The old city of Tallinn is quite compact and the main attractions are concentrated there. If you come to Tallinn with an excursion purpose  (to see the sights, take a walk, visit restaurants), then I recommend to settle down either within the Old City, or within walking distance. A selection of hotels and tips for their choice – in this article.

You can choose a hotel by location, by necessary services, simply by the level of comfort. We chose comfortable accommodation at an affordable price, in the end I choosed the apartments about 1 km from the Old Town, on foot it was literally 10-12 minutes.

How to book a hotel in Tallinn

If you do not feel confident enough when booking accommodation via the Internet, I recommend my article “5 reliable services for booking accommodation” .

You can book a hotel in Talin as follows:

  1. Immediately book a hotel or apartment on
  2. Compare prices on and choose the booking system where it is the cheapest.
  3. View apartment and unusual accommodation options on and get $ 25 for your first booking, regardless of whether you will be booking now or throughout the year.

Map of Tallinn hotels

On this interactive map you can choose a hotel based on its location. Click on the option you like and read all the information about this hotel.

Hotels in the Tallin city center of Tallinn

I turn directly to the hotels. I looked at dozens of hotels on booking and chose for you 13 hotel options the way I would choose a hotel for myself. You can use my recommendations, or you can choose the hotel that you like best.

The indicated prices are relevant for the genius booking status and are valid at the time of writing. On your dates and in other reservation systems, prices may vary both up and down.

Tallinn hotels 5 *

Tallinn hotels 5 *
Savoy Boutique – a five-star hotel in the center of Tallinn

I’ll start with the best hotels in Tallinn. As I said in one of the articles, prices in Tallinn  are much more affordable than in Western Europe. For example, if in Austria for 100 € per night you can only rent a room in a guest house, then in Tallinn for 100-150 € you can stay in a luxury five-star hotel.

Schlossle hotel 5 * (9.5) – a chic “antique” hotel in a building of 13-14 centuries, with antique furniture. The price includes breakfast and a sauna. From 150 €.

Savoy Boutique by TallinHotels 5 * (9.1) is another luxurious luxury hotel in the very center. High rating and excellent reviews plus relatively inexpensive price – from 128 € with breakfast

Radisson Blu Sky hotel (8.8) – a budget option of a 5 * hotel. Located in the business center of the city, just 10 minutes walk from the center. The price includes access to the fitness center and sauna. From 78 €. From 108 € the price will also include a breakfast buffet

4 * Hotels in the center of Tallinn

Sokos hotel viru tallin
Sokos hotel Viru – a good four-star hotel in Tallinn (photo from booking)

Hotel L’Ermitage 4 * (Hotel Hermitage), rating 8.4 – a modern hotel in bright colors with a restaurant and sauna. There is also an underground parking (extra charge). From 60 € with breakfast.

Original Sokos Hotel Viru (Hotel Sokos, Tallinn), rating 8.3. The hotel is 100 meters from the Old Town, adjacent to Viru Shopping Center (a huge shopping center with many shops and cafes). The hotel has 3 saunas with a swimming pool, 2 restaurants, 2 bars and a pub. Also included in the price is a nightclub. From 99 € with breakfast.

Meriton Old Town Garden – a budget 4 * hotel (rating 7.8) in a historical building in the city center. Reviewed, clean rooms, good tomorrow, helpful staff. From 48 € with breakfast.

3 * Hotels in Tallinn

3 Tallinn hotels
Hotel St. Barbara – 3 * hotel in a historical building (photo from booking)

Metropol Hotel 3 * (Metropol Tallinn Hotel) with a rating of 7.9 is located in the Rotermann quarter, it is very close to the Old Town. The district has many cafes, restaurants and coffee shops. The hotel is quite popular among Russian tourists, the price is from 48 € without breakfast, which is comparable to the above Meriton 4 * hotel.

Hotel St. Barbara 3 * (8.6). Hotel Santa Barbara in Tallinn has a high rating. It is located 5 minutes from the historical center in the same historical building. According to the photo, the rooms are fairly standard, but the rooms have a tea set, and in the open air there is a pretty cozy restaurant. Breakfast reviews are good. From 68 € with breakfast.

Hotel Bern by Tallinhotels (8.3) is a classic three-star hotel with wooden furniture. The Town Hall Square is 500 meters, and the Viru Square is 190 meters. From 59 € with breakfast.

For 3-star hotels, I conclude that the price for them is similar to the price of 4-star hotels, well, or slightly lower. Therefore, when choosing a budget and comfortable option, I recommend paying attention to 4 * hotels.

Spa hotels in Tallinn, hotels with a pool

Hotels with pool Tallinn
The Braavo Hotel has 9 pools, 2 of which are open! (photo from booking)

From these hotels you can consider the following

Kalev Spa Hotel & Waterpark (8.2) – a good 4 * hotel in the Old Town, with comfortable rooms, a restaurant and a water park. From 54 € with breakfast (but access to the water park is not included in this price)

Pirita Spa hotel 3 * (7.6) – this hotel is no longer located in the Old Town, but in the Pirita district (you will have to get to the center by transport). A large selection of wellness treatments, a restaurant overlooking the Gulf of Finland, a sports center with a swimming pool, which can be used for free. From 40 € with breakfast.

Braavo Spa hotel (Bravo Spa Hotel Tallinn) 3 *, rating 8.0 – another spa hotel in the Old Town. Access to the fitness club and spa is included in the room rate. The spa has 9 pools, including 2 open! From 56 € with breakfast and access to the spa.

Swissotel Tallin 5 * (9.1) – an excellent 5 * hotel, which is located in the highest building in Tallinn. The hotel has fitness and spa centers, an indoor pool and several saunas, as well as a panoramic restaurant. From 144 € with breakfast.

Apartments in Tallinn

apartments in Tallinn
Apartments are a great way to save on housing

A good way to save money is to stay in apartments. For relatively little money, you will have at your disposal a whole apartment with a bathroom, a washing machine (most often) and a kitchen where you can not only have breakfast, but also prepare a full dinner.

You can find apartments at the booking, but I prefer to search on the specialized website (or even better, search both there and there and compare).

It was through airbnb that I booked an apartment in Tallinn, its price was 25 € per day, while the price of hotels starts from 50 €. If you are an active user of this service and are constantly inviting friends, then you will also be credited with coupons that can be used to pay up to 100% of the price of the apartment. Taking into account coupons, the cost of one night, we got only 500 rubles.

As you can see, in Tallinn you can find accommodation for every budget and comfort – from cozy small studios where you can only sleep and have breakfast, to chic 5-star hotels with fitness rooms, saunas, pools and restaurants, from where you can not go out for days at all 🙂

Where do you prefer to stay? In hotels or apartments? What is most important for you?

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A comfortable stay in Tallinn!

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