Hallstatt is a small town, or rather, even a village in Austria. Its population is a little more than 800 people, but because of its popularity, the number of tourists is much more then the number of local residents. In this post I will show you my pictures of Hallstatt, talk about the sights, as well as how to get there and where to spend the night.

Sights and photos of Hallstatt


Hallstatt website: http://www.hallstatt.net

As I said, the number of tourists at times exceeds the population of Hallstatt. All of them (all of us actually) want to see with their own eyes the place that has been seen hundreds of times on posters, postcards and instagram. This is the most classic view to Hallstatt:

hallstatt austria

Many residents do not like such a large number of tourists with cameras, cameras and especially drones

city ​​hallstatt

All the windows are drawn and it seems that this city is really a museum. Just like a picture.

Hallstatt village

What can you see in Hallstatt?

Hallstatt Salt Mines (Salzwelten Hallstatt)

The town is located on a small plot of land between the mountains and Lake Hallstatt. As early as the 5th century BC Hallstatt was famous for its salt production – salt was mined on an industrial scale, which ensured financial well-being and prosperity for the entire region. Today, salt mines are one of the most popular attractions in the city.

Tours are conducted for tourists (in English and German), and you can feel yourself like a real salt producer.

For 2017, the ticket price was: 22 € (adult), also, to get there, you need to use the funicular, one way 9 €, round trip 16 €. A comprehensive ticket to visit the mines and funicular will cost 30 €.

All detailed information, including the schedule and the current price of tickets can be found on the official website at the link

hallstatt funicular

Hallstatt Sky Walk Observation Deck

If you want to enjoy the panorama of the city from a height of 360 meters, then visit the observation deck. There is a site on the way to the salt mines. You can get there either by funicular (see price above) or on foot. The site itself is free. The path to the site and back on foot + time on the site takes about 1 hour 50 minutes.

We didn’t go to this site, since we had already visited the “5 fingers” viewpoint , that day there were enough viewing 🙂

Chapel of St. Michael (Michaelskapelle)

Another attraction of Hallstatt. On the ground floor of this two-story church is Beinhaus, that is, the ossuary, with more than 1200 skulls. Due to the limited location of the city, the burial in the Hallstatt cemetery is temporary. That is, every 10 years, the remains are removed, bleached and signed, and then put on public display in the chapel. Now this tradition is becoming a thing of the past due to the spread of the cremation procedure, however, by will, the bones of a city citizen can be put up in the church. Entrance to the ossuary 1,5 €

Hallstatt Catholic Church (Katholische Pfarrkirche Hallstatt)

This is another Hallstatt church built in the 12th century. There is a cemetery in front of the church.

Evangelical Church (Evangelische Kirche)

hallstatt church

The very church that flaunts on all postcards and paintings. Built in the 18th century, the church continues to this day. Various concerts and other cultural events are held in this church.

The main square of the city – Markt Platz

As in all cities, Hallstatt has a central Market Square. The area is small but very beautiful. And with a huge number of tourists.

Hallstatt Attractionswhat to see in hallstatt

Hallstatt Museum (Welterbemuseum Hallstatt)

Despite the fact that Hallstatt is a small village with a population of 800 inhabitants, there is even a museum of the city’s history. The development of salt mines and the city itself can be found in the Welterbemuseum Hallstatt. The official website of the museum is http://www.museum-hallstatt.at/ (in German). Entrance to the museum 8 €.

Hallstatt Museum

And, of course, the attractions of Hallstatt are its “toy” houses built in 5 levels and a lake with ducks and swans.

Hallstatt Lakecity ​​hallstatt austria

What to do in Hallstatt

  • Take a photo of the most photographed view in the Romishes area
  • Take a photo in a national Tyrolean costume (the female is called dirndl, male trakt). You can rent in several stores. An average of 22 € in the first hour, then 6 €, 35 € for 4 hours.
  • You can take a cruise on the lake. Big cruise costs 10 € for 2 hours, Small cruise (Hallstatt-Obertraun) 8.5 € (round-trip), 1 hour.

Hallstatt lake austria

  • Take a swim in a cold lake (the water temperature was about 17 degrees in September, when the heat was 30 degrees outside). Beach marked on the map.
Is it possible to bathe in Hallstatt
Have you ever swam with this view? 🙂
hallstatt beach
Beach in Hallstatt
  • Take a walk around the non-tourist part of Hallstatt

what to do in hallstattHallstatt village austriawhat to see in hallstatt austria

  • Take a trip to the observation deck “5 fingers”, which is considered the most picturesque in Austria.

Hotels in Hallstatt

The choice of hotels in Hallstatt is small, and the price starts from 140 € per night for a double room.


Obertraun is cheaper to stay (from about 80 €).

In general, I decided to book a stay away from tourist places and chose a hotel in Gosau – about 15 km from Hallstatt (by car for about 15 minutes). Perhaps in winter this place is more popular, since in Austria ski resorts are everywhere. Although in our arrival there were a lot of cars and guests. However, the price is much more reasonable than in Hallstatt.

