The city of Bolzano (Bozen) is the capital of the Italian region with the beautiful name Trentino Alto Adige. In this article I will tell a little about this town of South Tyrol.

Initially, we did not plan to call in Bolzano, but then I saw beautiful photos of the upper city, or Soprobolzano in Darya’s blog  and decided to go. Looking ahead, I’ll say that we were very unlucky with the weather and the impressions were very blurry. Therefore, I recommend visiting Soprobolzano if:

  • Promise sunny weather
  • Your eye is not obscured by the beautiful scenery of Austria, Northern Italy or Switzerland.

Look at sunny photos at Daria, I will show my “rainy” ones and tell in detail how, what and where. At the end of the article I will also talk about the main attractions of Bolzano itself, as well as how to get to this city from Russia and Europe. If Soprobolzano is not interesting, proceed to the next section .

Soprobolzano: how to get there, alpine train, earthen pyramids.

You can get to Soprobolzano:

  • On the funicular (No. 161)
  • By bus number 165 to the stop Colalbo (Colalbo) – this is the final stop of the Alpine train.
  • By car.

Just in case, the schedule of bus number 165 for 2017:

soprobolzano bus

The fastest and probably the most impressive way is the funicular.

The location of the funicular station is shown on the map:

Take a look at the Hackhofer Bakery and this building:

funicular station renon



There is underground parking, 2 euros per hour:

We buy a ticket for the funicular. The price is 6 euros one way (solo andata), 10 euros round-trip (andata e ritorno). Do not forget to validate the ticket (2 times – both on the first road and on the return)!

bolzano funicular prices


If you are not afraid of heights (or funiculars like me), then a picturesque view will open in front of you from the funicular window. Sometimes it’s breathtaking from this height:


Bolzano Soprobolzanobolzano panorama funicular soprobolzano bolzano italy


And sometimes you are surprised that the cabin “floats” directly above the houses or past the windows of local residents:


soprobolzano how to get


 Driving time about 20 minutes.

Here is the schedule for 2017 (the first line is weekdays, the second is weekend):

bolzano funicular schedule
Funicular schedule (open in a new window – to see better)

Here is some information about the funicular from the brochure:

  • Line length – 4560 meters
  • Height – 950 meters
  • 8 cabins with a capacity of 30 people
  • Travel time – 12 minutes.


Read also the article “The most beautiful places of Northern Italy”


Arrives cabin at the station Soprobolzano. Right before the exit there is a stop with which the same Alpine train starts (No. 160 in the public transport scheme). At the bus stop there are vending machines for tickets, various brochures, a map of the area and a scheme of stops.


alpine train station alpine train route


Train Schedule:


alpine train timetable
Schedule (open in a new window – to see better)


The fare is 8 euros round-trip (do not forget to also validate, the controller goes on the train).

Two types of trains run on the road – a modern and retro train of the early 20th century.

The road itself is not very long (6.8 km), and tourists travel on it mainly. Driving time is 16 minutes between Colalbo and Soprobolzano and 4 minutes between Soprobolzano and Maria Assunta. Here are my rainy pictures:


soprobolzano alpine train alpine train bolzano alpine train northern italy


The final station is Colalbo, 30 minutes from here is another attraction – earthen pyramids. You can also see their photos at Dasha, we did not go to the pyramids because of the rain and lack of time.

Scanned a Soprobolzano schematic picture. In addition to the pyramids, there are various sights and observation platforms:


attractions near bolzano
Plan of Attractions (open in a new window – to see better)


Information about all these attractions:

earthen pyramids and other attractions


In good weather, you can walk along Soprobolzano, Colalbo and visit some other sights, but we moved back.


Bolzano (Bozen): attractions, what to see

I will go over the sights of Bolzano briefly, there is plenty of information on the Internet about this. So, the main attractions:

  1. The city center is Walther Square with the Gothic Cathedral (Duomo di Bolzano) and a statue of Walter von der Vogelweide himself, in whose honor the square is named.
  2. The oldest street Via dei Portici (Porticov Street)
  3. Archaeological Museum of South Tyrol (Museo archeologico dell’Alto Adige), (this name is due to the main exhibit of the museum – the mummy of a man who froze in the Alps more than 5000 years ago)
  4. Via Argentieri with antique palazzo, restaurants and shops
  5. Via dei Bottai – artisans street
  6. Muri Gris Abbey and St. Augustine’s Church (the blog will tell about another Abbey and Novachella vineyards)
  7. Marecchio Castle and many other castles of the surrounding area and the entire region (Trentino Alto Adige – the most saturated region of castles in Europe).

