This article will be about the Chopin Hotel in Genoa. The hotel as a whole made a good impression, so I can safely recommend it.

Hotel location

I chose a hotel in Genoa long enough and decided to book a Chopin hotel not immediately. I could not decide whether to book better in the Old Town, or in the port and train station. At first glance, it seemed that it was better somewhere in a quiet street of the Old City than here, in the thick of events, people, noise, etc. (Genoa is a large port and, accordingly, scary pictures were drawn in the imagination)))). After studying many reviews and comments, I came to the conclusion that it is still better here. I will explain why.

genoa old town
The old city looks as if from the movie “Diamond Arm”

The old city is such a labyrinth of narrow streets that resembles frames from the film “Diamond Hand” (“Ziegel-Ziegel, Aylulu”, there are really girls at every step who are hiding from one kind of camera, you know). In the reviews, I also read that there are a lot of black guys there, whose appearance does not cause peace (honestly, I especially did not see them there). There are no prostitutes near the hotel, in the evening the streets are half empty, the location of the station next door in no way bothers or bothers me (I didn’t immediately notice it), but there is the same station to leave from it, for example, to Portofino . Nearby is the metro. Nearby (literally 50 meters) there is a bus stop (we arrived in the city and left it on flixbus buses that stop right here). Near the port (who cares about cruises, etc.).


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If security is a concern, the hotel is constantly closing, and not only the front door, but also the door to the floor. And next to the hotel there is an excellent restaurant Da Mario. Very fast service, the dishes are very tasty, and the price for Italy is just ridiculous (for example, two huge plates of pasta with seafood and a decanter of wine cost 20 euros; and a full dinner made of prosciutto melone, mussels, squid, grilled shrimp, wine, dessert and coffee – at 30 euros!)

mario restaurant genoa
Such a lunch will cost you only 20 euros

Everything in the photo below + dessert and coffee cost only 30 euros:

restaurant in genoa  mussels at mario restaurantsquid and shrimp in a mario restaurant

The location of the hotel and restaurant is shown on the map:

How to get to the hotel

So how to get to the Chopin hotel. From the bus stop, from the metro, from the Piazza Principe station – on foot in just a couple of minutes.

From the city center – on foot in 15 unhurried steps.

Since we arrived in Genoa by bus, we did not use the airport, however, I found information for you. In fact, there are not many options here: bus, taxi and rented car. Every 20-60 minutes, the Volabus shuttle bus leaves the airport for the following stops: Via Cornigliano, Via Pacinotti, Piazza Acquaverde ( Principe FS), De Ferrari (city center), Brignole (station about 4 km from the hotel). A bus travels to the city in about 30 minutes and 6 euros. More information about the airport can be found on the official website Bus schedule below:

Genoa bus from the airport

As for taxis, it is important to remember that Genoa is by nature closer to the southern cities of Italy, where you need to be on the lookout, and taxi drivers, most likely, do not speak English. If it’s more convenient for you to use a taxi to get to the hotel, then in Genoa I would recommend booking a taxi in advance through a proven service. This way you can avoid not only the language barrier, but also possibly save money. The cost of a taxi when ordering through the Kiwitaxi service will be from 40 euros. You can pick up a car and find out more here .

If you decide to rent a car, then it’s more profitable to do it through the service (I often book with them), read more about car rental in travel in this article .


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Check-in and room

Settlement starts at 13:00, at about this time we arrived, so we settled quickly. An important nuance: when paying with a card in euros, the payment was withdrawn in rubles! And not only at us. This is a little upset. They could not explain it to me. Therefore, I recommend that you prepare cash for payment if you do not want to lose a certain amount on the conversion. Payment is due upon check-in.

Hotel Chopin in Genoa
View from the room to the port and the lighthouse, as well as neighboring houses

The booking indicated that even the employees speak Russian, but no one spoke to us in Russian, they understand in English, this is enough 🙂

The room is standard, without a balcony. At first it seemed like a view of some backyards, but in fact a view from the window to the port and the lighthouse (symbol of Genoa), and next to it were just neighboring houses, roofs where people dry their clothes and sometimes go out to relax.

Here is a photo of the apartment:

hotel chopin room
Bed, table. cupboard, tv and fake dresser – what else do you need :)))
Hotel bathroom Chopin
shower in chopin hotel room
Small shower

If you are used to sleeping on high pillows, it is better to immediately ask the maid for extra, because the pillows are very low. They brought me literally within 3 minutes after my request. If you do not know Italian, then all requests are through the reception. Or google translator to help. By the way, there is wifi, it works well.

Hotel amenities and meals

I did not particularly notice the additional amenities at the hotel; there is a breakfast room. Hall is small, literally on 4 tables. Of course, you will find what to eat, but get ready that the choice is not very chic. Nevertheless, buns, yoghurts, sausages, cheese, cookies, bananas, boiled eggs, juice, tea, coffee – all this is there.

tomorrow hotel chopin genoa
The breakfast is modest, but in principle you can choose something. And you can not order breakfast, but dine in the city. You decide


From 65 euros per night. With breakfast +5 euros. It is up to you to take breakfast at the hotel, or eat in the city.

Important: 1 euro per day per person – city tax is not included. You need to pay separately.

How to book

I booked through booking. I think that in this case it’s not worth bothering. Book here .

You can also compare prices on , but for this hotel, booking is the most profitable.


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