Every time after the trip I try to write about what and where to eat in this country. Maybe for some this is strange, but before the trip I am working on this issue. Armenia was no exception.

I must say right away, in terms of gastronomy, Armenia was not the country of my dreams. And if I spoke with enthusiasm about Roman and Sicilian dishes, then there will be a rather dry description of Armenian dishes, despite the fact that Armenian cuisine has existed for more than 2000 years! I will also give here a list of places in Yerevan where you can taste Armenian national food.

Food in Armenia: what to taste

Tolma (or, more familiar to our hearing, “dolma”) is a dish similar to our cabbage rolls, only grape leaves are used instead of cabbage. As a filling – meat, rice and spices.

Arisa is a puree soup with compositions that are quite unusual for us: chicken or lamb meat, as well as fried wheat.

Spas is a light classic soup, served both hot and cold. As part of the fermented milk product yogurt, as well as greens.


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Matsoni (or matsun) – thick sour milk, or cottage cheese.

Zhingyalov Khats is a national dish of the Armenians of Mountainous Karabakh. It is a bread / tortilla stuffed with a mix of greens.

Khorovats is an Armenian kebab.

Horowac in Armenia
We managed to taste delicious kebab and kebab near the Noravank Monastery

Gata – Armenian dessert with choriz stuffing (flour, butter and sugar), it happens with walnut additives.

Kufta is an ancient Armenian dish, which consists of large mutton meatballs (most often) with spices and onions

Basturma is dried beef (beef tenderloin is washed and dried for 10-15 days)

Hapama (or Hapama) – pumpkin stuffed with boiled rice and dried fruits

Alash – baked peaches seasoned with nuts and sugar

Khash is one of the most popular dishes of Armenian cuisine. Hearty cow-leg soup with garlic and pita bread. Usually men eat it in the winter in the morning. And rightly, washed down with vodka.

Khashlama – boiled beef with potatoes, tomatoes and onions.

Lahmajun (lagmajo) – tortilla with minced meat, the so-called Armenian pizza.

lamaggio armenia
Tortilla Lamaggio and Khashlama in the tavern “Caucasus”

Khachapuri of various kinds. We tried Adjarian (although this is a Georgian dish, it is very common in Armenia)

Tzhvzhik – beef offal (heart, liver, lungs). As a rule, it is wrapped in a cake like a shawarma.

Ryazhin – fat sour cream from milk

Shiga – fish from Lake Sevan

Borani is a unique fried chicken with eggplant and matsun.


Where to eat in Yerevan

Below I will list the places of Yerevan recommended by many guidebooks, as well as the Tripadvisor (some with my comments). You can visit them and make up your personal opinion about them and about Armenian cuisine in general. Gourmets can also book a guided tour including a tasting of Armenian dishes. 

Caucasian captive yerevan
I don’t know about the dishes in the “Caucasian Captive”, and the design is cool!

Dolmama Restaurant (Address: 10 Pushkin St.) is the most popular and most expensive restaurant in Yerevan. It was him who visited Kim Kardashian during a visit to Yerevan. However, the network has a lot of negative reviews about this restaurant, even though the local guide praised it (noting very high prices).

“Yerevan” Tavern (Address: Amiryan St., 5) is another tavern, which was positively answered by the local guide. The nuance is that it is better to book tables in advance.

Restaurant “Caucasian Captive” (Address: Amiryan str., 6) – they say, an interesting, beautiful interior, decoration, but the dishes are not very good.

tavern caucasus yerevanTavern “Kavkaz” (Address: Khanrapetutyan St., 82) – read a lot of positive reviews about it: delicious food, excellent service, and inexpensive. This tavern was visited in person. Such an average lunch cost 9400 drams. There was no delight, only the lagmajo cake was delicious, and we did not like the kebab and hashlama at all. The service is ordinary: they took an order – brought food – removed – brought an invoice – took payment. They asked us to move to another table, as we did not ask, so we did not put things in order on this table, and there were some packages, things and someone else’s mobile phones on the windowsill. It’s strange.

where to eat in yerevan
Lunch in the “Caucasus” for 9400 drams

The Best Khinkali, or Khinkalnaya on the street. Tumanyan, 34, – according to reviews here are the most delicious khinkali, for many – even tastier than in Georgia. We bought a pack of frozen khinkali in the store for 1550 drams, which tastes almost equally tasteless. A large company was eating nearby, a man of 7, so even someone from the management came out to advise them, our account of AMD 7000, unfortunately, was not the motivation for excellent service.

