Another article about Rovaniemi. As I already wrote, we visited Rovaniemi in the winter of 2015, but since many visited my blog last year for requests related to this city, I decided to write more about key points.


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Cheap Accommodations in Rovaniemi

Where to stay in Rovaniemi
Deer skins are exotic for us, ordinary for them

So Rovaniemi is a very small town with a population of about 60,000 people, hotels, apartments – all this is there, but it is very difficult to find budget housing. If you are planning a trip to Rovaniemi for the New Year, then booking hotels the sooner the better. When we were going to Lapland, we started preparing in just 3 months, that is, around October, and it was very difficult to choose something suitable for the money. If you definitely need cheap housing, then it is better to do it for six months or a year. It is also difficult to book popular hotels for the New Year holidays, it’s better to book them back in the spring, and better also for the year. I will tell you about such hotels in high demand in the section “Unusual Hotels”

The cheapest accommodation I have found so far (I wrote an article at the end of June) is GuestHouse Arctic Heart at a price of 37 euros per night per person! The rating for booking is 9.1, the reviews are good, the guesthouse is located in the city center. BUT: at the time of writing the article in the guesthouse on the dates of January 2-4, there was only 1 room and 4 beds in dormitory rooms! Therefore, check the availability of rooms on your dates via the link and do not delay with the reservation.

Another guest house at a more or less reasonable price is Matkustajakoti Outa . About 80 euros per night for a double room (shared facilities). Judging by the photo, everything is very modest and the rooms resemble the rooms of our Soviet-style sanatoriums. However, the rating on booking is 8.7. Perhaps the atmosphere there is doing its “magic” thing. If you are traveling alone, then this option is even more profitable than the first, therefore, here’s a link for you , if still have space, manage to book.

Unusual hotels in Rovaniemi (Lapland)

To unusual hotels I will classify those for the sake of which some travel to Lapland. Perhaps such hotels are few where else you will meet.

Santa Claus Holiday Village is the most “magical” hotel, it is located in the village of Santa Claus and is a complex of traditional Finnish cottages with a sauna. The rating at the booking is 9.0. On the pics, everything is very cool, the reviews are also good. Here is our photo of the cottages outside:

Santa claus holiday village
Fairytale houses at Santa Claus Holiday Village

There are two minuses: it is located not in the center, but in the village of Santa Claus, and if you want to explore the city and the surrounding area more, you will have to get there. The second minus is that at the end of June there are no more places for the dates of January 2-4 (and for other coming dates). If you are traveling on other dates, check availability at the link .

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is not a hotel, but a dream. Rooms with panoramic windows overlooking all this Lapland beauty. The chalet is decorated in a traditional style – a lot of wood, animal skins, a fireplace, and, of course, a sauna. Rating 9.0. Finding vacant dates for January is also difficult. Check your dates on the link , also see all the incredible pictures of the hotel there. Here is one for an example:

Arctic Tree House Hotel
Incredible interior and view from the panoramic windows of the hotel (photo from Booking)

Snowman World Glass Resort is also a chalet complex in the village of Santa Claus. Just look at the photo, and you will understand why I attributed it to unusual housing options

Snowman world glass resort
Each house has its own sauna and hot tub on the street (photo from Booking)

At your disposal will be a sauna and outdoor jacuzzi. There are no reviews on the booking yet, but there are no more places for the holiday dates either. Check your dates here .

Good hotels in Rovaniemi

In this part of the review I will write about several hotels of a good level 3-4 *. Hotels, although standard, but Lapland-themed them are sure to be present.

Arctic Light Hotel 5 * – I will start with this hotel, because this hotel is a five-star hotel. The rooms in this hotel are modern, but with Lapland-themed décor – deer, polar bears, pillows with wolves, skins. Booking rating is high 9.4, very good reviews. On holiday dates, prices from 350 euros and night per room, breakfast is included. Here is the link to the hotel .

Arctic Light Hotel
Room at the Arctic Light Hotel

City Hotel 4 * – hotel in the center of Rovaniemi. We stayed in it. Hotel rating 8.6. Prices per night on holidays from 325 euros. Compared to what we paid in 2015, this is a little expensive (we managed to pay the hotel before the euro jump). In short – the hotel is cozy, the rooms are small, but also cozy. The windows overlooked some kind of road, but, believe me, this is unprincipled in winter, since it is more or less light in Rovaniemi from 11 am to 3 pm.

city ​​hotel rovaniemi
The City Hotel also has one of the most popular restaurants in Rovaniemi – Monte Rosa

In the room is a toy – a deer (at least, it was before), this toy can be bought. Or buy the same at the reception, or in any souvenir shop. There are a lot of deers!

On New Year’s holidays Santa even arrives at the hotel, on a real deer

city ​​hotel rovaniemi reviews

Then he gives gifts to children (apparently, you can agree in advance through the reception, but since we are without children, we were not interested in these issues).

where to live in roving

Breakfast in 2015 was excellent – good cheeses, red salted fish, pancakes, various pastries, northern berries, champagne, and, attention, fresh watermelon! I hope that if something has changed, then only for the better.

breakfast at city hotel rovaniemi

Nearby there is a supermarket (yes, given the size of the city center, it is close to everything), popular restaurants, souvenir shops. Nearby and the promenade. Book here

Supermarket in Rovaniemi
A supermarket is located literally a few tens of meters from the hotel
Rovaniemi hotels overview
And this is the embankment of the local river and trees – all in hoarfrost.
Restaurant Nili Rovaniemi
At Nili Restaurant in Rovaniemi you can try bear cutlets. Just get ready to leave a tidy sum here (at least 100 euros)

Helppo Hotelli Apartments Rovaniemi – a complex of apartments in the city center, booking rating 8.9. Apartments in the new house, there is Wi-Fi throughout. The kitchen is equipped with everything necessary. Prices for the night on New Year’s holidays from 220 euros per night. Book here .


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Enjoy the fabulous Lapland!

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