In my blog, I often touch on the topic of cheap air tickets, because a cheap air ticket is the key to the success of a budget trip. There are general points for finding a ticket to a particular country, and there are some nuances. This article tells you how to buy a ticket to Munich


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Munich Airports

To get to Munich, you can buy tickets to both the main Munich airport and Memmingen airport, and then get to Munich.

Munich Main Airport (Franz Josef Strauss Airport)

This airport is located about twenty-eight km from the center of the Bavarian capital. This airport is huge and resembles a city in which there is even its own brewery.

You can fly directly to this airport from cities: Moscow, Istanbul, Shanghai, Cairo, Tokyo, New York, etc. Direct flights are generally more expensive than connecting flights.

High demand for tickets to Munich is observed in January, September, December. The low season falls on March, June and November (according to Aviasales)


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How much is a ticket to Munich:

Algau Airport, Memmingen

Allgäu Airport, or Munich-West is another airport through which you can get to Munich, it is located in the town of Memmingen, 110 km from Munich. Mostly low-cost flights fly here: Ryanair, Wizzair and  “Pobeda”. Direct flights are carried out from the cities of Moscow, London, Belgrade, Porto, Kiev, Rome, etc.

The high season is February, September and November, and the low January, March and June (Aviasales data). To buy a ticket to Munich cheaply , it is better to do it in advance.


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How much is a ticket to Munich (Memmingen):

How to buy a ticket to Munich

So, if you want to buy cheap flights to Munich , try to follow the instructions.

Ticket monitoring

You need to start monitoring the price of tickets to Munich as early as possible. Then the chances of buying a cheap airline ticket are much greater, plus the likelihood of “catching” special offers on flights to Munich is high.

How to buy cheap flights to Munich with Skyscanner


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We are looking for the cheapest Munich tickets through Skyscanner. To do this, go to the site using this link . Suppose we want to fly to Munich in March, but we don’t have exact dates. Then enter the relevant information in the search form

cheap flights to munich

There are not many options at the moment, but we are still looking. As you can see, the average price of an air ticket to Munich from Ekaterinburg for March is about 125 €.

cheap flights to munich

Check the cheapest flight ticket (234 €), click “Show flights”

flights to Munich from Ekaterinburg

As you can see, a couple more options were added, cheaper by about 3 €. Click “Select” and go to the website of the seller agency.

flights to munich

Here you can already see more info on the flight, on services, read the info on the agency itself. If everything suits you, we can reserve.


But we are looking further. With a look at the dates, we see that there are tickets even cheaper (from 115 €)

tickets yekaterinburg munich

We check. No, a ticket costs for 234 € too.

cheap yekaterinburg to munich

We go to the seller’s website to make sure the price is up to date. If everything suits you, you can book.


And we check further. We change Munich to Memmingen in the search form and we see a completely different picture. There are tickets from 103 € one way.

tickets munich munich

We check the price, two Pobeda airlines flights drop out at a price of 204 €

from Moscow to Munich cheap

Forwarding goes to the official website of the carrier, the price is slightly lower (but only in rubles).

cheap tickets to munich from moscow

Now the most important thing! The economy must be economical. Add the transfer amount and, if necessary, baggage. A transfer costs about 15 €, round-trip, it will cost 30 € (but I will not add this amount, but I will add only 10 €, because from the main airport of Munich cheaper than 10 € you will not get to the city). Baggage costs about 20 €, round-trip 40 € (you can add only one way, or one for two – depends on your needs). If you have enough baggage that is included in the price of the Pobeda airlines ticket (10 kg), then a ticket to Munich (with an arrival to Memmingen) and back will cost  206 €, which is 28 € cheaper than a ticket to Munich (to the main airport).

You can practice your directions:

Buy a ticket to Munich on Jetradar

When buying a ticket to Munich, one  should compare prices on another search engine – Jetradar . It is convenient to use the Low Price Calendar tool on Air Sales, which shows which month or which day is the cheapest to fly to.

Special offers for flights to Munich

Do not forget to follow the special offers of airlines. During the sales period, you can buy a ticket to Munich is not just cheap , but very cheap! You can track it by signing up for newsletters of airlines, as well as follow on aggregator sites, for example, on Jetradar. You can see if there are currently sales in this direction right now (if there are no offers for Munich, then the system displays offers in other directions)

General rules on how to buy tickets to Munich cheap:

Do not forget about the “secrets” of saving on the purchase of airline tickets:

  • In the “off-season” tickets will be cheaper, and, for example, in the summer or on the New Year, as well as on holidays (February 23, March 8, May holidays) the price will be much higher.
  • Round-trip tickets are generally cheaper.
  • Check out flights from neighboring cities (departures from Moscow, from Yekaterinburg, from Helsinki will often be cheaper – I mean, for every nearby town)
  • Flights with transfers, as a rule, are cheaper (if it is not a matter of comparing ordinary and low-cost airlines)
  • Use low-cost airlines and discard heavy luggage.
  • Accumulate miles using mileage cards

Well, the main points when searching for and buying a cheap flight to Munich. Share, and how much is a ticket to Munich from your city? 


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