Genoa Airport – the largest airport in Liguria, it receives flights from many European countries, from Russia, and other countries. In this article I will tell you how to get to Genoa from Russia and Europe, as well as how to get from the airport to the city by bus, taxi and car.

Genoa Airport: Useful Information

Genoa International Airport named after Christoform Columbus (named after one of the most famous natives of the city), is located about 6 km from the center in the Sestri Poniente area. There is 1 terminal at the airport; it serves both local and international flights. There is a duty free at the airport.

The official website of Genoa Airport:

On the site you will find an online scoreboard, information about services, as well as directions on how to get to the airport.


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How to get to Genoa

In this part of the article I’ll tell you how to get to the center of Genoa , to the port, as well as to Milan and Turin by different means of transport.

Taxi and Transfer from Genoa Airport

As always, the most convenient way to get to the city is by taxi or transfer. Taxis are at the exit of the airport. Since the distance is only 6 km, you will get to the city as soon as possible. When traveling by taxi in Genoa, it is better to know at least a couple of phrases in Italian (with English, trouble in the city, as in other things, and in most of the rest of Italy). It is better to use the services of an official taxi, or order a transfer in advance. For example, you can book a transfer in Russian through the international Kiwitaxi service ( my review ). Payment can be made in advance so as not to raise this issue when traveling. The car will wait for you, even if the flight is delayed. You can find the transfer on the official website of the service. Here are examples of transfer prices:

Genoa airport transfer

Car hire at Genoa Airport

Car rental is always a good idea! Cars on the road – it is comfort and mobility. You can travel to the places you want, and not to where the train or bus goes. If you plan to spend your vacation only in Genoa, or while relaxing on the beaches of the Ligurian coast, you may not need a car, there are transport links between the major cities, but if you plan to travel, you can’t do without a car. The terminal has offices of several rental companies, but I highly recommend booking in advance, especially during the season. If you do not take care in advance, only cars that are not suitable for you (by model, size, price) can remain. When booking in advance, the car will in any case be assigned to you. You can rent directly from a distributor, or through a broker.


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The cost of renting a car at the Genoa airport is from 50 € for 3 days, and for 98 € you can rent a VW Polo for the whole week (prices depending on the season and the availability of special offers may differ from my example)

car hire at genoa airport

You can find out rental prices or book a car here .

The A10 highway leads to Genoa.

The cost of gasoline in Italy in June 2017 is about 1.60 euros per liter. Do not forget about toll roads. You can calculate the fare on toll roads on the website Other useful information along the route is shown there, for example, where it is more profitable to refuel.

The A7 highway (about 140 km) leads to Milan, this is how the site builds and considers the price of this site:

Genoa Milan by car

Similarly, you can see on other freeways.

By the way, if you plan to travel from Genoa to Turin , then check out the article where I described options for moving between these cities.

How to get from Genoa Airport to the city center

So, how to get to the city if you flew to Genoa airport. We have already considered options such as taxi / transfer and car, now I will turn to public transport.

Perhaps the only suitable option is a specialized Volabus bus. He leaves the airport every 20-60 minutes. Bus stop – a certificate from the exit from the terminal.

The terminus of Volabus is Brignole Station, and it also stops near Piazza Principe Train Station and De Ferrari Metro. Piazza De Ferrari is the city center, so if your hotel is in the Old Town, it is better to get to this stop. The diagram shows the route of the bus:

Genoa Airport Bus

A bus takes about 30 minutes to get to the city. The fare is 6 €. Bus Schedule (valid for June 2017):

Genoa Airport Bus Schedule


There is no train station in the terminal, the station closest to the airport is Sestri Poniente. You can get to the station by bus, which I wrote about above, or by taxi. From the station you can take the train to other cities in Italy. The schedule and prices for the route you need are as usual on

How to get from the airport to the port of Genoa

Getting to the port is also not difficult, since it is literally 1 km from the Piazza Principe station. This stop can be reached by bus Volabus, or taxi / transfer. Walk about 25 minutes. You can also use the metro – go just one stop – from Piazza Principe to Dinergo, and this station is already within walking distance from the port.

Of course, if you are traveling with a lot of luggage, you have a late flight, or are traveling in a large company, it is better to take a taxi or book a transfer .

How to get to Genoa from Moscow, Italy and Europe

How to get to the city, I hope, approximately, it’s clear. Now I’ll tell you how to get to Genoa.

Airlines such as Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, Ryanair, S7 make flights to Genoa airport. Direct flights are carried out from the cities of Rome, Naples, Istanbul, London, Paris, and in the summer also from Moscow, Amsterdam and Vienna.

Getting to Genoa from Europe and Italy is easy – there are tons of flights, including low-cost airlines. You can find lowcost flights on , so I recommend to use it. I already wrote how to buy tickets on a skyscanner . Here are examples of prices for flights from Italy to Genoa. As always, prices are pleasing to the eye 🙂

how to get to genoa from italy

On this, dear friends, I am finishing. If you have any questions, I will try to answer them – ask in the comments. If the article turned out to be useful to you, share it on social networks, this will help me in developing the site.

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