Those who want to spend a vacation in Sicily have two options: buy a ticket to Sicily, or arrange a trip on their own. In this article I will tell you how to get to Sicily and how to buy tickets to Sicily .


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So, there are 4 airports in Sicily, the most popular of which are the airports of Catania and Palermo. Briefly consider where the airports of Sicily are, and which airlines fly there.

Find tickets to Sicily :

Palermo Airport

Palermo Airport (Falcone-Borcellino) is one of the two most popular airports. Located in the north of the island, 35 km from Palermo.

Direct flights to Palermo airport are carried out from many cities in Europe, including Cologne, Rome, Milan. The following airlines fly to Palermo on direct routes: Alitalia, Vueling, EasyJet, Ryanair, Volotea.

High season in Palermo is observed in June, August and September, low season – in January, February, March.

How to get from the airport to Palermo and other cities of the island, read the article ” Palermo Airport

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Catania Fontanarossa Airport

This is probably the most popular airport in Sicily.

Direct flights are operated from Rome, Milan, Berlin, Paris and many other European cities. Direct flights to Catania conducted by the following airlines: Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air Berlin, Vueling, Germanwings, EasyJet, Ryanair, Meridiana, Air Malta, Blue Air, Volotea.

High seasom in Catania is observed in July, August and September. The low season is on February, March, November.

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Trapani Airport Birgi

This airport is located in the west of the island and is not very popular. Direct flights to this airport are carried out only by a low-cost airline Ryanair from Germany and Italy.

High season: July, August, September; Low season: January, November, December.

Find the cheapest flight to Trapani from your city:

Comiso Airport

The fourth airport of Sicily, located in the south of the island. A direct flight here you can fly only from Rome. High demand for tickets is observed in February, July and September, and low – in January, October and December.

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How to buy cheap airtickets to Sicily 

To buy cheap tickets, as usual, we compare prices in several search engines and on the websites of air carriers. The main search engines through which usually the lowest prices are,  and Momondo. How to maximize the capabilities of Skyscanner here .

  1. First, check through Skyscanner – go to this link  and fill in the fields as follows:

cheap sicily tickets


Route : “Round trip”
From: Your city  
To: Catania / Palermo / Trapani / Comiso (If you have not decided which airport to fly to, you will have to monitor each city)
To: Compare in a month (if you know, in which specific month do you want to fly to Sicily), or “The cheapest month” (if you have not decided on the dates)
Click “Search” and look at the ticket prices.

At the moment, the cheapest month for flights from Moscow is May 🙂 A ticket costs about 160 €. But we will look for another option. Let’s try to see the departure from Moscow, approximately in April-May.


tickets for sicily from Moscow


Another thing! In May, the cost of a round-trip flight starts at 92 €. We check the flights, click “Show flights.” As you can see, for a week from Moscow you can fly to Sicily for less than 220 €, and you can also pick up a dock in Rome and see the city.


Moscow Sicily cheap flights


We’ll check this ticket on the ticket agency’s website – whether the price is relevant and how long the transfer is. The price of 140 is maintained, and at the same price you can buy both in the agency and on the website of the airline KLM (the choice is yours).

  1. To Sicily through Rome. I personally really like this option. You can buy a ticket to Rome, spend two or three days in Rome (what to do in Rome – read the article “ Top 30 Places in Rome ”), and then go to Sicily by buying a Rome-Sicily-Rome ticket , for example, the airline Alitalia, Vueling (we flew this particular a / c), or Ryanair. By the way, this is the best option to use if you want to fly to Trapani or Comiso airport


By the way, if you bought tickets to Rome, then in addition to air travel, there are other ways to get to Sicily :

  1. Rome-Palermo train, 12 hours, from 72 euros.
  2. By car for 12-13 hours excluding stops 
  3. Bus Rome-Palermo, about 12h. on the way, ticket from 36 euros
  4. Chevitavecchia Ferry

I wrote more about these methods in the article “ Palermo Airport ”, in the section How to Get to Palermo.

  1. The third option to buy tickets to Sicily is an option for true budget travelers. To do this, wait for the sale and buy tickets to Cologne, Milan ( Bergamo ), or Munich (Memmingen). And then buy tickets for a European low-cost airline, the same Ryanair or Volotea .

Sicily Tickets from Milan

Tickets for Sicily from Memmingen


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Of course, these are not all the possible options to buy a ticket to Sicily , especially cheap, but on my blog I offer the most comfortable options for the average person, including families, so I do not consider hitchhiking, blablacar and other “extreme” 🙂

I wish you cheap tickets to Sicily and a great vacation on the island!

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