In this post I want to talk about my experience of car rental in Armenia . I’ll tell you below not only about how to rent a car and how much it costs, but also about roads in Armenia and winter car trip. 

The decision to rent a car in Yerevan was made almost immediately after buying tickets and booking a house in Yerevan (about apartment rental experience see here ). After reading several sites and blogs on how to get to the main attractions (by taxi is expensive, and by public transport – too long), the conclusion was obvious. Surprisingly, car rental in Armenia is not so cheap, especially on holidays. The difference in price with non-holiday days was about 20%.

How to rent a car in Yerevan

There are several ways to rent a car in Yerevan:

  1. At the place of arrival (during the holidays there may not be any cars, or expensive options will remain). You can find the addresses of rental companies through a search engine, or simply on a Google map (do not forget to read the reviews)
  2. In advance directly through local firms or international offices such as Europcar, Hertz, Avis, etc. To do this, look for official sites distributors through Google.
  3. My option is to book in advance with  (here you still can book in a international company such as Hertz, or to choose a local company). On rentalcars the price is 10-20% lower and you can compare prices in different companies as well. 

I already wrote about car rental abroad , there is a lot of useful information about car rental abroad.

Car Rental in Armenia: Highlights

  1. What is included. You can usually read this information on a rental basis. As a rule, the cost includes insurance against accident or theft, liability insurance. However, this insurance is incomplete, and a certain amount (deductible) is not insured, that is, in case of an accident, you will pay a part of the amount. I recommend that you always pay extra and draw up full insurance (this can be done both in the company and through rentals, if you book a car through this service). In addition to insurance, unlimited kilomeres are included (in most cases), a fee for winter tires, an additional driver may be included (as a bonus)
  2. Additional charges. Do not forget that you are responsible for trunk fees, fines, parking. An airport tax may also be charged. If upon delivery of a car, it needs special cleaning, then this amount will also be deducted from you.
  3. Security deposit. Do not forget that you need to leave a refundable security deposit. There are few places where people accept cash, but a credit card is usually required. A certain amount will be charge, and if everything is fine, then after returning the car it will be returned. Sometimes you can wait up to 6 weeks (in depends of your bank).
  4. Damage excess. This is the amount not covered by insurance. It can be $ 200, or maybe 2,000 euros – depending on the country, the car and the status of the rental company. Some resources mistakenly write that “Damage excess is the same as a deposit.” This is not true. The damage excess be the same as the deposit in the amount, or it may not. For example, you can leave a deposit of $ 200, and a damage excess (that is, the amount that you will have to pay in case of an accident) is $ 500. That is, $ 300 you will be required to pay extra. In any case, it is better to do additional insurance and protect the “damage excess” and your money (but in this case you still have to leave a deposit).
  5. Fuel policy. As a rule, if you take a car with a full tank, then with a full tank it is necessary to return it. Otherwise, an additional amount will be charged.
  6. Crossing the borders. Be sure to clarify this point if you intend to travel, for example, to Georgia, or any other countries. Some countries may not be permitted to travel, and additional charges may apply for crossing certain borders.
  7. One-way rental. Some companies have this option. You can pick up the car in one place, and drop off in another one. You should notify the rental agent in advance.
  8. Car delivery. For an additional fee, the car will be delivered to your hotel or airport (if there is no company office there)
  9. Inspection of the car. Be careful when pick up a car. Inspect the car and fix in the act all scratches, dents and other damage. You can also take a photo of the car on your camera.
  10. You can pay for extras (GPS, baby seat etc.) at the counter.
  11. In case of any problems, accident, etc., always contact the distributor! Especially if you have full insurance. Everything that you pay for without agreement with the distributor will most likely not be compensated.

What you need to have to rent a car in Armenia

  1. Driver’s license. If your ID is duplicated in Latin letters, then an international licence is not necessary. 
  2. Credit card is nessesary. The name oin teh credit card should be the same as in your driver’s license or in your ID (passport). 
  3. Passport or another ID. By the way, I sent documents in advance (passport and driving licence) by e-mail, so issuing a car for us was very fast.
  4. Voucher – if you made a rental online.

