In this article I want to tell you about how to get to Berlin Reichstag, see the plenary room and visit the dome. The first good news: you can sign up on your own online. Second: you can visit the Reichstag for free.

It is better to book an excursion in advance, so you may have a choice of dates and times, and you will know exactly what days the excursion is not held.

I signed up for 10 days, an excursion in an English group (a maximum of 2 times a week are also conducted in Russian), there was no choice of date or time. Therefore, I signed up for the time that the site suggested to me: at 17:00.

Reichstag how to get on a tour

Reichstag, tour, dome. Official site

Enrollment in the Reichstag in Berlin is necessary through the official website It’s better to go directly to the post page

On the official website of the Reichstag you can sign up for

  1. Lecture (45 minutes) with a view of the plenary room + visit to the dome
  2. Reichstag tour (90 minutes) + visit to the dome
  3. Visit to the dome + roof terrace.

Lectures and excursions are NOT held when parliamentary sessions are held, on weekends and holidays: Good Friday, Easter, National Mourning Day, December 23-26, December 31.

The dome and terrace are open daily from 8:00 to 24:00 (last entrance at 21:45). Entrance every 15 minutes.

IN 2019, DOME IS CLOSED for maintenance: 02.25-01.03; 07.15-19.07; 16.09-20.09; 07.10-11.10. You can visit the terrace. For the next year, check the dates yourself on the website when booking.

Reichstag Berlin


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Schedule an excursion to the Reichstag

Step by step I’ll show you how to register for the tour.

  • We go to the site at the above link
  • We read the basic information, agree

sign up for the Reichstag in Berlin

  • We read the Privacy Policy, note that we read

enroll in the Reichstag

  • Choose the type of visit: lecture, tour or dome

excursion to the Reichstag

  • Enter the number of people and select the language. I chose English, for Russian groups excursions are conducted, but rarely. You can try to sign up, but they warn that if the group is not typed, then they have the right to cancel the tour.

Reichstag tour registration

  • Choose a date (at the time of writing, March 2019, neither March, nor April, no dates). Here we choose the time.

Reichstag site tour

  • Enter information about you or your group. If together, just write the data for one of you.

Reichstag official site tour

  • Next, an e-mail with a link comes to the mail: you must go through it and indicate a list of all visitors. Name as in the passport, date of birth. Documents are checked at the entrance, therefore, write only truthful information.

Reichstag tour in Russian

  • A letter with a copy of the request comes to the mail (this is not confirmation yet! Confirmation will come later)
  • After a few days, documents come to the mail (I received after 4 days): invitation, rules, list of participants. It is better to print the invitation and take it with you.

All excursions, lectures and visits to the Reichstag dome are free of charge.

You can also book the individual tour of the Reichstag. In this case, you need to book a tour through the getyourguide tour service and select language. The possibility of a tour will be confirmed within 48 hours. Cost from 195 euros for two persons.

Also across the road from the Bundestag there is a tourist office where you can register for a tour. I do not recommend hoping for this method, as most likely there will be no empty seats, and the queue to this office is large. It might be worth signing up through this office only if you want to visit one dome.

Excursion to the Reichstag in Berlin

So, briefly tell you how was the free tour.

At the appointed time, you need to go to the entrance. In about 5 minutes, they begin to let security control in.

First, a badge is issued, on which the group number is indicated. Then they check the documents (do not forget your passports!) And send them for inspection. All things must be passed through a scanner, like at the airport.

After a short wait, they escorted to the Reichstag building, talk about the rules and leave the guides to wait. During our visit, 3 or 4 groups were formed.


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As soon as the guide of your group arrives, the tour begins. The guide tells the story, architecture. Shows the hall with the remaining inscriptions of Soviet soldiers

excursion to the Reichstag in Berlin Reichstag book a tour

Merkel’s cabinet with a modest plate and a crack on the wall

office merkel reichstag

They lead along the corridors, as a result, you find yourself in a completely different building!

Reichstag work schedule

Show the museum hall and the archive with the names of members of parliament

how much does an excursion to the Reichstag cost Reichstag Price Reichstag what to see

And finally, lead into the plenary room

Reichstag get on a tour to the Reichstag yourself

After that, already without a guide, we take the elevator to the dome.

Reichstag dome

You can take an audio guide in Russian (for free) and listen to almost everything that the guide told.

Reichstag dome in Berlin sign up

The dome is an excellent observation deck, but in the daytime. In the evening I took just a few shots.

Reichstag observation deck Reichstag dome restaurant

You can go to the terrace, but it is also better to do it in good weather.

On the east side of the dome, on the roof, is a restaurant. In fine weather, you can enjoy coffee.

Table reservation + coffee and cake (20 euros)

If you want to have dinner here, you need to reserve a table in advance by calling +49 (0) 30 226-29933, mail or immediately reserve a complex lunch / dinner:

Lunch at the rooftop restaurant (60 euros)

Dinner at the rooftop restaurant (80 euros)

In conclusion, I’ll say that I liked the tour, although it was in English and I did not understand everything. But you should definitely visit the Reichstag, therefore, try to get, if not a Russian, then at least an English tour. In addition, the tour is completely free, and all you need to do is register in advance on the site a bit!

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Wish you an interesting visit to Budestag!

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