Any journey begins with the purchase of airline tickets. Already, based on the availability of a plane ticket, we plan a further trip. In this article I’ll tell you how to buy a ticket to Japan, how much tickets cost in Tokyo, which airline is the best to fly, and can you save on buying a ticket?

I bought tickets to Japan six months before the trip, I started monitoring prices even earlier, probably for a year. I will share my experience and tell you how I managed to save about 300$ on each ticket.

Where to begin

So, to buy a ticket to Japan, you must:

  1. Decide on the date of the trip. This is very important, the ticket price will depend on this. In season, the price is always higher. The highest season in Japan falls at the end of March – the beginning of April, this is the time of sakura blossom. Tickets are usually more expensive at this time. Another season is Momiji, the time of red maple blossoms in October. Do not forget that during the same period of sakura, not only air tickets are getting more expensive, but also hotels and you need to book them in advance.
  2. Choose a suitable flight. When you have already decided on the dates and budget of your trip, you can choose a suitable flight and airline.
  3. Read reviews about the airline and the agent through which you buy tickets. Especially about the agent, because, in which case, the return / exchange of tickets will need to be carried out through them. Plus, if you are not buying on the airline’s website, make sure that the agent is reliable, and after you receive your money, you will generally receive your ticket. If you are looking for tickets through large search engines (jetradar or skysanner), then the risk is minimal – they work only with large reliable agents.
  4. Book and pay for the ticket. All you need is a bank card.


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Airlines flying to Japan 

I used Finnair airlines t get to Tokyo. About 9 hours flight from Helsinki, the flight was comfortable, two meals, an entertainment system and fairly comfortable seats. 9 hours of flight are very fast 🙂

Finnare Helsinki TokyoBreakfast on the plane


How much is a ticket to Japan


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How to buy a ticket to Japan

How to buy tickets and find the most inexpensive options, I have repeatedly written, I recommend the following articles:

How to buy cheap tickets through Skyscanner

How to buy cheap flights through Aviasales

My ticket purchase scheme

  1. I start monitoring prices in advance – usually through the low price calendar at

As I wrote above, I bought air tickets to Tokyo six months before the trip, and I started monitoring prices even earlier.

  1. When I find a less suitable option (for price and connections), I compare prices for:, , airline website

In the end, I settled on Finnair, and bought through OneTwoTrips, because On the website of the airline website, the same tickets costed 300$ more expensive. 

  1. I read reviews about the agent, through whom I will buy

There were tickets a little cheaper, but I didn’t like the reviews about the agent

  1. I reserve and pay for tickets.

After some time after payment, I checked tickets on the airline’s website using the reservation number, there are tickets in the system. It’s good. It remains to print the tickets and attach them to the set of documents for a visa .

how to buy tickets to japan


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Enjoy your flight!

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