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Have you booked a hotel room for this trip?

Yes, stayed at the hotel, booked through booking.com.

How hard is it  in Turkey to “rest savage”?

No harder than in any other European or Asian country. At least in Istanbul for sure. In the same way, book your own accommodation [ areas and hotels ], study transport / use a taxi, visit museums, attractions , restaurants. There are no restrictions. I know that many travel independently and in other regions of Turkey, even they leave Antalya on a rented car.

Ways of communication. What language is preferred, and in general about the possible difficulties of communication?

English is spoken in Istanbul. Many people speak Russian. Many restaurants have picture menus. Well, no one canceled the sign language (although I do not recall a single situation where I would have to be explained by gestures).

communication language in turkey

Transport scheme. The price of the question, how to move, building routes?

Istanbul is a city of traffic jams. There are buses, but it takes a long time to travel (travel 2.5 lira, or about 30 rubles). Trams (especially T1, which goes on tour routes to the Old Town) and funiculars (a city on the hills) are saved. Tram, cable car, ferries: from 2.5 to 5 lire per journey (30-50 rubles), depending on how you buy tickets. Taxis are still normal in the morning, you can get stuck in traffic in the evening. We ordered through the hotel reception, they had some kind of arrangement with a taxi, it turned out 1.5 times cheaper than a taxi from the street. From Taksim Square to the Old Town, about 30 lire (350 rubles). I built a route on Google maps, on the third day I started to navigate without a map.

Food. Shops, markets, trays. Where to buy products safe for health?

Cafes, restaurants, supermarkets. I didn’t buy it at the markets, at street stalls- yes, ate shawarma. All OK.

where is it safe to eat in turkey

what is in turkey

turkish tea


Behavior: What to look for, what to avoid and what not to do under any circumstances?

It seemed to me that Istanbul is so safe that I even find it difficult to answer! Follow basic safety rules: keep documents safe, don’t carry much money, don’t walk to dubious areas at night.

Very interested in the new Istanbul airport (which instead of Ataturk), especially the ways to get from it to the bus station (Otogar) and back. I heard about buses on this route – accordingly I am interested in the schedule (frequency of movement), departure places, fare, payment methods.

There is a detailed article about the airport . From public transport, buses are the only way to get to the city.  is 15-26 lire (3-5 $) depending on the destination. Payment only with Istanbul card (travel card), I think it’s easy to buy right at the airport.

I ordered a transfer from the airport (37 euros, the price is fixed to both Taksim, Sultanahmet and Laleli), a taxi ordered through the hotel went to the airport (according to the meter, about 20 euros from Taksim), the price of a taxi caught the street may be higher.

transfer new istanbul airport
I ordered a mini-class car – they sent me this minivan. On the photo is mom. Photo from the phone 🙂

What attracts Russians in Turkey – for life (climate), love (marriage), work (career), communication (language), or the opportunity to have fun (leisure)? Why do you think Turkey is so attractive for tourists?

The mild climate, handsome men, historical sites, the sea! I can’t tell you about work and communication 🙂 Someone likes Turkish, I prefer Italian 🙂

Budget hostels in historic buildings

Budget hostels are best looked for at booking [ hostels in the center of Istanbul ]. On the contrary, I chose a non-budget option – Rixos Pera Istanbul .

Cafe with local cuisine

The cuisine is delicious everywhere, surprisingly not spicy, as I imagined it. I liked pistachio kebab! I managed to visit few restaurants, but wrote a small guide to the cafe in Istanbul .

what to try in istanbul

What is the most unusual and interesting place need to visit in Istanbul and how to get there?

The Asian part of the city, where the minimum number of tourists gets. Just walk the streets, go to the shops, sit in the cafe, walk along the promenade. The Asian part is considered more modern, here you can hardly see women in scarves, the houses here are more modern than in the old part, there are many European cafes. It is easy to get there by ferry (20-30 minutes from any marina in the European part), the price is 5 lira (55 rubles).

asian istanbul

fashion district

district fashion istanbul
Embankment in the Fashion and Marmara Sea area
what to see in Istanbul with a guide
Colorful streets and bazaars

I am interested in your impressions of Istanbul. Perhaps recommendations on how best to organize your stay in Istanbul in order to get the most out of the city.

I am still impressed! I did not expect anything supernatural from Istanbul. Just as I did not expect it to be so European, modern, safe, tasty and at the same time inexpensive city!

To see the city is better to come for 5 days, no less. If you do not plan to use a taxi, then is better to settle in the Old City (Sultanahmet) or close to the T1 tram stop. We stayed next to Istiklal Street, about a 12-minute walk from Taksim Square. It was a bit problematic at first, then sorted out.

What are the addresses of the cafe with panoramic views of Istanbul.

I managed to visit only two: these are Seven Hills (Cankurtaran Mh., Tevkifhane Sk. No: 8 Kat: 3) overlooking Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque and Hamdi Restaurant Eminönü (Rüstem Paşa Mahallesi, Rüstem Paşa Mah Tahmis Caddesi, Kalçin Sk.No:11) with a view of the Suleymaniye Mosque and the Bosphorus. Read about the rest here !