Why did I decide to book a car with

I didn’t want to rent in arrival, because of the holidays and really prefer to plan everything in advance.

Then I checked the sites of rental offices (both local and international) directly and compare with the prices on As a result, I booked  Volfswagen Polo (manual) in TravelCar via because of the best price and additional driver as a free bonus.  Otherwise I read a lot of enthusiastic reviews about this company on Google. This was the most profitable option. By the way, communication with company representatives was very pleasant, they answered and were ready to help, both in email correspondence and in the office when renting. By the way, we had the upgrade and got a car with automatic transmission! 


Book a car with>>>


Reviews about car rental in Armenia

I never get tired of repeating that it is always necessary to read reviews, it is better in several sources, because now there are a lot of “fake” reviews.

You can read them, firstly, on the rentalcars website, there it is possible to leave reviews only to those who have used the services of the service, that is, REALLY rented a car.

rent a car reviews

You can also see the rating and reviews on google maps. 

reviews about auto yerevan

Or just search in google search.

If you use Tripavisor, keep in mind, that a lot of reviews here are fake, because everyone can write it. 

As I already said, we rented at TravelCar, we liked everything – starting from communication till drop off the car. 

Parkings in Yerevan and Armenia

Parking in the center is paid, below in the photo you will see the cost. At the rental, we were told that parking was prepaid, and you can put a car on any parking in Yerevan.

parking price in yerevan
Parking prices in the center of Yerevan

Parking at the sights was mostly free, or it was very cheap.

Gasoline price in Armenia

Petrol in Armenia is more expensive than in Russia, the approximate cost of 1 liter of 95th (for January 2017) was 350 drams , that is, about 0.75$. There is no problem with gas stations in cities, but in some villages or between them gas stations can be out of serviсe or just abandoned. And for the price it seemed to me that in Yerevan it is cheaper than on the highway.

At gas stations, an employee will approach you and refuel your car. He will accept the money, so it is better to have cash with you.


Read also the article “How to Travel to Armenia on Your Own: A Mini-Guide”


Where to go in Armenia by car

If you rent a car, you can easily reach many attractions. You can see my route for a week , take ideas from that article. You can build your route, follow the road like on Google maps (but you need internet), or download the free app, it is a quite good navigator.

About roads in Armenia 

car rental in armenia
“Dangerous” road in the mountains and the top of Ararat (right)

We did not travel around Armenia from city to city, but were based in Yerevan and every day went to one of the sights. Therefore, I can only talk about the roads to Echmiadzin , Garni and Geghard , Khor Virap and Noravank , as well as to Lake Sevan and Tsaghkadzor.

First of all, do not forget that Armenia is a former Soviet republic, so you should not expect ideal roads. Perhaps, in the mountains of Armenia, far from civilization, you will have to drive along a dirt road and off-road, but within 130 km from Yerevan the roads are quite ok. Here is a photo of the roads of Armenia:

roads in armenia
The road from Khor Virap to Noravank
Roads in the mountains of Armenia
And this is already in the mountains
roads in armenia in the mountains
We go to Noravank
mountain roads of armenia
These are gorgeous views in the mountains of Armenia!

As for the winter roads, everything is also ok, you can go. But sometimes there is a fog in the mountains, be careful. 

roads in Armenia in winter
Going to Garni – visibility is almost zero

There were no toll roads on our route. Fee for taxes in Armenia is paid only by cars registered in other countries. They also charge a fee for the environment.

Basic Rules of the Road in Armenia

Speed ​​limits are standard: 60 km / h in cities, 90 km / h on highways, 110 km / h on autobahns.

The alcohol in the driver’s blood is not allowed, therefore, you won’t be able to taste the Armenian cognac and drive.

The dipped headlights is obligatory at night and in conditions of poor visibility, it is not necessary to use it during the day. Under conditions of heavy fog, many Armenian drivers go to the emergency gang, I advise you to do the same. 

Do not forget to fasten your seat belts in the front seats. Otherwise the fine will be 5000 drams (about $ 10.5). A fine of 3000 drams (about $ 6.5) is imposed for talking on the phone (without hands free system)

Well, that’s all for now! Please, share the article on social networks (buttons below). Smooth roads and polite drivers for you!

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