10 €, it is better to buy in advance. Pay attention to the departure and arrival stations, as well as the travel time. The average time on a route is 3.5 hours, so if you find a bus that is on the road for 8 (!) Hours, look for another option.
  2. Ticket price from 10 €, it takes about 3 hours to get there.
  3. Baltour. Price from 22 €, travel time about 4 hours.

Compare bus prices >>>


Taxi / transfer from Rome to Florence

This is the most expensive option between cities. Price for a car from 430 €. If necessary, book a transfer using this link.

Guided tours from Rome to Florence

If your plans are to go to Florence one day, then take a closer look at this option. The price of a one-day excursion will include not only excursion services, but also round-trip transportation. You can book an excursion in advance online, even if you arrived in Italy independently.

To Florence with travel companions

Surely, you’ve heard about the blablacar service, with which you can find a person who goes to the place you need in a car. You just need to choose the right time and apply. For example, the Rome – Florence route is very popular and you need to pay from 12 € per person. Check out the options below or download the app on your smartphone .

I wish you a great time in Florence! If you have questions or additions, leave comments under the article! Share an article on social networks and bookmark yourself!

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