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In this article I will share my experience of renting a car in Florence (Tuscany, Italy), I will tell you what documents you need to have to rent, I will share my experience in choosing a car and I will tell you how to save a little when renting a car.

Today I describe the experience of renting a car for traveling in Italy in May-June 2019 . Despite the fact that we flew to Verona, we decided to rent a car in Florence: firstly, there was more choice, and secondly, getting by public transport was cheaper than overpaying for 2 additional rental days and 2 night parking lots.

Where to rent a car in Florence

You can rent a car in Florence either in the city or at Peretola airport . Car rental prices at Florence Airport are usually lower than in the city. This is understandable – more competition. But, if you do not take the car immediately after arrival, then I think it’s inexpedient to go specifically to the airport to save 1000 rubles.

Frankly, I do not know whether it is possible to rent a car without prior reservation. In season, most likely not. Yes, and in the era of the Internet not to book in advance, it seems to me, at least, strange. I do not leave this question at random.

Through the Internet you can book:

  • Directly on the distributor’s website
  • Through a large aggregator, where you can compare prices and conditions from different companies.

In the city, all the distributors are concentrated on Via Borgo Ognissanti, it is not far from the train station Santa Maria Novella. If you are looking for a budget place to stay near the train station and rental, check out Affittacamere Graziano (65 €, without breakfast). This is not a hotel for a long stay in Florence, everything is very, very modest here, but for an overnight stay for 1-2 days it is very good.

From time to time, I compare prices on aggregators with prices on distributor sites, it has never been cheaper for a site distributor. Two services through which I reserve a car for my travels: and . In total, I have already booked through them 5 or 6 times. When booking, I compare prices on both sites, and ceteris paribus, alternate booking.

It also happened this time. The price for the same option was the same plus or minus (this does not always happen, I will give examples below), the last time in Spain we booked with autoeurope , therefore, in Italy I made a reservation through rentalcars.

Rent a car in Florence: renter, price, receipt and delivery of a car.

After comparing prices and conditions on both sites, it turned out that the most adequate option for my parameters is a Peugeot 2008 car (or a similar one, in fact – an Opel CrosslandX) on a machine from a Sicily by Car distributor.

I must say right away that in terms of service, this is far from the most ideal company, it has a very low rating on Google, and the number of negative reviews is off scale. BUT the low price and, as it turned out, a new car (2383 km of run) still persuaded me to choose this option. Nothing catastrophically bad for the rental did not happen.

So car. When booking a Peugeot 2008 (or similar), we got an Opel CrosslandX, 1.5 liter engine, 120 hp, automatic, diesel. The initial mileage is 2383 km.

Minus: there were no rear (and front, of course) parking sensors, no parking system and GPS.

car rental florence

Price for 6 days in May-June 2019: 20 608 rubles (275 euros) with a zero deductible and a deposit of 300 euros.

The Sicily by Car office in Florence is located at VIA BORGOGNISSANTI, 100. Pay attention to the work schedule: from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00, Sunday is a day off. We received the car at 12:00, but we had no customers. At 10 a.m., the office was just full of people.

Documents required for car rental in Florence:

  • Driver’s passport
  • Driving license 
  • Voucher 
  • Credit card in the name of the main driver for security deposit

Read more about car rental in Italy and document requirements read here .

A small nuance regarding a credit card: in France, SIXT could not give me a car, because of different spelling of my name in the documents and credit card. In Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic , Armenia, there were no such problems. But I must warn you that this is possible! Therefore, ideally, the name on the credit card should match the name on the passport.

The paperwork took about 10-15 minutes.

But the receipt is somewhat unconventional …. You need to get a car in the parking lot, which is located about 400 meters away. If you have heavy suitcases with which you came to rent with the hope of immediately throwing them in the trunk, keep this nuance in mind.

The second point: papers are issued in the office. I ask what to do if we see unmarked damage to the car, the employee replies: tell the guy in the parking lot, he will call me and give me.

The third point: in the parking lot, we did not immediately wait for the guy who issues the car, showed his piece of paper, he ran somewhere, looked for the keys, then it turned out that he wasn’t ours, drove the cars out of the parking lot, handed out cars to other customers. And when, finally, our turn came, he just gave us the keys and said that the car was in the street parking lot)))) Why it wasn’t possible to do it right away is not clear.

Further: we saw scratches (minor) on the rear bumper, decided to go to the guy, and he disappeared again. In the rain, scratches took a picture, they wanted to send to the email of the company, but the letter returned. The guy, after all, also returned and said that he had scratched the “knowing problems” and that he would not call anyone …

What to do in this case? Take photos and do not delete photos from the phone until the deposit is unlocked.

How was the return? About the same is not clear. We parked the car, took things, gave the keys, I signed for my husband that the car was returned. No one examined the car.

We were worried about the return of the deposit, moreover, in Bari, with parallel parking, the disk blinked a little. The deposit is fully returned after 10 days or 2 weeks.

travel by car in Tuscany


Our route by car in Italy (Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia) + km and prices.


Prices for car rental in Florence and how to save when booking

As I said above, when choosing a car, I compare conditions and prices not only from different distributors, but also from the same dealer on different booking services. So you can save several thousand rubles.

In my case, the prices on the two sites were almost the same, and I chose rentalcars. But it happens differently.

I choose for rentalcars and autoeurope rental for the same dates (6 days, October 2019). A car on a machine, a Sicily by Car distributor.

At rentalcars. com find “our” car – Peugeot 2008 (or similar).

The first option – 211 euros , deposit 1600 €, deductible 2196 €.

The second option – 300 euros, deposit 400 €, deductible 0 €.

Additional bonuses (zero deductible, free second driver, gps, etc. are marked right next to the price).


OPEL GRANDLAND X (OR SIMILAR), in fact we were given this car, and not Peugeot.

The first option – 200 euros , deposit 1000 €, deductible 1464-1952 €. Already cheaper, and the deposit is less by 600 euros.

The second option (refundable excess with a super cover) – 247 euros, deposit 1000 €, deductible 1464-1952 €.

The third option – 261 euros , deposit 300 €, deductible 0 €. It’s cheaper and the deposit less than 100 euros!

Please note: additional fees may apply, for example, a charge for traveling abroad Italy! Also, travel to some countries may be prohibited.

Sicily By Car cited as an example, because I booked a car with them, you can choose any other company, compare prices not only with intermediaries, but also directly on the dealer’s website and, based on this comparison, choose a car.

I’ll repeat again that there are a lot of negative reviews on Sicily By Car, but my rental went without any problems. In which company there will be problems, and in which – no, it is impossible to predict in advance. In addition, keep in mind that positive reviews, as opposed to negative ones, are written very rarely!

car rental in tuscany

That’s all for now. If you have questions or additions, leave comments. Share the article on social networks! 

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  1. We were there about a month before you.
    My biggest piece of advice, not ever driven in a European city before, be very very aware of the Restrictive Traffic Zones. We got 2 tickets in a matter of 10minutes, driving from the rental company to our hotel, very close to each other. The rental company didn’t bother telling us, and they deducted €45 or something for each ticket from my credit card, just to inform me of the ticket.

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