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December in Europe is the time of Christmas markets, spicy mulled wine and hot dogs with sausages. For the second year, we set off on a journey in December to feel the spirit of European Christmas and create a New Year’s mood for ourselves.

In 2017, we went to Tallinn. At the end of November, a Christmas market opens in the center of the Old Town : very emotional, atmospheric, tasty, but only one ! December Berlin is a continuous New Year’s market. In addition to a large number of large markets, on the street you can find mini-markets (out of 2-3 tents in which something tasty will certainly be sold and, of course, it will smell like mulled wine!).


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According to some reports, there are more than 60 (!) New Year christmas markets in Berlin! For 6 days we managed to visit 8. I will talk about them in this article.

Christmas markets in Berlin

If you also go to Berlin specifically for the christmas markets, then this site will be useful for you: Here an incredible amount of information has been collected about the markets of Berlin, there are TOP-10 and TOP-30 markets (distributed by the number of people attending christmas markets), opening / closing dates, schedule (some markets work only on weekends). The site is in German, but Google Chrome translation helps!

Berlin Christmas markets on map

Marked on the TOP-30 map of Berlin markets, in order to synchronize these tags with your navigator (or others) download the tags through the form at the end of the article.

Also in the card set there are such layouts of fairs on the transport map of Berlin (dates are indicated for previous years, specify exact dates additionally):

Berlin Christmas markets card berlin christmas market diagram

Christmas markets that I managed to visit

№1. Christmas Market Kulturbrauerei (Lucia Christmas market in the Kulturbrauerei).

Fair Kulturbrauerei

Located in a former brewery, surrounded by red brick buildings of the 19th century. Opens around 5 pm. The fair is not very popular among tourists, but among the local it takes almost the first place. On weekends, it’s just not crowded here.

Saturday night don’t cram

We lived literally 10 minutes walk , therefore, visited the christmas market twice.

The Cultural Brower Fair is dedicated to the Scandinavian patroness of the world St. Lucia, and it is impossible not to notice the Scandinavian theme here. I haven’t seen it myself, but they write that there is even a mobile sauna at the market!

You can buy dishes, Christmas decorations, eco-bags in the Scandinavian style. A lot of entertainment for children, from 17 to 18 hours Santa Claus appears. For adults – interesting heated coats, mulled wine (3 euros + 1 euro deposit), steaks (7.5 euros), sausages (3.5-4 euros), waffles (3.5-6 euros), pancakes (from 2, 5 euros).

Mulled wine at the fair flowing river
You can buy souvenirs and gifts
How do you like that? It smells really good!
Biergarten is not empty either
Art rolling pins
Bright Red Building – Former Brewery
Can warm up

No. 2. Christmas market at Alexanderplatz (Weihnachtsmarkt auf dem Alexanderplatz).

One of the central christmas markets. Opens around 11 a.m.

Located on both sides of the tram tracks. On the side where the world clock is located – there are fewer tents and less interesting (but pay attention to the Christmas pyramid – it is considered the largest in Europe), but next to the Kaufhof Gallery there is something to do. There is a skating rink, a lot of stalls with food (by the way, you can have lunch here, and not just have a sausage snack), you can buy gingerbread cookies, candy canes, Christmas toys.

Fair at Alexanderplatz

During the christmas market, the pavilion of the famous Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas decoration store is installed on Alexanderplatz: everything is very beautiful, albeit not cheap (15-20 euros for a small Christmas tree decoration). If you don’t have time to visit their store on the Kurfürstendamm, then definitely come here!


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Very beautiful design
The largest Christmas pyramid in Europe. On the lower tier – a restaurant
Europe-famous Christmas store
Gingerbread cookies for every taste and color
An ice rink is filled near the department store

No. 3. Christmas Market at Red Town Hall (Weihnachtsmarkt am Roten Rathaus).

market at the red town hall

I liked this market the most, for me it is No. 1. Located in the center, opens around 11 am.

In addition to a large number of stalls with souvenirs and food, there are many entertainments for children and adults: a 100-year-old carousel, a railway, a huge Ferris wheel, from which you can see the whole center of Berlin, an ice rink at the Neptune Fountain.

An interesting fact: the Ferris wheel installed at the fair at the Red Town Hall is a symbol wheel of the Munich Oktoberfest.

Entrance to the skating rink with your skates is free, rental – 5 euros.

Another interesting attraction is Santa Claus flying over the square. The sight must be incredible! According to the Internet, Santa appears at 4:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. But we have never seen. Perhaps they were at another time, or at the weekend.

