We spent three days on the Costa Blanca at the Hotel Brisa in Benidorm . The hotel left only the most pleasant impressions, I share them with you.

Hotel location

Hotel Brisa is located on the seafront. Some sources write that this is not the first line, but the second, because there is a road between the hotel and the beach. The road is very loudly said. A small one-way track along which cars sometimes pass, or a tourist train. Basically, pedestrians walk on it 🙂

hotel breeze benidorm
The same “road” between the hotel and the beach

The hotel is located at the very end of the Levante beach (in Benidorm there are two main beaches – Poniente beach and Levante beach, between them there is a small cape, Balcón del Mediterráneo, the city center is higher on the map. The balcony is about 2 km. From the main noisy bars, the Hotel Briza is aside, this is a plus – no one is making noise under the windows. Again, you can get to a party in 5-10 minutes. Around the hotel there are a lot of shops, cafes, just 100 meters away – a makduck, a burger king and then a subway (if suddenly it’s relevant to anyone )

Here is the location of the hotel on the map:

How to get to the hotel

Alsa buses run from Alicante Airport to Benidorm. The ticket costs 9.80 euros, it takes about an hour to get there (express, non-stop in Alicante itself). Buses depart from the airport in Benidorm from 8:00 to 21:00, once per hour. In Benidorm, the bus stops at the bus station, about 3 km from the hotel (we walked for about 30 minutes), and there may also be a stop at  Benidorm Avd. Europa (specify when buying a ticket). From this station, the hotel is only 1.3 km away, or 12-15 minutes in leisurely steps with luggage.

Additional information can be found on the airport website http://www.aena.es/en/alicante-airport/index.html, as well as on the carrier website Alsa https://www.alsa.es/en/home

A taxi from Alicante airport will cost from 70 euros, you can order it in advance via the Internet (I recommend this service – the price for a car is from 66 euros), here on the website you can order a group transfer TO THE HOTEL – from 11 euros.

The hotel can also be reached from Alicante, about this – in a this article .

Of course, for those who still plan to drive around Spain, it is better to rent a car. It is cheaper to book through a broker, for example, I use the rentalcars website , which I have already written about several times.


Read more about car rental abroad .


Check-in and a room

Check in at the Brisa Hotel , Benidorm , from 14:00. We arrived at about 12:00, our room was ready. Very polite staff at the reception, asked how we are doing, issued the room keys with a gorgeous view of the sea! By the way, when leaving with us, one of the employees even spoke in Russian!

hotel brisa
our room
hotel breeze
The room has everything you need for convenience: air conditioning, wardrobe, mirror, TV, minibar, work desk …

The room is quite spacious, bright, with a balcony, its own bathroom (with shower). There is a wardrobe, a free safe, which opens only with a card. A lot of pillows, there is a minibar. By the way, the price of drinks is quite loyal. Who cares – there is no corkscrew in the room (but when we needed to open the bottle, we asked at the bar, of course, we were not refused)

minibar at brisa hotel
Mini bar
minibar prices at the breeze hotel
In the photo you can see the prices. Water – 1.8, cola and juice -2 euros, beer – 3.5.

The bathroom has a hairdryer, many different cosmetics, even sets with toothbrushes. Towels are not enough (only large and for hands), but in principle we had enough. To change the towels during cleaning, you need to drop them on the floor.

hotel brisa spain
Bathroom with shower

I know that this is not accepted, but since we traveled only with hand luggage, we could not take beach towels with us, we had to go to the pool with towels from the room. And here I want to note: they put extra clean towels in our room. I’m sure that if you don’t have enough towels, you can just ask for additional ones.

hotel breeze spain
The balcony offers a wonderful view

The room has a large balcony with a table and chairs, you can relax there both during the day and in the evening. The only thing is that you don’t need to weigh towels and pants in the balcony (there is an administration announcement with the request at the reception).

brisa spain
The balcony is pleasant not only in the afternoon, but also in the evening (well, you understand me)

Hotel amenities and meals

The hotel has a swimming pool (although small, but nonetheless), a sun terrace (also small, in the summer, I think there isn’t much space for it, it is better to go to the sea), a bar (tables both by the pool and indoors). By the way, the bar even hosts some evenings of live music 🙂

pool at hotel brisa
Small pool and sun terrace
brisa beach cafe
Terrace bar

The hotel has a small gym.

gym in the breeze hotel

There is only one restaurant; breakfast, lunch and dinner are held here.

As for nutrition – we are more than satisfied. In fact, a large enough choice to eat, including an adult man. Every day, lunches and dinners are different. In addition to the main hot dishes (by the way, very tasty cooked), a lot of cold and hot snacks. Here are a few photos:      hotel brisa fooddinner at the breeze hotel

hotel in benidorm
There are few desserts, for me, this is for the better 🙂
food at the brisa hotel
In the evening of national dishes – do-it-yourself shawarma

Breakfast is standard, but the choice is very large. We didn’t even have time to try everything in 3 days.

benidorm hotelbenidorm hotel brisabenidorm brisa hotelThere are a lot of fruits – like slicing, for example, in April there were already melons and even fresh pineapples, as well as “ordinary” fruits – apples, bananas, kiwi, plums.

brisa hotelhotel brisaThere is always (including breakfast) ice cream.

fruit at the breeze hotel
Light dessert

Drinks for breakfast are included, for lunch and dinner are paid, as in all of Europe. The price tag is more than humane.

prices at hotel brisa


The cost of a room in full board (3 meals a day) – from 110 euros per day. Plus drinks. During the summer months, booking can be booked for a minimum of 5 nights.

In our case (I noticed this a long time ago), that taking a hotel with meals is much more profitable than booking accommodation without meals and eating in restaurants. Firstly, you don’t have to worry about choosing where to go, what to order, how not to go broke at dinner, etc. And secondly, the buffet is the buffet: did not like one, take another.

How to book

If you are traveling on your own, and not through a travel agency, it is better to book at Booking.com . Choose a suitable room and food, and enjoy the rest 🙂

You can also choose any other hotel in Benidorm, here are some examples:


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