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Recently, I’ve read some reviews and have known that many people use only jetradar.com to find cheap flights, but they either have not heard or have never used others.

And still there are those who are trying to find cheap air tickets in very non-modern ways: exclusively on the websites of airlines (how many websites can be viewed in the evening, especially when they don’t know airlines flying to the city?), through Yandex / Google tickets (and having found an expensive ticket there, they are disappointed), go to the ticket office and agree to offer the ticket office (a bit strange again, right?). Therefore, in this article let’s talk about the skyscanner.com and how to use its functions to the maximum.

Buy a ticket:

All those who are accustomed to travel more often than once a year (I’m not talking about those who live and work on travel) have long been using online airline search engines (meta-search engines), the most famous of which are jetradar.com  ( instructions here ) and skyscanner.net . I recommend to check prices through both search engines when searching – then the effect will be just “wow” and you will find cheap tickets to the country of your dreams (well, or to a neighboring city for the weekend).

How to buy flights on Skyscanner

First, I’ll show you how to buy tickets using this site. Go to the Skyscanner website at this link . On the main page we see the search form. We will work with her. All screenshots below are clickable.

Suppose we need to buy a cheap flight ticket from Moscow to Barcelona on Skyscanner from January 30 to February 18. We select Moscow at the departure point (if it doesn’t matter which airport to fly from, we select “Moscow (any).” At the destination point we indicate “Barcelona”, select the departure and return dates, as well as the class of service and the number of passengers.

At the top of the form we indicate which ticket we need: a round-trip ticket, one way, or a composite route (arrival in one city, departure from another). You can also check the “Add nearby airports” checkbox.

After everything is selected, click the “Select flights” button. In a few seconds you will receive search results for your request. On the left side of the screen you can adjust the data (number of transfers, departure time, arrival time, transfer time, choose your preferred airline, or airport of transfer), as a result you will find a ticket that best suits your request.

If you want to buy a ticket, click on the “Select” button on the selected ticket

As you can see, the cheapest price is on the airline’s website. Click “Select” or “Book” and the system redirects us to the website of the airline, where we can complete the purchase of airline tickets (but take your time!). It may be that the cheapest ticket is sold on the website of the online ticket office, then the system will redirect us to the website of this intermediary. Skyscanner’s advantage is that it cooperates with the most popular and reliable intermediaries, so you can safely buy a ticket. We go to the seller’s website, carefully check all the data and make a purchase! Do not forget to read reviews about the seller!


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Cheap tickets and special offers on the Skyscanner: the tricks 90% of tourists don’t know about.

And we move on. Here I will talk about the most important features of Skyscanner, the use of which will help to save some money.

№1. “Whole month” feature

If you are not clearly tied to vacation dates, but only to the month, then use the Calendar tool. When entering dates, choose not specific dates, but the whole month, in our case with Barcelona – this is April.

№2. “The cheapest month” feature

If you are not tied to dates at all, but really want to go to this or that city, then choose “The Cheapest Month” instead of the date. In our case with Barcelona, ​​it will be February.

skyscanner low price calendar

№3. Everywhere function

If you don’t care where to fly, you can use the “Everywhere” function (you must select it in the “To” field instead of the city or country). You can set specific dates (relevant if you want to fly somewhere for the holidays), or choose the cheapest month if you are just looking for vacation tickets according to your budget. So, in April you can fly from 54 € not to Barcelona, ​​but to Hungary, United Kingdom, Latvia, Belarus, Germany, etc.

№4. Multi-city option

Sometimes this “trick” can really save money, because a composite route may be cheaper. What does a composite route mean. This means that you are buying tickets not just Moscow-Barcelona-Moscow, but, for example, Moscow-Barcelona, ​​Madrid-Moscow. Or even Moscow-Barcelona. Barcelona-Madrid, Madrid-Moscow.

In other cases, choosing a difficult route simply allows you to see several cities, in fact for the same money as one. For example, Greece. For 197 € you can take tickets on the route Moscow-Athens-Moscow.

skyscanner cheap flights deals

Or fly to Athens , and fly from Thessaloniki.

special offers sky scanner

№5. Low cost airlines

I often write about the airline low-cost airline, and we use them sometime when we want to save money. Do not forget to read the rules of the airline whose ticket you want to buy – as a rule, baggage, meals, and sometimes check-in at the airport are not included in the ticket. The airport, by the way, can also be located 50 km (for example, Bergamo from Milan) or 100 km (Memmingen from Munich) from the main city. It is also better to check the sizes of hand luggage before buying tickets.

Together with the function “everywhere” this “trick” gives an incredible effect.

Look at the difference in the price of a regular ticket and a low-cost carrier ticket:

skyscanner low-cost

№6. “Fake” transfer

Another trick you can use when searching for tickets is a fake transfer. I will explain the essence clearly. Ticket price Moscow-Riga (Airbaltic) 205 € one way.

sky scanner reviews

Ticket prices Moscow-Vilnius with a change in Riga – 84 €. Despite the fact that the flight is the same! You can go out in Riga by paying 2 times less!

skyscanner reviews

Two points are important here: you need to buy tickets only in one direction, because if you fail to appear on one of the segments, all of the following burn out. And the second: baggage must be checked in before Riga, or fly with hand luggage.

№7. “Fictional” baby

Already in several sources I came across information that, if you add when looking for a second passenger – an infant under 2 years old, then the ticket price may become lower! Honestly, I tried to find confirmation of this, but could not. Perhaps you will succeed! Yes, if it all happened, at the reception, just say that you could not bring your child with you.

№8. Errors in the price

The search engine often finds cheap compound routes, for example, Yekaterinburg-Guanzhou, Guanzhou-Moscow (I remember the price of 160 € per ticket per person). You can try to search for them yourself, or subscribe to special public pages in social networks.

Now you know how to buy tickets on skyscanner.net and 8 ways to save your money. If you found this article useful, share it on social networks with your friends! 

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