This is the final article about holidays in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. I’ll tell you how to plan your summer holiday in Cyprus so that you will remember this vacation only with positive emotions.

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Holidays in Cyprus – pros and cons
Where to live in Ayia Napa, Ayia Napa beaches
Vacation in Cyprus on a package tour
Holidays in Cyprus alone (tickets, transfer, visa)
Apartments in Cyprus
Insurance in Cyprus
Car rental in Cyprus
Prices in Cyprus
Tours in Cyprus
Ayia Napa Attractions

What to do in Ayia Napa and who is suitable for holidays in Cyprus

So, for starters, I’ll tell you about the pros and cons of holidays in Cyprus , this should help you decide if this country is right for you, or it’s better to choose another place to stay.

The main “cons”:

  • There are few attractions, mainly natural (sea, cliffs, beaches, mountains) and local life (especially village) – as a tourist attraction. A couple of strange legends about the birth of Aphrodite from sea foam, as well as the border between Northern (Turkish) and Southern Cyprus. There is nothing more ambitious here.
  • It is not cheap to relax here, from buying a ticket to restaurants and groceries in stores.
  • Not conforming to the European level, that is, if you book a 3 star hotel, get ready for the fact that these are not European three stars and most likely the conditions will be more than modest (old furniture in the rooms, plumbing in the bathroom – all that remains at the level of the 90s-2000s). The choice of a 5 * hotel (of which not so many also does not guarantee elegant conditions)

But, not everything is so bad, there are a lot of proses:

Holidays in Ayia Napa
The beaches of Ayia Napa – the main advantage of the island!
  • The most important plus of Cyprus, and especially Ayia Napa, is the gorgeous sea. The cleanest water, soft little white sand, comfortable calls in the sea, which means that such beaches are suitable for small children.
  • Incredible kindness, honesty and helpfulness people. It is rare to meet on a trip that literally every person is so sincere with you, and does not try to deceive you and “cash in” on you.
  • The island has many apartments for rent, which means that if you are used to traveling on your own, to feel at home, then you have plenty to choose from. In addition, by choosing apartments, you can significantly save both on housing and food (cook yourself).
  • Simplified visa to Cyprus (Pro-visa), which is issued in just a day via the Internet. No need to collect a bunch of documents like Schengen and wait about 2 weeks. By the way, a visa is issued free of charge;)
  • Due to the fact that the visa is issued very quickly, you can “catch” a “burning” tour to Cyprus (at the height of summer, the probability is of course small, but at the beginning or end of the season it is likely), which means that the tour will cost you much cheaper.
  • Everywhere they speak Russian, so for those who have problems with foreign languages ​​it will be comfortable here. Again, if you prefer “tours without Russians”, then choose another place))

To summarize. If you want to soak up the beach, you are unpretentious in terms of choosing hotels, you are not looking for world-famous attractions, but also if you managed to buy a last-minute tour, then a holiday in Cyprus is for you 🙂


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Where to live in Ayia Napa and the beaches of Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa has a lot of good beaches, almost all of them are suitable for families with children. The sea is clean, turquoise as in the picture! The most popular beach is Nissi Beach, about 2 km from the city center. Often there are various parties and discos – relevant for young people. But for those who prefer a relaxing holiday, it is better to choose a different beach. The cost of renting a sunbed and umbrella on the beach is 2.5 euros (7.5 euros for a set of umbrella + 2 sunbeds).

The location of hotels on the beaches of Ayia Napa can be seen on the Map:


Read more about the beaches wrote the article “Ayia Napa Beaches”


Holidays in Cyprus “All inclusive”

All-inclusive holidays are very common in Cyprus. For the price it will, of course, be more expensive than a similar vacation in Turkey, and the food, most likely, is not so diverse. However, when vacationing with a large family or company, the choice of an All Inclusive vacation is very advantageous. The easiest way to buy a tour to such a hotel. If you prefer to book a hotel, you can see it at , just select the all-inclusive meals in the filters (although there are few hotels at all-inclusive)

Holidays in Cyprus: how to travel to Cyprus and Ayia Napa – on a trip or on your own

When planning a holiday in Cyprus, the question arises quite reasonably: how best to go to Cyprus – buy a ticket, or go on your own. According to my calculations, when preparing for the trip, ceteris paribus, it is more profitable to buy a ready-made tour. If this is a burning tour, then it will be even more profitable, but in this case you are limited in the choice of hotel, as well as the duration of the tour. For those who like to make their own routes, for those who want to spend more time in Cyprus (for example, a month or two), it is better to plan a vacation in Cyprus  on their own according to their needs.

Cyprus for independent travelers

For those planning independent holidays in Cyprus (in Ayia Napa) , I can give the following tips for optimizing the cost of holidays:

  • Either buy tickets in advance for any special offers (if you are not flying from Moscow, then most likely they will be tickets with transfers, since direct flights are much more expensive), or buy “last-minute” charter tickets that appear on sale literally for a week or two before departure (again, in the season the probability is low). By the way, the Skyscanner finds charters very well , but if this is a regular ticket, it is better to compare the prices on jetradar.
  • Book apartments (this will help to save on housing, especially if the duration of your vacation exceeds 2-3 weeks)
  • Cooking on your own and eating at home will also help to save a significant part of the money, because, I repeat, eating in restaurants in Cyprus is not cheap at all, and you won’t last long at fast food.
  • Rent a car, and explore all the sights on your own, and not with a guided tour. It will also help to save money, especially if you are relaxing with a big family or company. You can rent a car at local rental offices, or at . I compared the prices – it turns out cheaper on Rentalcars + sometimes a bonus is given (for example, an additional driver is included and there’s no need to pay extra for it)


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Tickets for Cyprus:

Hotels in Cyprus

As for booking a place of residence, I recommend booking through, since there are not only hotels, but also apartments, there are plenty to choose from. Examples of housing in Cyprus:

Apartments in Cyprus

If you prefer to live in private housing, or want to rent an apartment or a private villa, I recommend searching on the airbnb website (renting housing around the world from local residents, wrote in more detail in the article ). If you have not registered with this service yet, I suggest you do it now using this link . When registering, you will receive a bonus of about $ 20.

