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In this article I talk about the Club Hotel Cormorano 4 * (Nicolaus Club Cormorano Baja Sardinia) in Sardinia, in which we had a rest with our parents in September 2019. This is one of the few hotels in Italy that operate on the All Inclusive system. In the article I will show a photo of the hotel, tell you about its main advantages, about what is included in the all-inclusive system.

Hotel location

4 * Hotel Club Hotel Cormorano 4 * (Nicolaus Club Cormorano Baja Sardinia) is located in the resort of Baia Sardinia, on the Costa Smeralda, 30 km from Olbia Airport, about 5 km from the town of Porto Cervo. The beach is 250 meters away.

Hotel address: Via dei Pini 15 – 07021 Baja Sardinia (OT)

Distance to the nearest beaches:

  • Cala Battistoni Beach – 250 meters
  • Tre Monti Beach – 1.6 km
  • Cala Bitta Beach – 2.5 km
  • Phi Beach (disco club) – 1.5 km

Olbia Airport is 30 km away, and Cagliari Airport is 300 km away.

To get from the airport, I ordered a private transfer. Public transport on the island is very poorly developed, so it is almost impossible to get there by bus.

How to get to the hotel from Olbia Airport

I booked an individual transfer. For the first time I tried to order it through booking, and not through transfer booking services. What did you like:

  1. It was cheaper than kiwi
  2. The driver was waiting with a sign
  3. The first road was given a car a class higher

What did not like:

  1. The driver’s confirmation and contacts simply didn’t come to the post office: neither after booking, nor a day before the transfer. I had to write in support of booking (in English) at a transplant in Moscow to send confirmation and contacts. And they understood that I didn’t need it the first time, they sent template letters. The second time the same story – no letters, no SMS. I had to write again.
  2. There is no Russian-speaking support. The same kiwitaxi support works very well when I ordered a kiwi transfer in Valencia , and our plane was delayed, I wrote to the support address, they answered me within 5 minutes and contacted the driver themselves and warned about the delay. Here, I had to send SMS messages to the driver myself when the waiting hour at the airport was already running out, while we were still waiting in line for passport control.
  3. On the way back, the car turned out to be worse, and the driver took some “goat paths” along the serpentine.

Kiwitaxi transfer will cost from 95 euros.

Therefore, choose for yourself: take a taxi upon arrival or book a transfer to one of the above companies.

With public transport, as I wrote above, the trouble. There is very little information on the Internet. But something like this:

Option 1.

Bus Turmotravel Airport Olbia – Artsaken

The schedule can be viewed through the website of the Olbia airport But at the time of writing (November 2019) the schedule is old – for 2019 and only for the summer season.

Next is the bus of Artsacena – Bahia Sardinia

Even at the bus stops there are several schedules that do not converge between each other or with Google. Here is all that I photographed at the bus stop:

The Paolo Dettori stop is the stop in Artsacen.

Option 2

Airport Olbia – Olbia, and then the bus Olbia – Bahia – Sardinia.

Here is a schedule I have, I don’t know how true it is:

Option 3. Line 80 bus carrier Sunlines Airport Olbia – Baia Sardinia. Direct route, schedule at But it seems that this route runs only in the summer.

I recommend not to bother and order a transfer.

Check-in and a room

Check in at the hotel from 17:00, we arrived at about 13 hours and we immediately settled. We booked a standard triple room, but for the first two days we were accommodated in a family two-room apartment.

One standard triple room (in the other room it was exactly the same)

sardinia hotels

The second room has two more beds. The photo is so blue because of the blue window and the color of the walls.

sardinia hotels 4

The view from the room was lateral to the sea and mountains. The hotel overlooks the pool and bar. Cars practically do not drive along the street, but sometimes music from the bar opposite can disturb. Also near the church, bells are loudly beaten at 8 am and at 4 pm.

sardinia hotels reviews

the best hotels of sardinia

The room has a TV and a small wardrobe. There wasn’t enough space for three.

sardinia 4 star hotels

There is a coffee machine (after all, this is Italy!), But we never used it. And for some reason for three there are only two circles …

sardinia hotels prices

The minibar was filled on the first day (it’s free): juice and soda

hotels of sardinia italy

They put water every day (2 bottles of carbonated and 2 bottles of ordinary)

Sardinia hotels

There is a safe, free

hotels bahia sardinia

The bathtub is decorated in a marine style – in blue colors. Large sink

Toilet, bidet and shower


The cosmetics are ordinary, but quite pleasant. Towels are changed every day (but if you drop them on the floor, or on the sink), if something remains clean, you can not change.

