Most of you probably know about the existence of low-cost airlines (for those who don’t know, these are airline tickets that set a very low cost for flights, up to 5 euros, by reducing the cost of passenger registration, baggage transportation, meals, the use of “expensive” airports, etc.) But for budget travelers, there are also low-cost buses. Flixbus buses are just that.

Flixbus Route Map

Flixbus is a young bus carrier, created in Munich in 2013 by young entrepreneurs, and in a few years this company “captured” the whole of Europe – the route network covers France, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Croatia, also these buses can get to the countries of Scandinavia, Spain , England and Eastern Europe! And the prices for the trip start from 5 euros! And during sales and even cheaper!

You can see the Flixbus bus route network on this diagram (to enlarge, click “open image in new window”):

Flixbus Route Map

You can also find a suitable route using the interactive map

Bus schedule Flixbus

Bus schedules can also be found on the official website under Routes / Schedules and Stops.

Here you can see the address and location on the map of bus stops in a particular city, for example, Genoa (Italy):

bus stops flixbass

How to buy a Flixbus ticket

To buy a bus ticket for Europe in Flixbus, you need to go to the official website and enter the travel information in the search form. 

search for tickets on flixbus

We select a flight at 11:35 for 7.99 euros and click “Replace 1 seat”

buy a bus ticket flixbus online

All tickets in the “Basket”, go to payment

buying flixbass tickets online

If you are for the protection of the environment, you can pay an additional fee of 16 cents. But, probably, for Russia this is still wild, but I want to hope that someday we will grow up to this 🙂

We select a payment method and pay.

At the next stage, we can download a voucher, install a mobile application

flixbus tickets

You can also do this from a letter that will come by e-mail. If you book in Russian, be prepared that confirmation by mail will come in German))) Here is such a feature!

Flixbus Buses: my review

I stared at flixbus for a long time. Permanent promotions, tickets for 1 euro, and even without promotions, prices are more than pleasant. As I already wrote, from just 5 euros. I even recommended Flixbus as one of the options to get from Memmingen to Munich .

buses flixbass italy
Green Flixbus Buses in Turin

Just recently it was my turn to get acquainted with this company. On our April trip to Italy and Spain, we used the Flixbus bus twice. Both times in Italy. The first trip – from Turin to Genoa for 7.99 euros. The bus arrived almost on time, literally 2-5 minutes late. But as I understand it, Turin is the starting point of the route, which ends in Ancona.

flixbus italy
Boarding the bus to Genoa

In general, the buses of the Flixbus company are noticeable, bright green, but another, apparently alternate, was on our route. Unfortunately, there was no Wi-Fi in it, nor were there electrical outlets. For which the driver repeatedly apologized. In general, the bus is comfortable, with a toilet and a luggage compartment. Boarding the bus took place by last name (the driver marked with “ticks” in his gadget), however, you should have a voucher or mobile application. We also arrived in Genoa on time, despite the fact that it seemed that we were late. A distance of about 170 km was covered in 3 hours (with stops in Turin and Savona). A short video shot while driving. On the right side you can see the French Alps 🙂

The second route is from Genoa to Pisa for 7,99 euros. There was already a traditional green bus with increased legroom, power outlets at the seats and, of course, Wi-Fi, which even sent photos well. When boarding, the driver scanned the QR code (we had it on a printed voucher, for some the voucher was saved through the Flixbus application).

flixbass genoa
Flixbus stop in Genoa (Principe bus station)

The bus arrived about 10-15 minutes late, but this is normal, taking into account traffic (Genoa is not the starting station, there were already people on the bus: someone left in Genoa, then drove on). The end point of the route is Rome. There was a stop in Spezia. A distance of about 170 km was covered in less than 3 hours. Despite the delay in departure, they arrived in Pisa on time. This was important for us, because we flew from Pisa to Valencia in the evening flight, and it was also necessary to explore the main attraction of Pisa and get to the airport.

on a flixbus bus
Long leg distance and even garbage bags on the Flixbus bus

In general, I was very pleased that I had purchased bus tickets for this company. Indeed, comfort at a low price. And, of course, the opportunity to visit a maximum of places at a minimum price. Yes, also, I bought tickets about 1.5 months before the departure date. Now I look at prices for the coming dates: it’s better to buy at least a week in advance. Then you can find relatively inexpensive tickets at the right time (not overnight). But you know the principle of budget travel: the sooner the better! 🙂

UPD 08.08.2018: I continue to use Flixbus, in this (2018) I used it in Italy on the routes Bologna – Florence (10 euros, bought about 4 days before departure, trains cost from 15 euros and above) and Siena – Bologna (10 Euro), all flawlessly.


Wish you budget and comfortable travels!

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