In this post I’m going to tell you how you can get to Italy from Russia, the Baltic countries, Finland and Europe and how find and buy cheap air tickets.

Find Flights to Italy


How to buy tickets to Italy
Flights to Italy via Europe 
To Italy from Europe
To Italy from Finland and the Baltic
Charters to Italy

First of all, you can get to Italy both by direct flights, as well as transfers. Generally, tickets with transfers are cheaper, and sometimes this is the only possible way to fly to Italy.

How to buy tickets to Italy

Here I told step by step how to find the cheapest flights through


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In short, to buy the cheapest tickets you should:

  • To plan ahead
  • To be mobile
  • To compare prices on sites of airlines and in several search engines

There are several ways to buy tickets to Italy:

  • On the airline website. Buying on the airline’s website is always the most reliable and safe, but not always convenient (you need to compare several sites) and not always cheap.
  • Metasearch engines (I use and ). Using them as convenient as possible, within a few minutes you can compare prices for dozens of flights of different airlines. Often ttickets purchased through meta-search engines cost cheaper. At the same time, you are not buying from the search engine itself, but on the airline’s website or agency’s website.
  • On the site of tour operators. This option is also worth using, especially when it comes to buying airline tickets for charter flights or “last minutes” airline tickets.


Jetradar or Skyscanner?

In fact, I recommend comparing prices in both of the search engines. If you know exactly when and where you want to fly, then you can use

If you do not know when and where you want to go to Italy, then I recommend . Here you can choose the city of departure or only the country of destination. You can also not choose specific dates, but specify only a month, or choose to display the cheapest prices during the year.

flights to italy

searching results

flights yekaterinburg italy

Direct flights to Italy


Flights to Italy with a transfer in Europe

The choice of flights expands if you look at flights with transfers in one of the European cities. You can try Czech airlines (with transfer in Prague), Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, Alitalia….

There is just an example (flight from Russia to Rome with a connection in Prague):

flights rostov rome

You can also consider a flight with a connection to Helsinki by Finnair.

flights moscow rome

Or even on the plane of the best European airline Turkish Airlines via Istanbul.

flights kazan venice

I really recommend to search not on the airlines websites , but through the skyscanner , where you can find flights not to a specific Italian city, but to all cities in the country. It is also important to constantly track ticket prices, promotions and sales.  If you begin to plan your vacation in advance and track the tickets, you can buy them cheaper (20-30 percent for sure).

To Italy from Europe

 For example, you can buy a ticket to Budapest with Wizz air, and from Budapest fly to Bologna (Italy) for example, an flight to Bologna airport :

flights Moscow Budapest

flights Budapest Bologna

You can also buy tickets to Memmingen or Cologne. And from these airports fly to Italy. To do this, look at the sites of such European low-cost airlines as,, Volotea . From Cologne to Italy you can get the TuiFly low-cost.


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Direct flights from Germany are carried out to Milan, Rome, Bologna, Venice, Pisa, Bari, Palermo , etc.

flights cologne italyFor residents of Ukraine, Belarus and Poland – tickets to Italy from Gdansk, Krakow or Warsaw – for very cheap price.

flights Gdansk Italy

Cheap flights to Italy are from the cities of Greece, Croatia, Spain. I recommend looking for them through

By the way, you can get to Italy from Europe (or from one Italian city to another) not only by air, but also using buses, for example, flixbus , or rail. You can find the right flight through

To Italy from the Baltic Countries and Finland

Look for tickets on the website of low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, Airbaltic, Easyjet, Norwegian. Or on

Norwegian Airlines (we used it when were flying to Rovaniemi – there was a new plane with free wifi on board) offers flights from Helsinki to Rome, Venice.

Helsinki Rome flights

You can fly from Tallinn to Milan by Ryanair or Easyjet. Milan, Rome and Venice can be budgeted from Vilnius

flights Vilnius Italy

Charters to Italy and seasonal destinations

In summer, from many cities you can fly to Italy by direct flights – regular or charter. You can buy tickets for charter flights as part of the tour, but sometimes you can only buy tickets – when the tour operators remain unsold airline tickets or the airlines “throw out” a few days before departure, “last minute” tickets. You can track them through the sites of tour operators, airline sites, or on skyscanner.

To buy charters in rimini from Moscow

I hope this post was useful for you and using my advice you could buy the cheapest tickets. Enjoy your travel!

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