In this article there will be many photos of the Swiss Alps, and I will also tell you where the territory of Russia in Switzerland, the monument to Suvorov and the Devil’s Bridge are located, and how to get there.

So, having visited Lugano , we advanced into the mountains. Our first goal was the Suvorov Memorial and the Devil’s Bridge.

Probably few people knew (and I myself didn’t even know) that in the Swiss Alps there is a small “patch” of the territory of the Russian Federation, namely 495 square meters. It is located near the village of Andermatt, where in 1799 there was a battle between the army of Suvorov and the French (the so-called battle at the Devil’s Bridge). This battle was preceded by the passage of Suvorov through the St. Gottard Pass. I will not describe the historical details of the Swiss campaign of Suvorov, all this can be read on Wikipedia


Suvorov’s battle at the damn bridge


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Today at this place is a monument to the wars that fell in this battle – a huge stone memorial.


Monument to Suvorov in the Swiss Alps monument to suvorov switzerlandMonument to Suvorov in the Alps Suvorov’s battle at the damn bridge


As for the Devil’s Bridge, it has such a name (as you might have guessed) because of another legend. For a long time they could not build a bridge, all the time something was in the way and the builders made a deal with the Devil himself – they agreed that the Devil would help to complete the bridge, provided that he would be given the soul of the one who first steps on the finished bridge. As a result, the Devil was outwitted, and the first was sent to the bridge by a kid. This legend is reminded by a drawing of a devil on a rock near a bridge and here is a panel near the bridge


devil bridge in switzerland legend

damn bridge switzerland
The Devil’s bridge – the one on which the transport travels – was built on the site of the first Devil’s Bridge.

Of course, this is all a legend, and the bridge has already been rebuilt 🙂

There is a restaurant next to the memorial

monument to suvorov restaurant restaurant alps suvorov

And the mountain climbing route is laid

climbers alps switzerland

Here are other photos of this place.

Swiss Alps
Dam and rumbling waterfall
Swiss Alps
The Majestic Alps
Monument to Suvorov in the Swiss Alps near Devil's Bridge
Small parking at the monument. There was a repair, so a lot of cars in traffic.
train in the alps
Alpine train “emerges” directly from the cliff!

And now, how to get to the memorial and the Devil’s Bridge. Below on the map I marked these attractions, and also noted two roads – one of them passes through a tunnel (it is, by the way, longer than 20 km, and the air temperature inside is more than 40 degrees!) And the road through the San Gottardo pass is the same who overcame Suvorov.

We drove through the tunnel.

tunnel in the alps


There are observation platforms on the pass, I marked one of them on the map (there is even the website



By the way, near the pass / entrance to the tunnel there is a recreation area and a gas station. The toilet there costs 1 franc / 1 euro. This is how it looks:


san gottardo san gottardo refueling


There are also many hiking trails nearby. You can stop here for a break and decide which road you will go 🙂

After visiting the memorial of the Suvorov Army and the Devil’s Bridge, we moved towards Reichenbach Falls .


swiss roads swiss villages towns in the alps


As gps didn’t send us along the good road around, we still drove along the “local” road until we realized that we were on the pass.


photo of swiss alps
“Oh, how beautiful! Look, snow!”

roads in the alps


Gradually the mountains are getting higher


pass in switzerland
“Something’s getting cooler. See how close the snow is!”

alps mountainswaterfalls in the alps

pass in the swiss alps
“Are we going to the snow ???”
pass in switzerland
“AAA, we are at the very top !!!”
waterfall in the mountains
“It seems we are going down”

the mountainswaterfall in the alpsmountains and waterfallserpentines in the alps

streams in the mountains
Many streams flow down from the mountains


To drive along this road, you must first go in the direction of the city of Wassen. And already further along the serpentines (Google does not even make a route along this road, but I marked the landmarks with yellow drops):



Also on the map are two cheese shops in the Swiss Alps. In one of them we bought cheese. In Switzerland (however, as in Austria) almost all of these shops are self-catering: I took cheese and put money in a barrel.


Alps cheese factory swiss alps cheese cheese shop in the alps


The cheese factory where we bought cheese even has its own website By the way, the cheese was sooooo tasty 🙂

Still, if milk for them is given by such cool cows:

alpine cows

My next story will be about Reichenbach Falls. Do not miss! If you liked the article and photo, share it with your friends on social networks! 

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