Our short September vacation we spent in Cyprus. Initially, I wanted to spend the autumn holidays in Greece, somewhere in Rhodes or Corfu, exploring local attractions and nearby islands in between visits to the beaches and Greek taverns. In addition, the annual Greek visa ended, on which we traveled once to Greece and once to Germany. But the stars turned out differently … ..


Details about planning and organizing holidays in Cyprus in the article “Holidays in Cyprus” .


Why didn’t I want to go to Cyprus? Firstly, I was already there, and, you can say, I saw a lot. Secondly, prices. In Cyprus, everything is quite expensive: from tour packages or hotel rates to food prices in shops and taverns (read also the article on ” Prices in Ayia Napa “). Moreover, prices in the supermarket are much more expensive than in Sicily and even in Munich! And thirdly, the sights of Cyprus are not sights, for example, Greece, where each stone has its own history and excavations at every step, or Italy with its architecture and rich cultural heritage. You can read dozens of guides, reviews about the island and listen to the guide’s stories about how many beautiful places on the island, legends about the birthplace of Aphrodite, unique mountain villages, etc. etc. In fact, everything is very, very modest. I hope stones from fans and inhabitants of the island still do not fly to me 🙂

Church in Paralimni
Traditional Cypriot Church in Paralimni

If you read up to this place and did not change your mind to spend your vacation in sunny Cyprus, then I tell you why we still chose a holiday in Ayia Napa in Cyprus. First of all, it’s the sea! Sea, sea and sea again! Having traveled a lot of countries, cities and resorts, I can say that the sea in Cyprus is perhaps one of the best (at least in Europe). Crystal clear water, white sand, cozy bays with water of all shades of blue, blue and turquoise, fairly clean beaches with well-developed infrastructure. And the choice of these beaches in Ayia Napa is quite large – you can visit the new beach at least every day! Beaches for every taste and color – and party Nissi Beach, and family Makronissos, and cozy Sandy Bay ….

Nissi Beach, Cyprus
Nissi Beach beaches – Ayia Napa’s most publicized beach

In addition to the beaches, your stay in Ayia Napa will be “made” by the local Cypriots. Perhaps there are few places where you can meet such friendly, sincere people who are ready to help you, advise the best. They will honestly say that “there are postcards, but they’re not very”, that “this buggy is so-so,” but they will not “whip” the one that is more expensive, they don’t cheat in cafes and restaurants (and we carefully checked after Sicily all checks and change!), they apologize if they suddenly hesitated with the service, and they just smile at you sincerely!

Thirdly, this, of course, is Cypriot cuisine with huge portions, compliments from the tavern, as well as Greek Cypriot sweets.

Lunch at the Cyprus Tavern
Lunch at the Cyprus Tavern

For many , the absence of a visa will be an undoubted advantage of a holiday in Ayia Napa and Cyprus. Rather, a visa is needed, but it is issued online and completely free of charge. If you buy a ready-made tour, then your travel agent will do everything for you. Together with the package of documents you will receive a printout of this “Pro-visa”, which you need to take with you, but in fact it is not checked anywhere, all the information in the database and at the border control will just put a stamp on you. The visa is single-entry, with a corridor of entry for six months. The visa is national, so you can enter it in Cyprus, but not in the Schengen countries.

And also, if you come to rest in Ayia Napa , then you can not worry if you are not so smooth with foreign languages. Almost everyone speaks Russian, in hotels, in shops, restaurants, on the beach – everywhere there is a Russian or Russian-speaking staff. Yes, and 99% of your neighbors in the hotel and the beach will be our compatriots 🙂 Almost no one speaks Greek, the main language of communication is English (Cyprus is the former English colony from which English was left, English breakfast is everywhere, “wrong” power sockets, and also left-hand traffic).

Well, back to the sights. Despite the fact that the sights are rather scarce, Cyprus offers many excursions, during which you can get acquainted with the history, culture, legends of Cyprus, see Cyprus life, see the diversity of natural areas (not only coastal resorts, but also mountain villages, waterfalls, vineyards, monasteries and wineries). You can go round all this yourself by car, or by buying an excursion – from a tour operator, at a hotel, or via the Internet.


And Ayia Napa is a resort for everyone. For young people, this is a barstreet in Ayia Napa, where the party begins closer to midnight and lasts all night. For children, it’s an amusement park and sandy beaches with a gentle approach to the sea, for active tourists, it’s hiking, walking, cycling, for those who like to ride with the breeze, it’s buggies, mopeds and ATVs; for pensioners – morning walks or bike rides on excellent bike paths; for lovers of delicious food – endless Cypriot taverns. If you suddenly forgot someone – write in the comments 🙂

Lunapark in Ayia Napa
Ayia Napa Luna Park will be interesting not only for children but also for adults

Why did we choose a holiday in Ayia Napa ? Honestly, we were invited to the wedding by relatives (yes, by the way, grooms and brides! This island is for you too! Why not play a wedding there?), And having considered the various options, I realized that in this case it’s easier and more profitable to buy a travel voucher to Cyprus and relax there, without flights, numerous connections and changes of airports and hotels. If anyone is interested, we lived in the Euronapa hotel (this is an apart-hotel, our room consisted of 2 rooms: a bedroom and a living room, and a small kitchenette with everything necessary, though we did not use anything except a kettle and a refrigerator 🙂 and there were 2 air conditioners, and even “the most necessary” on vacation – 2 TVs))). Who needs to know more – write in the comments.

Wedding in cyprus
Cyprus – one of the most popular “wedding” places

What did we do in Ayia Napa? We lounged on the beach , swam, rode buggy on the Green Line (border with Turkish Cyprus) , rented bicycles for trips to the beaches and the sculpture park, watched the show of “singing fountains” in Protaras, met the sunset on Cape Capo Greco , had dinner in a traditional Cypriot tavern 🙂


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