Our hotel is Gasthof Brandwirt , 94 € per night with breakfast. In winter – more expensive, from about 120 €.

The advantage of the hotel is simply an unreal view from the balcony

Hotels in Hallstatt

Here are more hotel photos and rooms

hotel in gosaugasthof brandwirt gosau

hotels in the alps
Purple sunset in the Alps
where to stay in hallstatt
And it’s dawn already
where to stay in the alps
Landscapes with desktop wallpaper
Hotels in Hallstatt Austria
The hotel has a self-service bar.
Hotels with breakfast Alps
Hearty breakfast at the hotel

How to get to Hallstatt

Of course, traveling to remote places and mountain towns is easiest by car. We rented a car in Prague and had been travelling to Europe for 12 days. I rented car via rentalcars.com. It’s cheaper than on the rental company’s website and I can compare the prices in dozens rentals. 

Entrance to the city – through the tunnel.

Hallstatt how to get

In the city, in fact, there is only one road for cars, therefore, it will be difficult to get lost.

How to get to Hallstatt from Salzburg

Hallstatt how to get from Salzburg

Many tourists who come to Salzburg also want to visit Hallstatt. It’s easier by car, but by public transport or guided tour is possible as well. You can get to Hallstatt from Salzburg:

You can take a train from Salzburg to Hallstatt. On the official website of railway Austria through the route planner,  you can create a route. Transfer at Attnang-Puchheim Bahnhof station, the total travel time is about 2 hours 20 minutes, the train arrives at Hallstatt Bahnhof, and this is the other side of the lake (where Obertraun is located). You can visit the “5 fingers” observation deck and then go to Hallstatt by bus No. 543 or by ferry (schedule here  – you need a ferry from the train station Hallstatt to Hallstatt Markt after train departure). From 24 € per train + 2,5 € per ferry one way.

  • Bus + train + ferry

You can also get to Hallstatt with a connection in Bad Ischl. From Salzburg to Bad Ischl take a bus number 150, then from the Bad Ischl Bahnhof take a train to Hallstatt. Further on the ferry (see point 1). From 13.50 € (bus + train) + 2,5 € (ferry).

  • Individual taxi-transfer

Direct transfers from your hotel or from the airport, in 2 hours, no ferries. From 150 € per car (4 people) one way. 38 euros per person for a four-person trip. To book a transfer visit this website .


See also “From Munich to Salzburg. To Salzburg with a Bavarian ticket »


Hallstatt how to get from Vienna
In a fabulous city, trees are also fabulous

How to get to Hallstatt from Vienna

Another popular destination is Vienna – Hallstatt. How to get there:

In the same way as in the case of Salzburg. The route from Vienna to Hallstatt by train with one change will take 3.5 hours and cost from 52 €. Next by ferry for 2.5 € per person.

  • On blablacar

On the blablacar website you can find travel companions and get by car (non-stop) to the specified route. Now I see options from 22 € per person, the journey takes about 3 hours 50 minutes.

  • On an individual transfer

Non-stop, in 3.5 hours, from your hotel or airport. Price from 400 € per car. You can order it here

Sightseeing tours from Vienna to Hallstatt:

Parking in Hallstatt

So, if you still arrive in Hallstatt by car, then information about parking is useful to you. Parking in Hallstatt is paid and not cheap. But a very convenient system. Throughout the road there are information boards that show how many free spaces there are in one or another parking lot.

It must be said that during the season there are a lot of tourists in Hallstatt, and we were not able to drop into paid parking even the first time, because they were all crowded.

parking in hallstatt

Parking payment system is standard. At the entrance, a card is taken that pays for parking before leaving here in such a terminal.

Parking prices in Hallstatt:

20min – 1 hour: 3.50 euros

1h-2h: 6 euros

2h-3h: 8 Euro

3h-12h: 9 euros

12h-24h: 0.5 Euro for 1 hour.

Prices in Hallstatt

I do not have much information on prices, but for example, prices in a cafe.

prices in hallstatt

prices in hallstatt restaurants
Prices in the restaurant (clickable picture)

how much is a trip to hallstattexcursions to hallstatt

By the way, you can also find budget fast food in Hallstatt, noted it above on the map.

sightseeing tours in hallstatt
You can have a cheap meal in kebab

hallstatt beer

The cost of a hot dog is 3.80 €, drink (cola, fanta) – 1 €.

Magnets approx. 4 €

Hallstatt beer (yes, it turns out, there is one) – 2.90 €. It is sold only in souvenir shops, in a supermarket (also marked on the map) there is no such beer.


Read also my article about prices in Austria .


On this my story about Hallstatt ends, if you have additions or questions, leave comments. If the article was useful to you, share with friends on social networks, add to bookmarks! 


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