Here are my photos of the city:

center of bolzano
Walter – the central square of Bolzano
duomo bolzano
Bolzano Cathedral
station Bolzano
The central station in Bolzano is in the city center. People with suitcases hint that he is somewhere nearby 🙂
Bolzano Attractions
Streets of Bolzano
what to see in the bolzano
Fountain near the center
Attractions Bolzano Italy
Houses in Bolzano
What to do in Bolzano
Sometimes you can see very interesting buildings

Prices in Bolzano

Parking prices in Bolzano an average of 2 euros per hour. Both in the underground parking and in the aboveground. Advantages of the underground: you do not need to predict in advance the time that you need to pay. How much he returned, he paid so much. Cons: paid around the clock, payment is charged for a full hour (or half an hour – for 3 hours 34 minutes we paid 4 full hours). Pluses of aboveground: free from 21:00 to 08:00, on Sat from 13:00, on Sun – for free (I am writing one parking meter, others may differ, be careful). Billing for 15 minutes. Cons: you must guess in advance how much you need to pay and put the check under the glass (and, therefore, hurry back to this time).

Prices in one of the restaurants:

prices in bolzano restaurants

A snack will cost 7-10 euros. By the way, finding sausages here is much easier than pizza.

fast food bolzano

Prices for hotels in Bolzano start from 60 euros per day for two.

Hotels in Bolzano. Where to stay.

As I wrote above, the lowest price for accommodation is 60 euros per room (I don’t take hostels into account, frankly, I don’t know if they are here or not).

Interesting budget options include Villa Anita Rooms . Outwardly it looks like a real small castle. The center and the cable car are 600 meters away. The only negative is the shared bathroom. From 68 euros for a double room.

Stadt Hotel Città – 3-star hotel in the center, price from 157 euros with breakfast.

Four Points Sheraton Bolzano Bozen is a four-star hotel of a well-known chain, with a chic pool terrace and panoramic views of the Dolomites, from 170 euros, 4 km from the center of Bolzano.

All hotels in Bolzano, see the link .

By the way, for about 100 euros you can rent a nice apartment for 4 guests through airbnb. If you have not registered with this service yet, pick up a $ 20 coupon , it will be applied automatically to the first booking. 

How to get to Bolzano

Most conveniently – by car. I usually rent through a broker – you can choose on 


See also: Car rental in Italy. What you need to know before traveling.


From the north and south – the A22 road, this is the autobahn, in parallel there is a free road. In fact, driving along it is no worse, and the time is not much longer. But you can look around and see, for example, that in Italy they grow not only grapes, but also apples 🙂 And many other interesting things 🙂

road to bolzano
For example, castles 🙂

If a car is not about you, then a convenient option is a train. The railway station is located in the center of Bolzano, therefore, there will be no problems. Travel time from Verona – 1h30m-2h20m (price 9.00 € -12.25 €), from Merano – about 40 minutes, Bressanone – half an hour drive (travel about 9 €), Trento – 60 minutes and from 6.40 €.

For example, you can also get from Verona by bus, for example, Flixbus ( more about the carrier ) for 4.99 € and 2h10m.


Verona Bolzano on the bus


There is also an international airport in Bolzano, but at the moment I do not see flights from Russia, perhaps seasonal flights or charters appear in the winter season. Therefore, I see Verona Airport as the nearest airport. There will be a separate article about him, I’ll write how to get to the center of Verona. And there already by train, or bus to Bolzano. You can also order a transfer :


taxi from verona to bolzano


Tickets to Verona can be bought independently, as a rule, in this direction, prices are always low. I recommend using skyscanner ( detailed instructions ), or ( detailed instructions ). How much is a ticket to Verona, see the calendar:

By the way, there is an article in the blog: “How to buy a cheap ticket to Italy” , where I talk about all the options, as well as how to fly to Italy for free. I recommend reading, especially if you are a beginner in buying tickets.

Questions and additions? Welcome to the comments. And please like the post if you really do! Thank you!

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