To travel around Spain and travel to Portugal , it was decided to rent a car in Valencia. Suddenly, it was difficult for me to choose a rental company, in the end I booked a car with Hertz through an autoeurope broker. All rental details and my review are in this article.

Contents of the article:
How to book a car through instructions
Documents required for renting a car in Valencia
My experience with car rental in Valencia, review about Hertz

Why Autoeurope.

I already had the experience of renting a car abroad – rent a car in Armenia through , rent a car in Prague through , even earlier we rented a car in the Canaries directly to Europcar (then it was terribly unlucky with the car) and, based on everything experience, I wrote an article “Rent a car abroad” , you can read it later if you do not find the answer to your questions in this article.

The choice of a rental car in Spain was the hardest for me. That’s because I always read reviews (and I advise you). For car rental in Valencia, I read reviews ABOUT ALL possible companies. And ABOUT ALL (I’m not joking!) In the offices, the reviews were equally negative (2-3 points out of 5 on average) and the problems were the same: they gave out cars lower than what was booked, there were hidden payments (for example, for gasoline) in offices the cards didn’t work, the sellers either forced to buy expensive insurance or urgently need to look for another rental, after the fact they removed money from the card, etc. And it doesn’t matter if it was a budget company or a normal international company.

Having read the reviews, I already wanted to abandon the idea of ​​renting a car, but in the end I decided.

So, how can I rent a car in Spain:

  • Directly at the dealer (for this, see the sites of rental offices, study the conditions, compare prices).
  • Through a broker (the choice will be more clear, and the price is usually lower). In this case, also study the conditions, compare prices, including with the prices on the distributor’s website. From myself, I can recommend two brokers: and

What to pay attention when choosing a car:

  • On the rating and reviews of the rental company
  • For the included mileage (in many, at first glance, budget options, only 150-200 km are included daily, or, for example, 300 km for the entire period, for everything that is above the norm, you need to pay extra)
  • On fuel policy. I prefer to choose a car with a policy of “full to full.” Took with a full tank – before refueling refueled – returned with a full tank. Another option is “Partial Refund Prepayment.” It was about this option that there were most of all negative reviews.
  • For damage excess and security deposit. The damage excess is your financial responsibility for damage to the car (if you do not buy full insurance, then, as a rule, the damage excess is 700-1200 euros). A security deposit is the amount that will be hold on your credit card.
  • Additional options. When booking through a broker, you may be offered to include for free a second driver, or some other. For what you have to pay extra – it is prescribed in the conditions.

Why I rent with Autoeurope

  • Compare prices for each car – through brokers (rentalcars and autoeurope) it turned out cheaper than through a distributor directly.
  • Russian language support
  • The autoeurope “franchise return” function in my case turned out to be cheaper than the rentals (the cost of full insurance with the dealer was commensurate with the cost of renting a car, therefore, they decided to refuse it).
  • For some distributors, you can buy the “no deductible” options from autoeurope, then the deductible will be 0, and the deposit will be minimal.
  • Free cancellation of the order in 48 hours.

As a result, I did not choose the cheapest option – a Mercedes B-class or similar, on the machine, a distributor – Thrifty, but the car gave out Hertz (Thrifty does not work in Spain), for 300 euros (8 days). The most interesting thing is that renting the same car through Hertz was more expensive! Below in the screenshots the prices will be in rubles and the price will constantly “jump”, because I did screenshots on different days, and then the course was just very stormy. The total amount written off was also completely different.


Choose your car >>>

How to book a car with instructions

I’ll give a little instruction on how to book a car through the site.

To get started, go to the site using this link or enter data through the search form at the beginning of the article. We choose the place of receipt, place of delivery of the car, date, age of the driver.


autoeurope car hire


As a result, the search engine will find many options, as you can see, prices for 8 days of rent start at 900 rubles! For such a price, you can rent a small fiatik on a manual gearbox. Of course, it is worth exploring all the nuances.


autoeurope reviews


Further, you can adjust the request, for example, select only an automatic transmission, fuel policy, protection policy. I am looking only with automatic transmission and fuel “from full to full.” We see already different results and completely different prices.


car rental through autoeurope


Decide on the car, you need to decide on the protection function.


franchise refund with super cover autoeurope


Since I decide not to take full insurance from the dealer (in this case, renting a car from 24,000 rubles will turn into 50,000), I select the “refundable excess” option.

I choose a rental point. Since we do not need a car at the Valencia airport on the day of arrival, but after a few days, I choose the “city”.


car rental autoeurope


I enter the driver’s data, as well as the countries in which I plan to travel.


valencia car


I pay with a credit card .


For some time, a voucher arrives in the mail and clarifies that the company is not allowed to travel to Gibraltar.


A voucher must be provided to the rental company. 



Choose the car for rent>>>


Documents required to rent a car in Valencia (Spain)

Upon pick up the car, you must provide the following documents:

  • Driver’s identity card (passport)
  • Driving license 
  • Voucher autoeurope
  • A credit card in the name of the main driver on which a deposit of 700 euros was hold. 

My experience with car rental in Valencia, review of Hertz


To get the car, we arrived at the time indicated in the voucher. The Hertz office in Valencia is located at the Main Station at

By the way, a taxi from the station to Ayuntamiento Square will cost 4 euros, in the opposite direction, I think, too (if you go to pick up the car from the center).

There were 2 employees in the office and one client received a car, there was no queue. They accepted documents, blocked a deposit on the card, warned of a franchise, of the amount to be debited in case of an incomplete tank.

Then they issued an act of receiving a car indicating damage and drove the car. Instead, Mercedes provided BMW – 218d with a mileage of 9401 km and a diesel engine.


rent a car valencia airport


As it turned out later, the car had a built-in navigator that helped us a lot, there was a cruise control function that saved not only time, but also fuel, which means money.


car hire at valencia spain airport


We checked for damage, large scratches were noted, and small dents were not indicated. After reading the reviews, I invited the manager and clarified this point, to which I was told that they do not take into account such trifles and do not inspect the car with a magnifying glass.

During the trip, we traveled 2747 km, there were no problems with the car, it was very comfortable to drive. They filled up the car before delivery, but didn’t wash it (there were ordinary pollution). They handed over the car in about 10 minutes, the same girl examined and signed, issued an act and a new receipt that everything was paid. They promised to unlock the deposit within 3 days. In fact, the money was unlocked after 3 weeks and 3 days, it took 3 weeks to unhold the money by the bank (they didn’t write specifically anywhere, we just waited, because we know that the bank keeps money in the block from 4 to 5 weeks).


Choose the car for rent >>>


In general, I am pleased with the rental car. There are no questions to autoeurope, therefore, I can safely recommend this service to you.

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