In this article, I will expand on the topic of how to go to Salzburg from Munich – on your own, with a guided tour. I will also talk about the use of the Bavarian ticket in this direction. 

Despite the fact that in the end we did not go to Salzburg, I still have a lot of information on preparing for this trip. I also constantly find new information about this, answering questions from blog readers. Therefore, I decided to collect all the information in one place.

So let’s go.

The distance from Munich to Salzburg is 144 km.


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Excursion from Munich to Salzburg.

Of course, an excursion is always convenient, you will be taken and brought, they will tell you all the most interesting, they will lead you to the most important places of the city. For those who are afraid to travel on their own, an excursion will be a real salvation. 

From Munich to Salzburg with a Bavarian ticket

This is probably the most popular option to save on travel. But you have to get to Salzburg completely on your own. I already wrote a little about the Bavarian ticket in an article about public transport in Munich .

Bavarian Ticket (Bayern-Ticket) – a German railway ticket Deutschebahn, allowing you to freely travel throughout Bavaria by train. Using Bayern Ticket, you can also visit the border Salzburg.

However, keep in mind that the ticket is not valid on high-speed trains (they are indicated by the letters ICE, IC, D, EU (Eurocity)). Regional trains are designated as follows: RE, RB, IR and S-Bahn (this is a commuter train).

The Munich – Salzburg train is marked M!

The standard Bavarian ticket is valid for class 2 (2 nd class). In class 1 cars, the ticket is invalid!

By the way, in those towns of Bavaria where a transport company has an agreement with Deutschean, the Bavarian ticket is valid for all public transport!

The validity of the Bavarian ticket is from 9:00 to 03:00 of the following day on weekdays and from 0:00 to 03:00 of the next day on weekends, Bavarian holidays, and also on August 15, December 24 and 31.

There is also a Bavarian Night Ticket. It is valid from 18:00 to 6:00 the next morning.

The cost of the Bavarian ticket is 25 euros + 7 euros for each next traveler (prices are valid for October 2019). In total, up to 5 adults can travel on the Bavarian ticket. Children under 6 years old travel free of charge, and are not included in the amount of 5. Their children or their grandchildren with two adults (parents or grandparents) under the age of 15 also travel for free.


bavarian ticket Price


The timetable for DB trains (Deutschebahn), including to Salzburg, can be found on the official website There you will also find the cost of tickets and the possibility of using the Bavarian direction on the route. Example:

We go to the site and enter the necessary data in the search


how to buy a bavarian ticket


Until 9:00, although there is a train to Salzburg, but the Bavarian ticket does not work on it


Munich Salzburg Bavarian Ticket


As I already wrote, we need a train marked M. It has a special price of 25 euros (this is the Bavarian ticket)


Bavarian tickets to SalzburgLet’s see in more detail. There are 2 options – a Bavarian ticket for 25 euros and a standard ticket, worth 31 euros per person.


bavarian ticket online


If you are traveling as a family, do not forget that children under 15 years of age (up to 14 inclusive) travel with two adults for free. Then the ticket price will be 31 euros.


family bavarian ticket


If three adults are traveling, and, for example, 1 child under 6 years old and one child from 6 to 14 years old, then you will have to pay for 4 adults – 43 euros.


children on a bavarian ticket


Important: The Bavarian ticket is personalized and you must write a list of all passengers on it.


If you travel to Salzburg one day, then you only need one Bavarian ticket. The main thing is to use the Bavarian regional train (also marked M) on the way back and meet the deadline before 03:00.

If you decide to spend the night in Salzburg, then the next day you need a new ticket. You can buy a Bavarian ticket in Salzburg at the station – there are a couple of DB machines there.

From Munich to Salzburg by car

If you are used to renting a car in Europe, or just want to be mobile, then a car trip is a great idea. Travel time will be about one and a half hours.

You can find cars for rent at a good price on this site .

The cost of gasoline in Germany is about 1.30 euros per liter of the 95th.

All roads in Germany are free. But for driving on Austrian roads you need a vignette. The cheapest is a 10-day vignette, costs 8.90 €. You can buy it at gas stations before or after crossing the border with Austria. It is necessary to stick it on the windshield. The fine for driving without a vignette is 120 €.

By bus from Munich to Salzburg

Another option to get to Salzburg is the bus. In time – a little longer than on the train (6:30 – 8:30). At the moment, the most popular carrier is flixbus (I recommend searching for tickets to Munich-Salzburg through the search engine – it issues not only bus routes, but also train and plane schedules). In general, the buses are quite comfortable, and the prices are affordable, especially if you buy in advance. Buses depart from Munich Central Bus Station and arrive at Salzburg Central Train Station. Price from 5 euros:

bus munich salzburg

By the way, on flixbus you can also get to Salzburg from Munich Airport ! It takes about 3 hours, tickets from 10 euros!

how to get to salzburg from munich airport

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Well, this is the basic information about how to get from Munich to Salzburg. If you have additional questions, ask in the comments! Also, if you have something to add, be sure to write! It will be useful to other travelers.

Have a good trip!

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