In my blog there were already many articles about Yerevan and about where you can go from Yerevan. Even if you came to Armenia for only 1 week, I sincerely recommend you not to sit all these days in Yerevan, but to see the most popular sights of Armenia, at least those that are within 100-200 km from Yerevan.

I want to note that there are a lot of options for sightseeing tours in Armenia, even a 6-day tour, during which you and your guide will visit not only the attractions that I will describe in this article, but also more distant ones, however interesting places! 

We were based in Yerevan (read about our apartment ), and independently made day trips to the sights by car. We rented a car in advance through the rentalcars website (this is a service where you can compare car prices in different companies and choose the most profitable option). Therefore, my travel route in Armenia will have the starting point of each day in Yerevan. There is the article where I talk about Armenia car rent in details.

My 7- day trip in Armenia includes 3 days in Yerevan and 4 days in the country. You can change the route yourself, and if your trip will be longer (for example, 10 days or 2 weeks), then you can safely add places more distant from Yerevan, but in this case, it is better to rent housing along the route.

To repeat our itinerary in Armenia, you can use public transport, taxis, book excursions, or, like us, rent a car.

I suggest you spend the 1st, 2nd and 3rd days in Yerevan (you can spend three days in a row, or you can alternate with trips out of town). There is a separate article about the popular sights of Yerevan , and in a short Yerevan guide I described possible routes for walking around the city. There are maps there, so difficulties should not arise. These days you can also book one of the excursions. Here are examples 

I propose to spend the 4th day like this: we visit the archaeological zone – Zvartnots temple and Armenian Vatican Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin. They are located 15-20 km from Yerevan. It will take literally 2-3 hours to visit them along with the road. After lunch in Yerevan, we drive in the opposite direction – we visit the pagan Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery. If you visit Armenia in the winter, I would recommend that you go to Garni and Geghard in the morning, and to Zvartnots and Echmiadzin in the second. This is due to the fact that in the mountains on the way to Garni there can be a strong fog, and if you get into it at night, it will not be very pleasant.


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In the evening we come back to Yerevan

5 day in Armenia we leave for Lake Sevan. This is an alpine lake with gorgeous nature. Beautiful views are provided to you there both in the summer and in the winter. The two most popular sights on Lake Sevan are the Ayravank and Sevanavank monasteries (for more details, click here ).

Hayravank Monastery on Lake Sevan
Ayravank Monastery is a wonderful place!

You can stay in Sevan for several days, staying at one of the hotels. You can also combine a visit to Sevan with cities such as Tsaghkadzor (a popular ski resort), or Dilijan (a city-national park, “health resort” of Armenia).

Kecharis Armenia
Kecharis Monastery in Tsaghkadzor
Tsaghkadzor Armenia
We stopped in Tsaghkadzor literally for twenty minutes
7 days in Armenia
Colorful streets of Tsaghkadzor

In the vicinity of Dilijan, you can visit two more popular Armenian monasteries – Goshavank and Haghartsin. If you stay here for a few days, I recommend booking one of the hotels:

And we are returning to Yerevan.

Day 6. Depart to the south of Armenia. On this day, we will visit one of the symbols of Armenia – the Khor Virap fortress-monastery, where St. Gregory the Illuminator spent 13 years in prison. In fine weather, you can see the gorgeous panorama of Mount Ararat.

route Armenia Khor Virap
Church in the monastery of Khor Virap

Then we leave for a place of incredible beauty – Noravank Monastery, located in the Red Canyon. The distance to Noravank from Yerevan is about 120 km.

route in Armenia noravank
Magic Noravank


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After visiting these sights, I (along with Armenian guides) recommend you the restaurant Lchak, not far from the canyon exit. The restaurant is on Google maps, so finding is not difficult. Very cozy place:

weekly itinerary in Armenia
Restaurant Lchak is located between a small lake and a mountain river – very picturesque
restaurant lchak armenia
These are the cozy houses in the restaurant. It’s cool in winter, and in summer it should be simply gorgeous!

Also very tasty and inexpensive food compared to Yerevan. Our lunch of barbecue, kebab, potatoes, salad, as well as bread and stewed fruit cost only 7000 drams.

After a delicious lunch, we leave for Yerevan to visit the Tatev monastery complex with the longest cable car in the world tomorrow, or stop at the hotel along the way. The distance from the restaurant Lchak to Tatev is about 130 km. According to Google, you can get there in 2 hours 20 minutes. You can book a hotel in Yeghegnadzor (1000-3000 rubles per night), or in the resort Jermuk (2000-4000 rubles per night).

On the seventh day in Armenia we leave for Tatev. I recommend to clarify in advance the schedule of the cable car and the price of the ticket. You can do this on the official website

Tatev Monastery is located near the mountains. Goris is literally twenty kilometers away. In the complex, in addition to the monastery itself and the “Wings”, you can also visit the hermitage cloister (Tatevi Anapat), the natural bridge and Satani Kamurj cave, and some other interesting places.

Since our visit to Armenia fell on New Year’s holidays, one day (December 31) fell with us, and we did not visit Tatev Monastery. Nevertheless, the opportunity was. From January 6, even the cable car worked. The price requested by taxi drivers was AMD 100,000 for a large 7-seater car. Maybe it was possible to bargain (they didn’t recognize themselves, so I write from the words of our fellow travelers).

Everything, it’s time to return to Yerevan.

I gave one of the possible options for the route in Armenia for 7 days, you can use it, or you can create your own, a completely unique route.

Share in the comments what routes you traveled to Armenia and what else you managed to see! I think everyone will be interested to read additional information firsthand!

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