Prices at the christmas market:

  • Mulled wine – 3.50 euros, with strong alcohol – 5 euros
  • Punch – 5 euros
  • Coffee 2.5-4 euros
  • Sausages – from 4.50 euros
  • Waffles 3-5 euros

You can also eat soups, meat on fire, caramelized apples, nuts, fried mushrooms, Alsatian flammkuchen pie, homemade bread from a medieval bakery.

Buy souvenirs, christmas decorations, wooden toys.

Dates for 2019: November 25-December 29, 2019.

Traditional mulled wine tents
Wooden Toys
You can purchase beautiful flashlights
Traditional jewelry and souvenirs
A bun is always smaller than a sausage 🙂
Mulled wine stalls
Caramel Apples
Paradise for meat lovers
Ferris wheel – a symbol of the fair
The evening is very beautiful!

Number 4. Sofienstrasse Weekend Fair

A small market at Sophienkirche, open only on weekends. Positioned as an “environmental fair.” If you’ll be around on a weekend day – take a walk, especially go, I think, not worth it.

Sofienstrasse fair
Small Eco Fair
It works only on weekends


No. 5. A small christmas market next to KaDeWe department store.

It’s also a small market, they passed it when they walked along Kurferstendamm. Sold clothes, mittens, mulled wine, sweets.

In Berlin, you come across fairs at every turn

No. 6. Kaiser Wilhelm Church christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt an der Gedächtniskirche)

Gedächtniskirche fair)

2019 is the 36th year when the market opens.

At the fair you can buy numerous Christmas decorations, accessories, handicrafts from all over Germany, silk and cashmere scarves, and local liquors.

There are a lot of stalls with food: sausages (4 euros), curries, meat (6 euros), schnitzels) and sweets (including cotton candy, apples, cakes, gingerbread cookies), and mulled wine (3.50 euros) is poured into cool mugs.

Cool mugs. For 3 euros you can pick up as a souvenir

Chef Matthias Buchholz, who has no equal in cooking curries and Christmas delicacies, also writes about the Hirschstube restaurant on the Internet: braised duck leg with red cabbage and potato dumplings or kaiserschmarren (a sweet Austrian dish).

I don’t know if this restaurant has opened in recent years, but it’s worth a search.

For those planning to celebrate the New Year in Berlin, this market is a great place: four New Year’s fireworks are expected on December 31: at 18:00, 20:00, 22:00, 00:00.

Kaiser Wilhelm Church is very unusual in form
Of course, without a Christmas tree, nowhere
Everything is very cool and brightly decorated.


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Number 7. Charlottenburg Palace christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt Schloss Charlottenburg)

Charlottenburg Fair

A very beautiful fair, located right in front of the palace: everything is very beautifully highlighted, a romantic atmosphere with pleasant smells and live music is created.

At first glance it seems that the fair is small, but it is worth turning off the central avenue and there will be no end and edge to the market 🙂 If you go to the left side of the market (if you are facing the palace), then there is a very cozy courtyard where you can take a walk.

Prices are standard, assortment, in principle, too. But mulled wine is poured into such interesting mugs

Funny slipper for mulled wine. You can also carry with you for only 3 euros.

Mulled wine 4 euros, a deposit of 3 euros, you can take a mug as a souvenir.

Charlottenburg Fair – one of the most beautiful in Berlin
Smoked salmon
I say hello to everyone!
With the onset of darkness it becomes magical!
Nougat, marzipan, nuts


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Number 8. Christmas market on the Gendarmenmarkt (Weihnachtsmarkt am Gendarmenmarkt)

gendarmenmarkt market

It is considered the most popular market in Berlin. It is located in the center, on the square between two cathedrals – French and German. This fair differs from all the others, first of all, in that the performances of artists, acrobats, dance groups and various entertainment programs are constantly held here.

Therefore, the entrance to the fair is paid (1 euro), there are a lot of people in the evening, queues for entry are created (check by the security service). From 11:00 to 14:00, admission is free, but there are no speeches, respectively.

It’s nice to take a walk in the afternoon, and not to push around in the crowd in the evening.

In the evening do not push
Various performances are constantly held

The assortment of souvenirs is standard: gingerbread, cheeses, chocolate. There is an indoor restaurant. The prices for food / drinks at the kiosks are standard (mulled wine 3-4 euros, sausages about 5 euros, etc.)

Dates for 2019: November 25 – December 31, 2019

There are no crowds during the day, you can see everything well
View from the square to the Concert Hall
In the afternoon, too, the fair does not empty
Apple punch, chocolate, coffee
A good souvenir in memory of Berlin

In addition to these markets, the tops include: a christmas market on Potsdamer Platz (very touristic), a fair in Spandau, a market at the Köpenick Palace and others.

Have you already visited the markets in Berlin? Share your favorite places! Share the article with your friends, bookmark and pin it!


Berlin Christmas markets

Berlin Christmas markets


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