is one of the two best flight search engines (the second one is skyscanner). If I plan a trip, I will definitely check the cost of tickets on this site. I will tell you about how to find a cheap flight ticket and what tools for this in this article.

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First of all, I want to clarify that the service does not sell tickets, it is not an air ticket office, not a ticket agent, but a service for comparing ticket prices at various companies (and this, for a minute, 728 airlines, 200 ticket offices and 5 booking systems!). Moreover, the tickets found on Jetradar are often cheaper (and sometimes even more profitable options come across!) than on the official websites of airlines.

I already wrote about the search engine Skyscanner, which is also very convenient to search for tickets, now I want to show how Jetradar works. If it’s more convenient for you to buy tickets from your smartphone, then I recommend switching to this article . Those who are used to looking for a ticket from a computer – go to the Jetradar website using the link .


flights to aviasales


You can immediately enter your directions and dates, or you can see other tools. So, what tools does this search engine offer to use. The most useful are, of course, a low price calendar and a low price map


Let’s find a cheap flight, for example, to Barcelona from Moscow. A very convenient “thing” that has appeared recently – when choosing a date, you can see the prices for each date and choose, accordingly, the cheapest. Choose dates from June 16-28.


cheap aviasales flights


On the results page you can see the following (if you click “Open the picture in a new tab”, you can consider it better):


buy a ticket for air sales


  1. Recommendations: buy or wait. Jetradar analyzes the cost of a ticket, and if it is below average, it recommends buying. To use this hint or not is up to you!
  2. Price calendar. As you can see, our ticket is the cheapest in this range of dates, but if you want to move the dates, you can use the calendar and choose a cheap ticket for another day.
  3. We also see three buttons “All” tickets or “Best” ticket. In this case, the cheapest is a transfer flight, and a direct flight will cost from 272 €. If comfort is more important to you, choose a ticket for 272 €.
  4. Below we can see the price of the ticket chosen by us, the number and city of the connection (click on the route and you can see more detailed information on the connection), it is also immediately written whether or not baggage is included. Baggage is not included in the price of our ticket.
  5. In the block on the left there are also many tools for narrowing the selection of tickets. You can choose a flight without a transfer, with one change, with two (you can immediately see the price), you can specify the time of departure, arrival, duration of the transfer, and also the airlines, airports, etc. Here is the complete toolbox:

air sales tickets

Now I’ll show you how to complete the purchase of a ticket, but take your time, below I will show you a couple of useful tools that will help you choose a more profitable or more interesting option.

So, after you have found a suitable ticket, you must choose where you will buy it. As I said above, Jetradar itself does not sell tickets. We have several options (slightly different in price) where to buy. The optimal price on


buying a ticket on aviasales

In general, Jetradar is a very serious company, and works with trusted and reliable agencies, so there should be no problems when buying on any site. Nevertheless, I recommend to be vigilant, carefully read the conditions of the ticket purchase (especially with regard to return, exchange, as well as baggage and hand luggage), you can also read reviews about the company in which you buy a ticket, however, remember that usually reviews are written by those who are dissatisfied with something, a person satisfied with the flight is unlikely to rush to write a review (Do you often write reviews? I’m not very!)

In general, we click “Book” and the system redirects us to the partner’s website – the one from whom we will buy our ticket. Check all the data.


buy cheap air ticket aviasales


Fill in the reservation details


buying a ticket for air sales


At the next stage, fill out the document data, if possible – select the type of food, enter the payment data. Everything, the ticket is bought!

Jetradar Low Price Calendar

Now let’s see how the low price calendar works . A very useful tool, I like the fact that it is possible to specify not the city, but the country of destination, or not to ask anything at all, then the system will show possible options.

Jetradar Low Price Map

Another cool tool that sometimes helps me, especially when I don’t know where I want to fly 🙂 This was the case, for example, when we bought tickets to Munich . What is a low price card? We look at the  link . And the picture can be opened in a larger size (“Open the picture in a new tab” by pressing the right mouse button)


how to buy aviasales tickets


On the map you can see where on the planet there are the cheapest flights, well, or just where your budget allows you to fly. Enter your data in the search form (on the right) and on the map we see a lot of options (well, or not a lot, depending on your requests))))). You can also click on the option you are interested in and see the details. If everything suits, click “Find” and go to the search results


air sales cheap tickets


As you can see, there’s nothing complicated!

By the way, it’s very important – be sure to subscribe to the Jetradar newsletter, the guys will send you very advantageous offers, and you don’t need to constantly monitor sites in search of interesting offers.

I wish everyone to always find the best, cheapest and coolest flights!

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