Visa to Cyprus

To enter the Republic of Cyprus a visa is required – national, pro-visa or open Schengen.

Please note: if you are entering the island from Northern Cyprus, then these visas will not work. Also specify the question of entering the Republic of Cyprus from the territory of Northern Cyprus, as far as I know, entry with a stamp of Northern Cyprus into the Republic of Cyprus is prohibited (who knows for sure, please write in the comment).


If you arrive on vacation in Ayia Napa (Cyprus) on your  own, then take care of the transfer to the hotel. You can rent a taxi upon arrival, or you can order in advance .

Insurance in Cyprus

Do not forget to take out medical insurance. For those who buy a ready-made tour, insurance is included, for independent tourists you need to take care yourself.

Insurance in Cyprus online . In order not to waste time going to the offices of insurance companies and comparing prices and conditions, I recommend that you use the services of online purchase of medical insurance.

Do I need insurance in Cyprus? Cyprus is not a Schengen country, and therefore it is not necessary to have insurance; it is also not required to apply for a visa. BUT I advise you not to neglect your health and your loved ones, as well as your finances – insurance in Cyprus is inexpensive, and going to the clinic even in case of a common cold will cost you no less than 50 euros! If you are traveling with small children, then insurance is simply necessary, first of all, to you!

Insurance for Cyprus cost . Insurance in Cyprus costs less than 1 euro per day! That is, for 10 days for a family of three, the cost of the policy will be less than 30 euros!

Buy insurance in Cyprus. You can buy insurance in Cyprus at the office of any insurance company, or without leaving home, online.

Mobile Communications in Cyprus

Politically, the island of Cyprus is divided into two parts: the European Republic of Cyprus (in the south), where residents speak Greek, and the KCTS (in the north) – the Turkish-affiliated part, where residents primarily speak Turkish.

This division is reflected in the island’s mobile communications. Therefore, in each part of the island there are mobile operators.

If it’s relevant to someone, then in the northern part these are the operators:

  1. KKTC Turkcell
  2. KKTC Telsim (Vodafone)

In the southern part of the island, the following companies provide mobile communications and data exchange services:

  1. Cytamobile (Vodafone)
  2. MTN
  3. PrimeTel

The cost of a telephone card in Cyprus is 7.5-12 euros, while most of this money is deposited into your account as an advance payment for calls and the Internet. The operator card can be purchased at any kiosk, and then replenish it if necessary. To do this, you can buy payment cards at the same kiosks, or use the services of vending machines.

Car rental in Cyprus

To explore the island, I recommend booking a tour, or renting a car. As for car rental in Cyprus (in particular in Ayia Napa), you can do this:

  • At local rental offices
  • In international companies, such as Europcar, Avis, Budget (in Ayia Napa they are very easy to find, they are located on the main street – Nissi Avenue)
  • Via (read more about the service here ) – an online booking service that operates like Aviales, only for cars, comparing various options. I specifically compared rental prices at Rentalkars, really cheaper, by about 10-15%. In summer, it is better to rent in advance, because the demand for cars there is very high. Read more about renting a car, buggy and bicycles in Cyprus in the article Bicycle rental in Cyprus, renting a car, ATV, buggy


Prices in Cyprus

As I have already said, prices in Cyprus are quite high, perhaps due to the fact that after all, Cyprus is an island. So, water in the supermarket will cost 0.75 euros per 1.5 liters, freshly squeezed juice from 2 euros per 0.5 liters. (if there is a promotion), a bottle of Cyprus wine – from 4 euros (by the way, even the cheapest wine of very good quality), local fruits from 60 cents to 2.2 euros per kg.

Lunch in a restaurant for two will cost you 18-25 euros, dinner with wine an average of 50 euros (depending on your appetite).

Excursions in Cyprus cost from 25 euros per person.


Read more in the article ” Prices in Ayia Napa, food prices in Cyprus


Excursions in Cyprus

Examples of excursions in Cyprus:

If this is your first time in Cyprus, or you want to devote part of your vacation to exploring the island, then I recommend booking one or two excursions. On my first visit I visited 3 excursions, on which I saw:

      1. Larnaca-Nicosia-Lefkaru (traditional mountain Cypriot village)
      2. Limassol – Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s birthplace)
      3. Boat trip along the coast of Ayia Napa.
Ayia Napa boat trip
During a boat trip in 2016

You can book a tour both with a tour operator (group tour) and through the Internet.


Ayia Napa Attractions

There are few attractions in Ayia Napa itself: a medieval Venetian monastery, a sculpture park, and the tombs of Macronissos. I recommend that after visiting these sights, go out of town – visit Cape Greco, see how local people live in the village of Paralimni, go to the fountain show in Protaras. You can get to the “green line” – this is the border with Northern Cyprus, from Ayia Napa literally 10 km.

If this is your first trip to Ayia Napa (Cyprus) and indeed to an island, you may be interested in such sights of the island as Petra tou Romiu beach, where, according to legend, Aphrodite, the capital of Nicosia, mountain villages was born . All this and much more can be visited with a guided tour or on your own by car.


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Well, these are all the points regarding the organization of holidays in Cyprus . Do you have any additional questions, or maybe additions? Refer in the comments. Have a great holiday in Cyprus! Warm summers and bright sunshine!

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