Istanbul restaurants with panoramic views
In the restaurant “Seven Hills”

restaurant terrace in istanbul
View from the restaurant on Hagia Sophia

Tell me if there is a “weekend” at the most significant mosques in Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia (museum) is closed on Monday, the Blue Mosque is operational, there are no days off, but tourists are not allowed during prayers. In Sulaymaniyah also not get during prayer. Approximate schedule of visits: from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 13:45 to 15:45. If there are not many tourists, then they can start up at the “non-tourist time”.

I am most interested in the prices in Istanbul for transport and museums!

About transport answered above. Main museums: Hagia Sophia – 60 lira (9.5 euros), Basilica Cistern – 20 lira (3.5 euros), Topkapi Palace – 60 lira (9.5 euros) + 35 lira harem, Dolmabahce Palace 60 lira (9 , 5 euros) + harem 30 lire, Archaeological Museum – 30 lira (5 euros), mosaic museum – 20 lira (3.5 euros). You can buy the Museum Pass for 185 lira (28 euros), it includes all the main museums except Dolmbahce Palace, Galata Tower – 30 lira, Basilica Cistern – 20 lira

For almost a year, I ordered apartments in Istanbul from October 8, 2019 through BOOKING.COM. But I was told that in Turkey it is banned, and I can stay with nothing. What do you know, Elena?

I booked the hotel through booking.com. There were no problems. True, the hotel sent its link to the payment, there was nothing more suspicious.

I am interested in St. Sophia Cathedral. One of the real wonders of the world of that era! How can I get there, are there any restrictions on visits, days, hours of work. And the cathedral itself: did the famous frescoes remain there or is everything anointed, is there any memory left that it was the largest Orthodox church?

The cathedral is located in the heart of the Sultanahmet district, can be reached by taxi or T1 tram. Open from 9:00 to 17:00 except Mondays. There are always queues at the ticket office, you can buy a ticket in advance .

Only a few frescoes and a couple of mosaics remained, and those were only partially. Most of it was, unfortunately, lost.

ayia sophia istanbul ayia sophia mosaic museum mosaics in ayia sophia istanbul

It personally seemed to me that the patterns on the domes have remained from the Byzantine times, look more like the Byzantine ones than the Islamic ones.

ayia sophia mosque

ayia sophia museum

What three things must be done in Istanbul?

The most interesting and perhaps the most difficult question! It is difficult to single out only three things, but I would call these:

No. 1. Take a walk along the Bosphorus (you can buy a cruise , you just goto the Asian part)

walk along the bosphorus of istanbul
Walk along the Bosphorus. Everyone takes a selfie 🙂

No. 2. Take a picture with the historic red tram on Istiklal Street.

No. 3. Try real Turkish sweets in one of the best pastry shops Hafız Mustafa, Karakoy Gulluoglu, or buy in their stores, in Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir or Koska

No. 4. (Bonus!). Visit Emirgan Park during the April Tulip Festival!

emirgan park istanbul

Where in Istanbul is the tomb of the great vizier Ibrahim Pasha?

Many historians are sure that the grave of Ibrahim Pasha is located in the Findykly district, at the dead end of Canfeda street. At least there, after the sensational series “The Magnificent Century”, the Istanbul authorities were forced to put up a commemorative plaque. By the way, the mark is even already on Google maps. Coordinates: 41.032083, 28.989778

I’m interested in which way of sightseeing is preferable in Istanbul (public transport, taxi, guided tour) and in Turkey in general.

Everything depends on your preferences and financial capabilities. You can independently by public transport and taxi, you can with a guide. Taxi drivers can not drive to all the attractions in the center, as there is a tourist area. In the center only on foot: by ourselves or with a guide. 

Maybe you can recommend restaurants in Turkey (in all major cities) with a special menu (gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.).

Unfortunately, I will not advise. Me and vegetarian food are not very compatible concepts 🙂 I can recommend where is delicious kebabs 🙂

Elena, please, if not a secret, share on arrival a detailed financial report entitled “April Tulip Festival in Istanbul.”

Of course, no secret! Already published a photo report with useful information! Here are just a few photos:

Istanbul Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival Turkey

Emirgan Tulip Festival

emirgan park istanbul

I planned to go to Istanbul this month, but my companion refused because of numerous stories about what is dangerous there, especially for women without male escorts ((((I would like to know more about security in Istanbul. Are there really such problems? Maybe you should not visit only certain areas of the city?

I was surprised myself, I will surprise you too! Absolutely safe city, at least in the center! We flew with mom, walked around the city without problems, rode a taxi, went to the markets. I even walked with a backpack on my back, and one walked around the city, no one took anywhere! Of course, it is better not to go to dubious areas! Settle in the area of ​​Sultanahmet or Taksim Square and everything will be good!


So which question did I like the most? Question about 3 things to do in Istanbul! Bella, brought you Turkish sweets! Write me your address with an index on 2btraveler.com from your mailbox my**b@gmail.com!

Bella: “Hello, Elena, I received the package, veeeryyy tasty,
in our country do not know how to make Turkish delight, but this is real Turkish,
thanks again!”


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