Today we will talk about the Fairmont Ajman 5 * hotel in the UAE (Ajman). The review is not advertising and is based only on my personal impressions.

The content of the article:

Location of the hotel
How to get to the hotel
Check-in and room
Deposit at Fairmont Ajman and tourist tax
Hotel amenities and meals
Hotel price
How to book

Hotel location

Hotel Fairmont Ajman 5 * is located in the emirate of Ajman, 23 km from Sharjah Airport (20-30 minutes), 26 km from Dubai Airport, about 40 km from Dubai Mall (from 40 minutes by hotel transfer).

Located right on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

Nearby are the hotels Bahi Palace (Ajman Palace), Ajman Beach , Ajman Saray , Kempinski Hotel Ajman .

The so-called city center is 1.5 km away, about 20 minutes on foot. In fact, the center is a small “patch” on which KFC and Pizza Hut are located. There is a path along the road and the bay, but it is difficult to call it the embankment. Between the hotel and the “center” there are cafes, supermarkets. Near the hotel there is a minimarket, a full-fledged supermarket is near the Ramada Beach Hotel .

How to get to the hotel

If you arrived in the UAE yourself or the price of your tour does not include a transfer, I recommend ordering it yourself. This can be done via the Internet, for example, through the popular service Transfer from Sharjah Airport – from $ 80, from Dubai Airport – from $ 56.

Public transport in the Emirates is not popular and it is mainly used by workers who come to work in the UAE. Yes, and if you are going to a hotel of such a high class, then getting on the “chaise” is not very interesting 🙂


Read more about prices in the UAE. 


Check-in and a room

Check-in at the Fairmont Hotel from 14.00. According to reviews, they can settle earlier if there are free rooms. Our arrival was evening, therefore, they settled only around 10 pm. There was no one besides us and we were immediately settled, advising on all issues. At the reception there is a Russian-speaking staff, but not always. In any case, even without knowledge of English you will be populated, and all questions can be asked later by a Russian-speaking employee.

If you have two meals a day, and you don’t have time for dinner at the main restaurant (until 10.00 p.m.), you can have dinner in Italian (order must be made before 21.30 p.m.), or in the Turkish restaurant, it works until one in the morning. The limit of 100 dirhams per person is about $ 27. The dish in the restaurant is on average worth it.

turkish restaurant at fairmont ajman hotel
Dinner at a Turkish restaurant

Double room with sea view. Here is a photo of the apartments:

fairmont ajman number

view from the room of the fairmont ajman hotel
View from the balcony

Two large beds, a TV, a work desk, a coffee machine and a kettle, drinking water (4-6 bottles are replenished daily).

fairmont ajman reviews
Tea and coffee is replenished daily

beds in fairmont ajman

The bathroom has a shower and bath.

fairmont bathroom

There is also an iron, ironing board, safe.

is there an iron in fairmont ajman

Bathrobes and slippers.

bathrobes and slippers in Fairmont Ajman

Cosmetics from New York-based company Le Labo, but to be honest, I did not like the smell.

cosmetics in fairmont ajman

There was a balcony in the room with two armchairs.


Deposit at Fairmont Ajman

One of the main questions that excites tourists is whether to leave a deposit at the Fairmont Ajman. There are two options – either you leave the deposit in cash (if you leave it in dollars, then return it to you in dirhams) or on the card, or pay for all services on the spot (for example, in a bar or restaurants). The approximate deposit is $ 100 per day, but you can leave less, for example, $ 300 per week. That is, in fact, you determine the size of the deposit yourself. We did not leave. And they didn’t order anything additionally.

By the way, if you are going to another hotel in the UAE, you may be asked to leave your passport as a security deposit. The guide said that this is normal practice and there is nothing wrong with that.

Tourist tax in UAE hotels

Recently, a tourist tax has been introduced in UAE hotels. An average of $ 2-3 per day per person. That is in 5 * hotels the tourist fee will be about $ 40-50 per week. If you book via booking, please note that the service charge is also not included in the price.

We did not charge a tourist tax (we had a tour), perhaps it was already included in the tour price. Tourists from other hotels said they paid around $ 40 upon arrival. Therefore I recommend having money in case you still have to pay the fee.

Hotel amenities and meals

So what is in the hotel. The most important thing is your own beach with sunbeds, umbrellas and free towels in unlimited quantities and without any collateral.

Pool at Fairmont Ajman Hotel
Pool and beach view
sea ​​fairmont ajman
Sandy beach, entrance to the sea

Also, a chic swimming pool with sea views, with convenient descent along the stairs and a bar. There are also sun loungers around the pool. Unfortunately, I have to take them early (although I am opposed to this, but the prospect of staying all day in the scorching sun is not good).

There is a spa. Prices are quite high.

Free gym and sauna.

Wi-fi throughout the hotel (even on the beach) is free.

Transfer to Sharjah – 3 times a week. Transfer to Dubai Mall – daily (11.30-19.30), booked in 3-4 days.

The hotel has 3 restaurants – the main Spectrum, open for breakfast and dinner, buffet.

Italian restaurant – for lunch and dinner.

The Turkish restaurant is open in the evening.

Italian and Turkish – on the menu. As already mentioned, the average price of a dish is $ 27-30.

As for the main restaurant, the choice of food is, of course, very large. Breakfast, as elsewhere, is standard, the choice is wide and complaining that “breakfast is monotonous” is to make people laugh. They may be monotonous, but all 6 days I ate completely different food. By the way, if you don’t like plain coffee, you can always ask the waiter for a cappuccino. It’s free. I did not see freshly squeezed juices. But there are an omelet or scrambled eggs.

breakfast at fairmont ajman

By the way, if you have an early departure, order breakfast take away on the eve: rolls, juice, fruits. It’s not bad at all 🙂

For dinner, there is also a large selection, divided into 4 zones – European, Arab, Indian and Asian. Also, there are always rolls, lots of desserts, fruits, and also a chocolate fountain.

dinners at the fairmont hotel food at fairmont ajman

Maybe now they will throw stones at me, but for me personally there wasn’t enough “luxury” in my diet: I wanted seafood, elite cheeses, red fish (I only had breakfast for the first 3 days), ice cream. The meat is mainly chicken. In principle, everything is edible and always full. But, I repeat, it did not reach a bit.

There is also a poolside bar, a lobby bar, a bar on the second floor on the terrace and another Caribbean beach bar.

bar at the fairmont hotel


The price for booking is from $ 200 with breakfast per day (city tax and service charge are not included).

How to book

You can book a hotel through (how to buy cheap flights read here), buy a tour at the office of a travel company, or online without leaving home (by the way, in the latter case, you can save by buying a last-minute tour).

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