In this article I will write about prices in Japan and how much a trip to Japan can cost. By the end of the article, we decide whether the road in Japan seems to be so, or whether a trip to Japan is accessible to many.

I will write prices in Japan in yen. 100 ¥ = 0.92$.

Prices of flights to Japan

One of the most expensive budget items for traveling to Japan is air travel. Ticket prices in Japan cannot be called cheap, however, I realized the main thing – if you buy tickets in advance, at least six months before the trip, then the ticket price is quite acceptable.

About how to buy tickets to Japan , I already wrote. 

See how much tickets to Tokyo from your city cost:

Price of visa to Japan

The second question after airfare is how much does a visa to Japan cost. For citizens of the Russian Federation, a simplified visa regime has recently been applied and a visa is issued free of charge!

Japan Transport Prices

Transport is the second expensive item to travel to Japan. Traveling around the country is expensive.

The metro ride is also not very cheap, but the prices are comparable to Western European (Italy or Germany), the trip to the metro costs an average of 170-250 ¥.

But the trains are really expensive. For example, travel on the Tokyo – Kyoto route will cost about 11 200¥  one way.

If you plan to travel around the country, you should consider buying a JR Pass (I wrote about it in details here ). The cost of a ticket for a week is from 22 400 ¥ (that is, in fact, covers the Tokyo-Kyoto-Tokyo trip), for two weeks – from 36 300¥

Our two-week ticket paid off almost 2 times.

Prices for hotels and hostels in Japan

You can find housing in Japan on any budget, this is not a problem. A question with comfort. In hotels of an average price category  rather small numbers and small beds. To have a huge king size bed, you need to choose the five star hotel.

Our hotels on average cost from $ 50 to $ 130 per night. And for $ 50 it was a very good hotel. And for $ 130 – a traditional ryokan. A few facts about Ryokan🏯 (a traditional Japanese hotel): 1. The first Ryokans appeared about 500 years ago and served travelers along busy highways. 2. Ryokan – you can say, an untouched corner of Japan 🇯🇵 in the modern world. Owners do their best to preserve this culture. 3. The floor is paved with tatami (straw blocks) and futons (on our mattresses😄) instead of a bed 4. This is a rather expensive hotel. For example, ours costs about 10,000 rubles per night. At the same time, he was one of the cheapest options. 5. For 10tr you will receive: a mattress on the floor, a buckwheat pillow, a tea table, a kimono for relaxing, a traditional paper door, another door made of wooden slats🤣 and slippers for the toilet. Modern ryokans have Conder and TV.

The capsule hotel (hostel) came out no cheaper than the hotel – $ 50 per person. In size – a box. Shower, toilet are shared. You can find hostels and cheaper, about $ 30.

I also want to note that in Tokyo (especially in the Ginza area, I wrote about the districts here ) or Kyoto hotels are more expensive than in other cities. For example, in the least touristy Kobe, famous for its steaks, a room in a five-star hotel with a huge room and a great breakfast cost $ 120.

By the way, from Kobe to Kyoto by train only about half an hour, you can consider this city as a base point 🙂

The hotel where we lived was not in the center, but to major train stations, incl. From Shinkansen Station, the hotel provides a shuttle every 20-30 minutes.

Here is the link to this hotel  Kobe Portopia Hotel

Here are a couple of pictures

hotels in japan prices
Large room at the hotel
Kobe Portopia Hotel
Chic lounge

Here are the hotel prices in Tokyo:

Prices in cafes and restaurants in Japan

The next two sections will be about food prices in Japan. First, I’ll tell you how much it costs to eat in a Japanese cafe or restaurant.

Food in Japan is perhaps the least expensive part. The food there is inexpensive and very high quality – it doesn’t matter if you eat in an expensive restaurant, buy food in a supermarket, or try food in the market. Everything will always be fresh.

Of course, in Japan, as in all countries, there are expensive restaurants, the cost of dinner in which starts at 14,000 ¥ or more. But it will not be about them.

In those cafes where we ate, our average bill was from 1000 ¥ to 1800 ¥  for two! The portions in Japan are very large, so one dish for each was more than enough. Something was generally halved.


See also ” TOP-20 dishes that are worth trying in Japan


Than to write 100 sentences, I’ll better show by examples.

Here’s a lunch (ramen – a huge plate of noodle soup, meat, mushrooms and something else, takoyaki and beer) cost 1250 ¥ . Enough for two

How much does a vacation in Japan cost?
Ramen – traditional Japanese soup, takoyaki – deep-frying balls, inside octopuses.

Here are the sushi of the freshest seafood, kebab of fresh tuna and caviar of a sea urchin in the Kyoto market – 1,500 ¥ 

food prices in japan
Freshest Seafood in Kyoto Market

Breakfast-lunch at the Tokyo Tsukiji market – 1800 ¥ 

prices in japan restaurants
Incredibly tender tuna and salmon. But our caviar is tastier :)))

Dinner at the conveyor restaurant – 1790 ¥ (beer was not included)

tourist trip to japan Price

Two full dishes – 1800 ¥

food prices in japan
Japanese beef is also very tasty!

As a rule, such a plate (rice + meat or fish) costs about 500 ¥ .

On average, the second course is 400-600 ¥

In restaurants, more expensive – from 1000 ¥  per dish

transportation prices japan

Sushi restaurants are even a little more expensive – from 1700 ¥  per serving.

ticket prices to japan

We ate once a day in cafes, and the second time (and breakfast) – we bought ready-made food in supermarkets.

Japanese supermarkets sell ready-made food, including sushi (which is much tastier fresher than in many Russian sushi bars) and hot (even lasagna and pasta, as well as salads). All this is fresh, inexpensive, shops are working around the clock and are at almost every step. Look for Seven-eleven (7-eleven) or Family Mart stores.

The next section is about food prices in supermarkets.

Japan Food Prices

Here I will write the prices of some products in Japanese supermarkets.

  • Yoghurts from 100 ¥ 
  • Sandwiches 180-350 ¥ 
hotel prices in japan
These are such huge sandwiches in Japan! In the evening, a 20% discount.
  • Baking, desserts from 100 ¥
hostel prices japan
Surprisingly, in Japan, insanely delicious pastries! And be sure to try such a pink oblong macaroon. It is very tasty! At a price of about 70 rubles.
  • Juices, iced tea – from 100 ¥
  • A piece of sausage (yes, a sausage is sold in pieces :))) – 80 ¥
  • Egg (yes, and eggs are sold one at a time) – 80 ¥

prices japan 2018

  • Banana (also sold individually) –  about 25 ¥ a piece
  • Ready meal:
  • Salads – from 150 ¥ 
  • Seconds from 300 ¥ 
  • Sushi / roll sets – from 300 ¥
sushi japan
For dinner – such a sushi set

Since breakfast was not included with us, we had breakfast in these shops. A full breakfast with coffee cost, as a rule, no more than 1000 ¥  for two.


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