While traveling in Portugal in September-October 2018 ( route ), we managed to live in completely different places: both in the shabby hotel in Porto, and in the unusual palace hotel in Bussaco , and in super-comfortable, clean apartments in Lisbon. I’ll tell about the latter in my review.

I found the apartment, as usual, on airbnb, which I wrote about several times . It was not the cheapest option, but cool photos, great reviews and the ability to use the parking space in the garage for free did their job. First things first.

Location of the apartment

apartments in lisbon
Pantheon view from the apartment balcony

The apartments are located not in the center, about 1 km from the Pantheon (you can even see it a little from the balcony), 1.7 km from St. George’s Castle, and about 2 km from Commerce Square. The house is located on a hill (but the whole of Lisbon is located on the hills, so be prepared for this). Read about Lisbon areas here .

We traveled by car ( rented in Valencia ), and walked around Lisbon, so the question of public transport was not before us. You can get to the apartments from Lisbon airport by transfer for 20 euros , I have already used kiwitaxi twice (in Valencia and Paris), both times everything went clearly and without any problems.

If you consider public transport, then Lisboa Santa Apolónia Station is a 9-minute walk from the apartment.


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Settlement and apartment

If you have previously stayed in an apartment, then you know that you need to agree on the time of settlement with the owner. I wrote to the hostess Barbara about the estimated time of arrival, but I forgot to ask for the apartment number. Therefore, when we arrived, I still had to call her.

A rather curious situation happened during our check-in. Despite the fact that I called Barbara and was waiting for her, a woman immediately came up to me, introducing herself as Barbara’s friend, and said that she had two people at the same time and she did not know where to park the car. It’s good that after 5 minutes the real Barbara came up, who doesn’t know that woman at all, and settled us where we needed 🙂

In general, the settlement went well, first we put the car in the parking lot. Interestingly, the parking there is not underground, but built parallel to the floors, that is, the car was almost next to the exit from the apartment. Unfortunately, I did not photograph the parking lot.

The apartment has everything you need. The main thing is a comfortable clean bed, a clean kitchen table, there is a microwave, kettle, sort of like even a dishwasher. The only thing is that the refrigerator did not defrost for a long time.

apartment in lisbon
IKEA style room
Where to stay in Lisbon
Kitchen with necessary appliances
apartments in lisbon where to stay
Microwave and toaster

The bathroom is ordinary, not to say that there is a new repair, but you can wash without problems.

rent apartments in Lisbon
hotels in lisbon
Toilet and Bidet

The apartment has a balcony overlooking the sea and the Pantheon. There is a dryer on the balcony.

lisbon housing
Small but cozy balcony

When they evicted, they drove the car out of the garage, and then they returned and left the keys on the table in the kitchen.


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Price & Booking

During our trip, the price of the apartment was 180 euros for 2 nights.

You can book via airbnb.com at https://www.airbnb.ru/rooms/25398767 If you have not registered with the service yet, register at this link: https://www.airbnb.ru/c/elenak1854 In this case, your account will be 25-30 euros, which can be used already on the first reservation. In the future, you can invite your friends and also receive bonuses for this, for which you can rent a house for free.

By the way, there is housing at the booking – link to the reservation . Booking is not available at the time of writing, but check on your dates.

That’s all! Remember to collect your 25 € bonus on your reservation. You can use it throughout the year.

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