We did the cleaning every day, we had no complaints.

Hotel amenities and meals

Wifi only in public places (at the reception and by the pool I worked less), I used my SIM cards with the Internet, therefore, wifi was not very relevant to me.

The hotel has a nice pool, deep.

Sardinia hotels photos

Towels for the pool and beach can be taken at the reception. A security deposit of 10 euros and 2.5 euros for each exchange (as explained to us on the first day, but they didn’t take it during the exchange either upon departure).

Poolside pool bar.

bahia sardinia

Here is a place for evening animation (almost like in Turkey :)) and tables / sofas for relaxing.

bahia sardinia reviews

Nearby is a small children’s area with a swing

The hotel has 1 restaurant, it runs tomorrow and lunch and dinner.

The hotel does not have its own parking, although I saw that several cars were parked near the entrance. Check at the reception if necessary.

According to information on booking, the hotel has a spa salon. Honestly, I was not interested and did not even know where he was and what was being offered there.

The staff speaks Italian and English.

The hotel has an ALL Inclusive system. What is included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch with drinks (red wine, white wine, beer, soda like cola – freely available, without restrictions; bottled still / carbonated water is always on the tables)
  • Dinner with drinks (same as lunch)
  • Drinks at the bar: bottled water, cola, sprite, fanta, iced tea, juices, espresso, coffee, cappuccino (really good), milk, hot tea, chamomile tea, draft beer, mirto (Sardinian myrtle alcoholic liquor, very “amateur”), limoncello (not bad), grappa.

  • Also, gelato (about 6 flavors) and granite (lemon, strawberry, mint) are served throughout the day.


Gelato, of course, commercial, has nothing to do with this Italian gelato, but overall normal.

Now about nutrition. It is great. Breakfast, of course, is modest, but by the standards of Italy – it is very good.

Sardinia Hotels + All Inclusive

Here is a paradise for lovers of buns))) By the way, croissants are delicious, which is rare for large hotels.

Sausages, cheese, but literally 1-2 species. Yoghurts, milk, cereal, jams, nutella. Some fruits. Coffee – from the machine.

Lunch with dinner is another matter: ham, prosciutto, several varieties of Italian and Sardinian cheeses, seafood, salads, various snacks.

There is always pasta / risotto, sometimes soup (usually for dinner), several hot dishes (you can choose from or you can try everything).

The pasta is hot with the distribution, but no one limits how much you say, they put so much on the plate. No one will look crooked if you come a second time.

One dinner was “fishy”, there were a lot of fish, seafood, huge shrimp.

In general, all products are of high quality, the wine is not bad.


The nearest beach is 250 meters away, it is very close, literally 2-3 minutes from the hotel pool. The beach is private, prices are high. 10 euros per day per unit (umbrella / sunbed). That is, for 2 sunbeds and one umbrella 30 euros per day. The price includes Wi-Fi (the password is the same all the time), toilet, shower (shower with coins, you need to go to the employee and ask).

sardinia beaches hotels

In the area where the loungers are installed, you should not lie on your towel. If you do not want to pay for sunbeds, you can lie on your own in a dedicated strip near the sea.

sardinia hotels with a sandy beach

On the beach there is a bar, restaurant, you can buy ice cream or drink coffee.

Price per room

At the end of August and the beginning of September 2019, I booked the hotel for 2563 euros (7 nights, triple room), 366 euros per night. The rate is irrevocable. Booked in 3 weeks. Payment was withdrawn 3 days after booking.

For 2020, the prices on are (7 nights, double room, breakfast and dinner are included):

– in May – from 1050 euros

– in June – from 1350 euros

– in July – from 1750 euros

– in August – from 2680 euros

– in September – from 1180 euros.



beach hotels in sardinia

How to book

Booked via booking [ reservation link ]. There were no problems. You can also compare prices on

If you haven’t yet booked a hotel on your own, I recommend my article “5 reliable reservation systems” with booking instructions.

That’s all! I recommend this hotel for a vacation in Sardinia! Share the article on social networks, bookmark it! If you want to recommend your hotel in Sardinia, write a short review in the comments!

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