Yerevan restaurants
Quite unusual interior in Hinskal on Tumanyan

Tun Lahmajo (Address: Teryan St., 23) – an institution that I noted for myself on many positive reviews on the Internet. In fact – a hungry evening and a spoiled mood. Although the interior promised quite a cozy and tasty dinner.


food in yerevan
The cozy interior of Tun Lahmajo restaurant promised a “delicious” evening

We went to the institution at about 7.30 in the evening, to which we were told that we were “too late” and there was practically nothing from the menu. But there wasn’t – no barbecue, no kebab, no soup. They offered roast, which is “already cooked in the oven.” Ok, wait. After 15 minutes they offer us another dish – “a super dish that is not found in any restaurant – potatoes with stew.” We think, well, it was probably heard, or we didn’t understand something. After 10 minutes we get a “super-dish” – a pot with mashed potatoes, to which you can see the little pieces of stew. Honestly, this is the first time! Of course, we refused the dish, we began to wait for the roast. After another 15 minutes, I was tired of waiting, because I was feeling unwell, I asked if I could refuse, it turned out to be “gone”, because it was already being prepared! (the hottest that ALREADY was in the stove). With grief, I scored in half, I don’t know,

food in armenia
Adjarian Khachapuri – the only thing we managed to eat that evening

Of course, we were very upset by such situations, since we did not expect this from Armenia. Well, at least outside Yerevan everything was as we imagined! Delicious inexpensive food, fast service and gratitude for the tip!

Tashir – pizza – a network of pizzerias in Yerevan. Normal place to have lunch or dinner. Tasty enough, average price tag. The menu also includes Italian pizza, salads, pasta, and Armenian khachapuri and some other pastries.

Cafe in the gallery “Dalan” (Abovyan St., 12). An interesting atmospheric place. Considering we were alone, the service was good. All that was ordered was in stock, it could not but rejoice. The cost of lunch is 6200 drams. Again, they tried to convince us that you can’t pay with a card, only in cash. When it turned out that we didn’t have cash (we spent all of them on souvenirs in the Gallery), a terminal appeared out of nowhere) These are miracles.

armenian dishes
Lunch at the cafe of the Dalan Art Gallery: salad with basturma, two soups and khachapuri for 6200 drams


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Donut Grand Candy – wrote down this cafe in a notebook before the trip, they say there you can buy donuts, tea and cocoa (almost 100 drams) very cheaply. We don’t eat donuts, it was irrelevant to us. By the way, Grand Candy – a confectionery factory you can buy sweets. The owners of our apartment gave us a box of chocolates for the New Year ( here is a review of how we booked it), I must say very much nothing, but they are inexpensive (an assorted box in the store is about 1500 drams).

We bought coffee once at CoffeeStory – a very large selection, coffee is tasty, but not cheap. Two cups (true, very large) cost 3700 drams.

By the way, I also read that Proshyan street is considered a barbecue street. I think there you can taste delicious (hopefully) Armenian kebab.

Saryan Street is called the wine road, there are such wine bars as In Vino, Tapastan (Tapas Bar in Armenian), VoskevazWineTime (you can taste most of the best wines in Armenia).

Say Cheese, st. Saryan, 26 – cafe and cheese shop, you can taste both imported and Armenian cheeses.

We have not visited many institutions, so I can’t give an adequate assessment. If someone was, share in the comments, add your favorite places!

I will add here two more establishments outside Yerevan, where the food is really delicious, such as I imagined Armenian food.

Restaurant Collette on Lake Sevan. Here you can eat kebabs of lake fish, as well as crayfish and kebabs from them (For more information about the restaurant in the article about Lake Sevan ). Lunch from 5000 AMD

lunch on lake sevan
Insanely delicious lunch on Lake Sevan
restaurant on lake sevan
Gorgeous view from the balcony of the restaurant Collette

Restaurant “Lchak” near Noravank Monastery . The place where it is located is very picturesque: near the mountains and a mountain river, and on the other hand – a lake. Lunch of kebab, kebab, potatoes, salad, bread and stewed fruit – about 7000 drams. Easy to get, the restaurant is marked on google maps.

where to eat in armenia
In such a picturesque place is the restaurant “Lchak”

This is where I end. Write your comments on Armenian cuisine and make reposts in social networks. I wish you tasty Armenia!

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